And everything annoyed her--Denisov's shouting and laughter, Natasha's talk, and especially a quick glance Sonya gave her. Especially not the immortal mate meant for him. He was an outcast, especially by his mother, though she wouldn't admit it. It was unpleasant to Prince Andrew to meet people of his own set in general, and Pierre especially, for he reminded him of all the painful moments of his last visit to Moscow. Cromwell was especially interested in the universities. Spending New Year’s Eve alone at home is a bit tough, particularly when you see other people are spending with their beloved family and friends. The latter, however, are widely distributed over the island, being especially frequent in the central and most inaccessible part. I don't sleep with random men, especially those who aren't … you're not even human, are you? It can be placed in the beginning, middle or end of a sentence, but is most common either at the start of the end of a phrase. This is especially unfortunate because a major crop in Africa, grain sorghum, has a somewhat indigestible protein which our bodies have a hard time metabolizing. "when?" The horse had especially attracted their notice, because it was the biggest and strangest creature they had ever seen; so it became the center of their first attack. If you are using "the" repeatedly, it probably means you are always writing sentences which start with the subject. We deserve a little privacy, especially Howie; he's under the most pressure. It is not set off by a comma from the rest of the sentence. Even if it was just a scratch or a bite it wouldn't do to have blood at the scene, especially someone else's blood. She had previously obtained permission from General Loring, Supt. When a decision had to be taken regarding a domestic serf, especially if one had to be punished, he always felt undecided and consulted everybody in the house; but when it was possible to have a domestic serf conscripted instead of a land worker he did so without the least hesitation. While the air remained chilly, especially in the shaded patches, it was so clear and unseasonably warm Dean hardly noticed. It was a mean thing to say, especially since he had been working so hard to help. Violations, especially by those supplying alcohol to minors, should be dealt with severely. But she didn't want to be in a loveless, emotionless relationship with anyone, especially one where she had no partner. They were particularly quiet this morning. She had nothing to fear from these people, especially not Mansr, a blood relative of A'Ran and his sisters. Many important differences are also recorded between the skulls of the two animals, and it is especially noteworthy that the last lower molar is smaller in the wild than in the tame race. In case God were to try to go back on His Word particularly the bit about there being riches and mansions in Heaven, it would be very convenient to have something neatly highlighted with which to confront Him. Definition of Particularly. Particularly and in particular are used in English when we want to highlight something important, or individual. Especially just at this age, so dangerous both for girls and boys. Not many willingly confront him, especially when he's in one of his moods. His only comment of note was that Patsy, while obviously exhausted, seemed especially cheerful— "pleased with herself" was how he'd described her. Not that she was likely to see him again - especially out here in the desert, hundreds of miles from their little Texas ranch. Once in a movie, it was said of a particularly ruthless businessman that “he had an ethical bypass at birth. What theory and science is possible about a matter the conditions and circumstances of which are unknown and cannot be defined, especially when the strength of the acting forces cannot be ascertained? As they walked from room to room, Elisabeth seemed to be more than impressed, especially at the artwork. She didn't think she'd ever leave the underworld, especially now that she didn't have Gabriel. She wasn't so certain she and Xander had a chance, though, especially with Jonny waiting to pounce. All that was distressing, and especially all that was humiliating, in her position rose vividly to her mind. It was more like a professional tour, especially with Alex directing. The head of the cabinet prepares for the consideration of the minister all the business of the navy, especially questions of general importance. These free-living forms are found everywhere - in salt and fresh water, in damp earth and moss, and among decaying substances; they are always minute in size, and like many other lower forms of life, are capable of retaining their vitality for a long period even when dried, which accounts for their wide distribution; this faculty is also possessed by certain of the parasitic Nematodes, especially by those which lead a free existence during a part of their life-cycle. No one could do this but them, especially to an Original like Jule. She wanted nothing to do with anything from Hell, especially this creature. From now on, she would be sure she had her beach robe by the pool when she swam, just in case someone came by... especially Giddon. Computers, especially computers of the future, will have no trouble handling all the variables that influence nutrition, though there will be millions of them. "Particularly" means "in detail" or "to an unusual degree". Jonny won't let you go that easy, especially if he suspects Xander is interested in you. Leathertanning and shoe-making are especially associated with the district called Langstraat, which is situated between Geertruidenberg and 's Hertogenbosch, and consists of a series of industrial villages along the course of the Old Maas. It seemed too possible not to be real, especially with what she already knew about Xander. Especially, I want to succeed spectacularly with the type of case we handled today. It sounded far too good to be true, especially since Darkyn knew who she was and what he might extort out of Gabriel to have his mate returned. Still, she needed to be careful doing the chores – especially after dark. (. Cromwell, who was as a rule especially scrupulous in protecting non-combatants from violence, justified his severity in this case by the cruelties perpetrated by the Irish in the rebellion of 1641, and as being necessary on military and political grounds in that it "would tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future, which were the satisfactory grounds of such actions which otherwise cannot but work remorse and regret.". The strike of Hurricane Isabel in 2003 was particularly devastating for the area. in contrast to his not bad looks but seems a bit of a dandy appearance, he didn't have a girlfriend and he wasn't particularly fast with the ladies. Jerusalem thus lost much of its importance, especially after it was forced to surrender to Shishak, king of Egypt, who carried off a great part of the riches which had been accumulated by Solomon. I have a great deal of company in my house; especially in the morning, when nobody calls. Particularly in a Sentence Prev Word Next Word . The Deans' budget couldn't afford a freeloader, even a pleasant, philosophical guest, especially during a holiday week when the house was full. At the ladies' end an even chatter of voices was heard all the time, at the men's end the voices sounded louder and louder, especially that of the colonel of hussars who, growing more and more flushed, ate and drank so much that the count held him up as a pattern to the other guests. They'd have to confront him at some point, especially if they hoped to use the necklace. They weren't safe together, especially since the powerful connection between them was driving her body crazy just sitting so close. There are also numerous editions and translations of separate works, especially the Method, in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian. It wasn't going to take much for her to put together who, especially with the ultra-secret assignments protecting Deidre. In particular is an idiomatic phrase. It is also beneficial, especially in the case of partially exhausted beds, to water with a dilute solution of nitre. English words and Examples of Usage use "particularly" in a sentence it's getting cooler, particularly in the mornings and evenings. Especially because I want to know what's going on tonight that has you spooked. It was an inhospitable way to treat a guest – especially one who had volunteered so much help. Manufacturing enterprise in Argentina, favoured by the protection of a high tariff, made noticeable progress in the national capital during the closing years of the last century, especially in those small industries which commanded a secure market. During the era of so-called " prosperity " between 1881 and 1890 an enormous amount of bank notes were issued under various authorizations, especially that of the " free banking law " of 1887. Braille is especially useful in making single manuscript copies of books. The humour of this last is especially bright and effective, but, unluckily for the author, the piece is believed to have been retouched by some other hand. But his brilliantly white, strong teeth which showed in two unbroken semicircles when he laughed--as he often did--were all sound and good, there was not a gray hair in his beard or on his head, and his whole body gave an impression of suppleness and especially of firmness and endurance.