Ready to ship today, Delivery time 1-3 workdays (Germany) appr. Up to 4 of these can be connected to each other side by side. Description. ROMEO IS A 40%, QMK-compatible keyboard kit that can be entirely assembled with only through hole components, including USB Type-C, with full compatibility for most GMK base keycap sets (and many others with 1.5u backspace and/or 1.25u (ISO) and 1.75u shift keys). VAT plus shipping costs. There are 4 possible layouts for Staggered and 2 possible layouts for Ortholinear. Remember. Only through hole parts USB-C Pre-flashed QMK firmware with VIA support  for easy... Related links to "ROMEO 40% Through Hole Keyboard Kit", Customer evaluation for "ROMEO 40% Through Hole Keyboard Kit". Subscribe to our newsletter and ensure that you will no longer miss any new artisan keycap. 30 key keyboard Efficient 5x6 matrix TMK firmware PWM backlight Pro Micro cont... Modular keypad/keyboard The basic unit is a 4x4 matrix with 16 keys. from $159.00 Sold Out TOFU65 Custom mechanical keyboard DIY KIT. I can do it for you. Awesome Inc. theme. The previous 4x4 boards were ... Lots of sockets Some of the many sockets I use on my keyboards and other projects. To be able to use Keycapsss in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Evaluations will be activated after verification. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Good 40% Keyboard Kit : MechanicalKeyboards Looking for a Nice 40% Keyboard (if possible a kit, and with qmk) alu case, looking for both normal 40% and ortho 40%, if possible max. 4x4 ,... A note about the license the Gherkin is released under. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies (view more on our Privacy Policy). While the PCBs are the same for either Staggered or Ortholinear, the plates are different. The AMJ40 comes in two main configurations: Staggered or Ortholinear. €54.00 * Prices incl. Order number: KC10090 ; Description Evaluations 0. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Same Lobot PCB as before. 5-14 workdays (International) Add to cart. Powered by, flashed my Pro Micro with the DFU bootloader. Comment . Allowing you to pick which type of Cherry MX … around ~225€ … Press J to jump to the feed. Front row left to right: MillMax standard socket ... Second version of mf68 TMK PCB Fixed switch spacing issues from first PCB Holes for mounting post centered better Reset switch centered... A note about the license the Gherkin is released under. Specifications: PBT plastic keys; Detachable micro-usb cable; Weight = 2.2lbs; 4 switchable layers, 3 are programmable; LED that shows which layer is being used; Aluminum CNC anodized case; Cherry switches; The Vortexgear 40% keyboard is high-quality, compact aesthetic keyboard with a sturdy aluminum frame. The top and bottom plate are both PCB material with white soldermask. I have read the data protection information. ROMEO 40% Through Hole Keyboard Kit . Assembly service and Switch link if you do not need to buy switches, Please scroll to the bottom, choose the option "I don't need switches, Thanks" Specs 47keys 40%layout Aluminum case or Acrylic CNC production Underglow RGB PCB Acrylic case 0.6kg aluminum case 0.825kg Support QMK program support all 1u swithces You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page. Standard Business Terms and customer information, With top switch plate, switch alignment and stabilization, 2 possible layouts - standard spacebar (6.25u) and split  spacebar (2.25u - 1u - 2.75u), Top plate (switch mount), mid plate and bottom plate (FR-4 Fiberglass), ATmega328P microcontroller is pre-flashed with bootloader (USBaspLoader) and QMK firmware (VIA keymap), Acrylic guard plate 3mm (has bluish protection film), Spacer and screws (stainless steel with T6 Torx), 41switches (standard spacebar), or 44 switches (split spacebar) MX style with 3 or 5 pins, Optional: Screw in stabilizers (Plate mount not supported). "Soldering service for USB-C connector", Download the VIA software for WIN/OSX from the VIA website and to easily change the keymap.VIA Demo Video. A note about the license the Gherkin is released under. Vortexgear 40% Keyboard. Gherkin assembly notes Test fitting all the parts together before soldering anythin... Contra 40% ortholinear keyboard kit This is a very inexpensive kit from that includes everything except switches and keycaps. 5-14 workdays (International), The USB-C connector is a bit difficult to solder. Pogo pins install... © 40% Keyboards. Store Categories > 40% Keyboard Kit >. Contra 40% ortholinear keyboard kit This is a very inexpensive kit from that includes everything except switches and keycaps. Ready to ship today, Delivery time 1-3 workdays (Germany) appr. ... Credit card sized 60% Using the same 3.5x6mm tactile switches as the Wee Gherkin . V-USB powered ATmega328, with blue LEDs for voltage regul... Lobot with Pogo Pins For programming boards that don't have the ICSP header pins installed. How to order a PCB from from a gerber file EasyEDA now redirects you t... Another modular 4x4 experiment A 4x12 matrix using 3 modular 4x4 matrix boards and powered by a Pro Micro. 40% 60% 65% 75% 80% KBD8X 95% KBD19X Switches translation missing: en.layout ... TOFU RGB 60% Hot swap Custom keyboard kit. The kit was $30 plus shipping, this was through a group buy. Shopping for Cheap 40% Keyboard Kit at KPrepublic Store and more from on ,the Leading Trading Marketplace from China This is the AMJ40 – A 40% keyboard with a high quality PCB and an anodized aluminum case and plate.