39. While joining in real-time allows students to ask questions and get the most out of every topic, lessons will be recorded and made available to all participants. Our advice? Yes, we’re in a crazy, uncertain time in America right now. ASU wants students to... [Read more], Your first year of college is starting now and everyone from your aunt to the mailman is probably giving you more advice than you can handle. If you’re more interested in competing against yourself, we have a few apps for you as well. 35. Instead, you could try “Cash in Your Pocket” or “Adult University”— or soften it to “Beyond Ramen: Adulting 101.” The way you structure your schedule and descriptions can make a huge difference. She demonstrated the fine art of quesadilla-making using an iron, bath towel, aluminum foil, flour tortillas and sliced cheese — fresh snacks for our first program! Do you struggle to get things done? This recipe does not require any cooking appliances which makes it perfect for college dorms, studio apartments, and for when you don’t feel like lighting a stove or an oven. There’s so much we need to know as an adult and there’s no guarantee that we’ll have someone around to teach us. We kept the descriptions for each of these topics brief, so they’re open to your campus’ interpretation! 18. Basic American Sign Language 12. 76. Who should I talk to? How to change a tire We want you to enjoy your time away from class and ma... [Read more], Whether you’re an international student celebrating Lunar New Year in the U.S. or someone interested in appreciating the culture and the celebration, we have your guide on how to have a great Lunar... [Read more], You have as many hours in your day as everyone else — it’s how you use them that matters. How to compare healthcare plans With the fall semester already underway, I’d like to talk a little bit about my experiences... [Read more], The ASU Career and Internship Fair is Feb. 25 and Feb 26 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Before go-time, we’ll be here to help you prepare as much as possible. So if you feel like you’re not living up to your learning potent... [Read more], Whether you’re writing a paper for class, working on a scholarship application or even sending an email, you want it to be well-written. You’ll likely have a ton of questions whirring through your mind, like “Is that what they really... [Read more], My name is Connor Newton and I’m a sophomore at ASU with a major in filmmaking practices and a minor in history. How to get your license Living in a residence hall is a great experience — you’re close to friends, a community of support and the dining hall. Subscribe and get original articles (like these) each week. You’re responsible for a lot more aspects of your d... [Read more], If you’re a first year student this fall (or you're just looking to make a change), you’re probably worrying (at least a little bit) about how to make friends in college, just like many other first... [Read more], With a few classes and syllabi under your belt, you may be starting to understand what your courses this semester will be like. 79. Start with our checklist on what you need to k... [Read more], Have you ever wondered what goes on at the career center, who it’s for or why you should visit? Interview questions may seem like they’re designed to trip up candidates,... [Read more], You've read or heard much on the power and importance of mentors. Fall semester is in full swing and we hope you're ready for a fresh start. And while there are a few new hurdles to making connections this year, the mo... [Read more], In college you have a lot to manage, from your studies and social life to your mental health and wellness. We get it, it can be a little overwhelming. "Librarians should be doing things to induce gasps of amazement!" If it’s more than procrastination and something is holding you back from picking your classes, we want to help. We created a flier with six months of program themes, complete with dates (view the flier under Attachments at right), and sent it off to our regular advertising venues: the library's website and Facebook pages, local bulletin boards, newspaper, radio and television stations. Consider signing up for a class or... [Read more], No matter where you are in your academic career, from a first-year student to a soon-to-graduate senior, learning more about your career prospects is always a smart idea, especially when your summe... [Read more], You may not know what your summer plans are yet, or if the plans you did have are still going to happen. 99. This 8-week online course helps teenagers develop valuable life skills. Congratulations on getting your own place! Sept. 24-26 is the University-Wide Career Fair at the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus. Step three: su... [Read more], No matter what you’re planning for spring break, it’s nice to have a few days off. If you haven’t, take comfort in knowing that at this point yo... [Read more]. How to change your oil Leasing and buying a car (and not getting screwed), 33. Tough classes go straight from syllabus to slide one, and that means it’s time to kick your life into planning mode so y... [Read more], “I can’t study abroad because [fill in the blank].” Heard this voice in your head? Mortgages, 25. We reserved the Big Meeting Room at the library, went to a dollar store for flour tortillas, sliced cheese, non-stick spray and aluminum foil — all for $4 — and then set up chairs in the meeting room, hooked up the laptop to the projector, found an iron and a clean bath towel, and waited for people to come. Extreme couponing Managing finances/budgeting 3. Change ). In fact, you probably found a few areas where you need to improve. Staying safe abroad Community members come in and teach a skill—from ukulele, to tai chi, to using basic tools. Talk about not only when and why you should get tested but also where you can be tested for free (or cheap!) You can fail without calling yourself a failure.You realize that your 20s and 30s aren’t about them going as planned. There are a few basics you’ll need to know when reaching out for help that we’ve listed... [Read more], What’s the first thing you do if you need to get somewhere that you’ve never been? |