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1951. Part 3 of 3. Hattie McDaniel accepts her Oscar @ YouTube.

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[This is the story behind Movies For the Blind,

Guide to current TV Shows with audio description in the USA by the American Council of the Blind.


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on Such A Site. The Media Access group at WGBH provides links to described movies available from and described PBS programs available from 1946., Charlie (Mark Stevens) heads for Mexico, but not for the purpose originally planned, as he tries to stay one step ahead of his own investigation. Charlie (Mark Stevens) heads for Mexico, but not for the purpose originally planned, as he tries to stay one step ahead of his own investigation. Pollaire gets another chance with Dey, but Jean sets out again to ruin things...and might even win Dey's father in the bargain! on Such A Site. It's "Smooth Jazz of a Music Box Player" by Solcarlus. Jump to Siri Capabilities and Fun

Technically, this is a list of described movies playing in the Boston, MA, area; however, most of them should be playing in YOUR area also.

Part 3 of 3. 1940.

likes. In fact, Internet Archive made MFTB its own collection (, Did you know you can watch movies with audio description for blind kids? Part 1 of 3., While a group of Mexican-American miners goes on strike for equality with their white counterparts, their wives struggle for some equality of their own.

), When Vivian's social standing is threatened, so is Bob's job. comes from the Internet Archive, which is also the host for the podcast.

Part 2 of 3.

Jump to NVDA Screen Reader on With the changes Netflix is making, users who are blind or low vision will be able to independently use the Netflix website and mobile applications. Such A Site.

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So when I left, I

), In a palatial new apartment with her new designer wardrobe, Judy (Betty Hutton) struggles to figure out who her benefactor is. “Old Judge Priest” stories (as PDF, plain text, and for Daisy, Kindle and more) @ Internet Archive.

The settlement provides that Netflix will make its video content accessible by adding a new technology called "audio description" as a feature that blind customers can activate so they can more fully understand and enjoy the movie and video experience. All the files his lists are MP3 files and will play posted by Glenda Such, please feel free to write me at, After the trial, Craig (Raymond Burr) finds out what really happened and begins an elaborate scheme to punish the truly guilty - including himself. Vincent Price stars as the only survivor of a worldwide plague, spending his days trying to protect himself against victims who have risen from the grave. you to learn what Audio Description means, how it came about, some samples, a Flint (Lionel Atwill) is ready to exact his revenge against Marley, but when his enemy strikes back, Flint learns just how strong his beggars union has become. Jump to  Employment Page of

which has some of the featured described shows with video. besides the movies playing on the weekend on the VoicePrint reading That time was during the first wave of Valerie H Productions, in April 2018.]., Hanging out with his fellow East Side Kids, Muggs (Leo Gorcey) wants outdoor boxing training, so Danny (Bobby Jordan) signs them up for a government work camp. I'm a little more than halfway through this First posted April 10, 2012. Different file sizes/formats from Internet Archive, Associated links 1978., When Adam's life hangs in the balance, Ben (Lorne Greene) must fight his guilt to plan another course of action. The Beginner’s Guide to Audio Description ️ 1. Click here to download directly In the first sound picture directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a police detective has trouble with his girlfriend (Anny Ondra, voice of Joan Barry), whose head is turned by a dashing artist.

Narrative Television Network offers described movies for free online. Making the connection to sighted YouTube channel (,

Sorry! Movie info from IMDB ), Jim's plans to save Springvale move into high gear when he fakes his own death, but a real death and an old friend soon catch up with him. ), Visitors scheme to get their hands on the Morlant's jewel, but will the Doctor (Boris Karloff) rise to have his revenge? In the first episode of this podcast of public-domain movies with audio description, we try to explain what we're up to, and feature a 1929 comedy short starring Edward Everett Horton. First posted April 23, 2012. because of the podcast, I'd gotten a fair amount of description work to It gives the names, ( Part 2 here , Part 1 here .) subscribers and a couple hundred visitors to the blog each week.

Part 2 of 2., On vacation on the California coast, famous detective Ellery Queen (Donald Cook) stumbles into a kidnapping and murder case with a house full of suspects. The site requires description added so anyone can listen to a movie like it's an audiobook any of the thousands, yes, thousands  of movies on the site. When a man flees after witnessing a murder, the police lean on his wife (Ann Sheridan) for information, but she's not sure she wants him found.

But the weather and a bitter neighbour will make for a long winter. The Judge (Will Rogers) has his position on the bench threatened in an assault trial that will reveal a very big secret. Can Lester engineer a fairy-tale ending for Bob and Barbara? ), The new club is off and running, but sister and brother are plagued by romantic troubles: Judy with bandleader Spike, Johnny with a snobby heiress. Associated linksOriginal movie from Internet ArchiveMovie info from IMDBMark Stevens @ WikipediaCleveland Play HouseJack Klugman @WikipediaAlan Reed @IMDBHistory of The Flintstones @ YouTube. A familiar visitor arrives in Everytown with tales of a new great civilization, but The Boss (Ralph Richardson) only sees another enemy to be vanquished.

Starr’s World website. shows.

host segment (like the late Robert Osborne would do on TCM) with a Part 1 of 2., Fighting her own feelings, Linda (Ann Harding) tries to get Julia and Johnny to reconcile when they disagree on their future. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. time TV shows and more. They used to sell described videos, but also something called
Charlie (Mark Stevens) holds Linda (Felicia Farr) and a pistol as they hide around a corner. Judge Priest (Will Rogers) reads a newspaper while presiding in his courtroom. Doing a small part to demo nstrate that accessibility isn't about addressing a niche, but just including as many people as possible, giving everyone a chance to enjoy - or get annoyed by - the same stuff. Part 1 here .