He’d immediately be one of the largest players in the NBA.

These elite prospects begin by having their general measurements taken and most go on to participate in a number of strength and agility drills, positional skill work, as well as five-on-five competitions. At a near-average wingspan, the trendline fluctuates.

I’m a college freshman and lifelong Celtics fan. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. The Milwaukee Bucks notched the first double-digit winning streak of the season with a 119-110 road victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even if one is more correlated than the other, is the relationship statistically significant such that we can say which is a better predictor of defense? The exponential wingspan trendline stays mostly consistent for the forwards with a near-average wingspan, and then rises for those with an above-average wingspan.

On a team-by-team basis, these external factors are even larger.

That would be Manu Ginobili. i am 6’10 and 230 lbs and i have an above average wingspan but i do not remember the exact number. Vonleh has the height of an average NBA power forward, but the wingspan and standing reach of a center. Height: 6-10. Wingspan had a correlation coefficient of 0.132. 6) Jamal Murray: PG/SG. I don’t have any other combines listed in the data.

The 2014 NBA combine wingspan numbers—helpfully aggregated by DraftExpress—reveal that elite basketball players are not average adult men. However, Gobert recovers and blocks the shot due to his wingspan. To read more about the blog and my story, check out the “About” page.

I think this is because teams are fine with playing three or more small guys on the court, but they are definitely not fine with a three big-man alignment. If someone talks about a point guard’s size via standing reach, keep in mind that 8 feet is a decent breaking point for being “small” or not; it’s an easy threshold t… Small forwards are somewhat interchangeable with shooting guards but not completely — there’s actually a two inch difference in height on average (6-7.2 for small forwards). Few players get listed at over 7-1, and even fewer with a wingspan like his. Note that a higher DWS is better, so the factor with a greater r-value (correlation coefficient) is a better predictor of DWS. Jarnell Stokes of the Tennessee Volunteers defends the shot of Craig Sword of the Mississippi State Bulldogs on March 14, 2013, in Nashville, Tennessee. But he appears to have the size of a power forward, and even if one uses his lowest measurements (he had several measurements and most are different) he still has more than enough size for small forward. For standing reach, 7-10 to 8-5 is pretty typical.

All in all, it seems the analysis shows maybe neither height nor wingspan are the best predictors of defense. The sharp drop at the right-most end indicates that teams with long wingspans probably have a lot of defensive potential. So, height had almost no correlation (essentially had a very minimal negative correlation) with DWS.The exponential trendline further demonstrates the importance of wingspan over height in this age of switching.

Not only was the wingspan correlation coefficient high and significant, but also the height correlation coefficient was -0.059 with a p-value of 0.552. The factors considered include not only the individual player factors mentioned above, but also coaching, tanking, and coasting through the regular season (…Cavs). With the increasing focus on positionless basketball, switching on defense has become more important. Wingspan: 7-3. A shorter team will not have less defensive potential than a longer team. Standing reach is important for every player, by the way; I imagine some people think of it as something useful for big men. First, I created a database of the height and wingspan of all 540 players who received any playing time this year. And I hope they send the tape measure to the Hall of Fame. The two graphs below show the wingspan and height vs. DWS for all 540 NBA players who received any playing time this year. But large is a relative term. So, it would make sense to value wingspan over height when evaluating a prospect’s defensive potential.

That’s because the combine generates the greatest data set in sports: a comprehensive list of basketball players’ wingspans.

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