"We swapped senior classes with another local high school for the day. — T3241, 24. What we did at my school back in '07 was park all senior cars to block off the parking lot so no one else could park there and then had a keg party in the parking lot that night and cemented it to our school statue in the front of the school (legitimately happened). (And the staff who enjoyed a nice ice cream and the view!). Didn't end up doing it but was going to pour them down the main staircase during the rush to the cafeteria's for lunch. Twitter users share the best high school senior pranks of the year, from covering the principal's office in tinfoil to selling the school on CRAIGSLIST The graduates who put their high school up for sale on Craigslist, and included the underclassmen in the deal. Rumors spread. Let's be real, senior year of high school is anything but a breeze. When we think of war heroes, most everyone thinks of men because women were barred from combat for most of history. See more ideas about Senior pranks, Pranks, April fools pranks. Manuela Pedraza fought during the reconquest of Buenos Aires after the first British invasion in 1806. Ideas?!? Then they did just that, they bought the actual product, went to their house and woke the teachers up (just a few of them who would appreciate the joke). ... And the seniors who knew sometimes the simplest pranks … Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lori Hill, the pilot of an OH-58 Kiowa helicopter, became the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Our class started a HUGE food fight. "We changed out the default backdrop that is set for all school computers to a meme of a guy in a sombrero and poncho with the words 'Señor Prank. The seniors who wanted to gift their school with a more exciting mascot than "Comets.". This content is imported from {embed-name}. The day came. Source. There, she documented the daily lives of her fellow servicemembers as they helped to rebuild and open schools one day while going after high-value targets the next. 40 Creative Outdoor Bench DIY Ideas and Tutorials, Cool DIY Kids Bunk Bed Ideas and Tutorials, 15+ Crochet Halloween Hat Patterns and Tutorials, 15+ Crochet Flower Stitch Patterns and Tutorials, 15+ Crochet Dream Catcher Patterns and Tutorials, 35+ Awesome DIY Window Treatment Ideas and Tutorials, 35 Creative Easter Eggs DIY Ideas and Tutorials. School schedule got fucked, people couldnt eat the rest of the day, it was just chaos. In March 2005, Sergeant Hester was providing convoy security while searching for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) when an attack erupted all around the vehicles. The police department in Cumberland, WI, went as far as congratulating their local senior class at Cumberland High School for this insanely creative prank. Turn Campus Buildings into Playable Tetris Game. We dressed our mothers up in our uniforms and sent them to school for the morning while we all stayed home." Yevdokiya fought as a man and was promoted to command a reconnaissance squad. But instead of being returned to the nursing corps, Yevdokiya was given command of a submachine gunner platoon in 1943. Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. unswrew the electrial outlets in the bathroom, homeroom, or any othere place u want to. get like 10-15 friends. It was a very funny and harmless prank.” – Nousl, 12. We got it to the school, hoisted it to the center of the main building and admired our work. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! This was my senior prank which i did. She continued to fly for the Soviet Union and racked up a total of 11 solo kills and three shared kills. Obsessed with travel? — masterCAKE, 15. The students used black tape, a black tarp, and a strategically placed half a car to create the illusion of a car crash in the side of the high school, just outside the principal's office. She accompanied her husband into the fight and stood by him as he was killed by a British soldier. some people ar just like oh fuck it and just walk across which is funny. The gauntlet has been thrown, class of 2015. But on the flip side, being a senior high school student definitely has its perks, including senior prank day. May 10th, 2013 Here, you'll find the greatest senior pranks ever. Needless to say, the cards are occasionally found even to this day.” – [deleted], 3. Lydia was later integrated into a mixed-gender unit. The class who finally got to fulfill their dream of napping in the middle of class. "Where we have a wedding as a senior prank!" BuzzFeed Staff. they r cheap too. Started asking questions. 3) If that happens, was the prank worth it? She forged her flight records by adding 100 hours of flight time and was admitted into a fighter regiment of all female pilots. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Source. "We took all the furniture out of the ground floor and put it on the baseball field... We put a petting zoo on the quad." Then she helped to clear two additional trenches, killing three insurgents in the process. She was 16 at the time but said she was 18. They made a whole video about it and the whole school watched it together in the auditorium. The 9 Absolute Best Senior Pranks From The Class Of 2016. Nobody was getting close to it. It was pretty insane, what school? Her aircraft was hit with an RPG, which caused significant damage. When her brother was called to fight for Serbia in 1912, she either accompanied or impersonated him and joined the army. When will it take place? She rounded up 110 native men who crafted their own weapons and formed a guerrilla resistance. "Since there is always a big deal about kids not parking in the staff parking lot, the students parked their cars bumper to bumper AROUND the staff parking lot. 10 Amazing Senior Prank Ideas That Will Help You End High School With a Bang. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. — ctrm5336, 16. -Evergreen Valley #SeniorPrank. Welcome to the Newschoolers forums! by Erin Chack. Obsessed with travel? The principal was not impressed.” – Amj9412, 4. Under couches, behind paintings, in books in the library, in ceiling tiles. Nieves Fernandez was the only known female Filipino guerrilla leader who fought against the Japanese occupation of Leyte Island during World War II. This senior class, composed entirely of future pre-med students. Me and 2 other kids got suspended and a disorderly conduct for starting it. She began her adult life as a schoolteacher but left that world behind when her nation was threatened by the Japanese. So, My principal told our senior class that if we do something bad for the senior prank, we will have "ahola" day taken away along with our senior trip to Six Flags. For her actions—which helped to save the lives of her fellow convoy members—Sergeant Hester was awarded the Silver Star. we're spray painting all the parking lot lines black, then getting to school pretty early and parking in the most fucked up ways we can so no one knows what the fuck to do when they get to school (obviously not gonna be our big one we jsut wanna do it for fun). Her combat exploits continued into World War I where she was recognized for heroism by France, Russia, and Britain. All rights reserved. "Weeks of hushed conversations. strategically plan to spread yourselves throughout the school so no area is left out and everyone drops them in their designated area right after 1st period while everyone's in the hallways. Jasmine Gomez is the editorial assistant at Women’s Health and covers health, fitness, sex, culture and cool products. These seniors' awesome twist on the classic parking lot prank. "We snuck into the principal's office one night and wrapped his desk and every item on it in tinfoil, then we filled the office with balloons." She was wounded in the abdomen but refused to be relieved from service. No one broke. 20+ Best Senior Prank Ideas. "We built a pillow fort in one of the hallways." Jonathan is a graphic artist, illustrator, and writer. Teachers posted throughout the halls like sentries. or fill dixie cups with water and put them in all of the major hallways so people wont walk to class. Then, when he brought us inside to yell at us, boom, there was a new chair sitting at his desk." — Jitzkrieg, 23. — eDgAR, 21. But she was able to remain airborne and continued to communicate with and support the ground personnel. — EmeliaClarkeDoMe, 17. “At graduation about 10-15 of us each had our own tubes of glitter and at the end when they say, we give you the class of 2012 or whatever instead of the graduation caps we threw the glitter in the air. The seniors who just couldn't bear to leave Rockwall High behind, so they changed it. Her exploits during the reconquest have made her a hero in Buenos Aires culture, which gives an annual award in her honor to women recognized for social activism in Argentina.