Peter then reprimands him for trying to revolt and forces Solomon's cooperation. In "The Lindquist Concern" Tom suspects Kirk is manipulating Liz and seeks out Ressler's help for previous files from the FBI. 1 Episode (2017), Stacy Keach With the help of Leonard Caul, she deciphered the Fulcrum's contents and confronted the Director with them. It was for all these reasons, Congress prompted him to testify. Donald Ressler There was no chance a 13-year-old kid could resist it, so he dropped out of high school and focused on acting. 2 Episodes (2016-2016), Brandon Margolis He visits Peter Kotsiopulos' office as a representative of the Cabal, reprimanding the Director for his inability to prevent Reddington from releasing the Fulcrum and threatening that continued failure would mean his life. 2 Episodes (2019-2019), Amanda Plummer Along with his affinity for Marxist ideas, Hughes leftist views were reflected in some of his poetry, which Communist newspapers in the U.S. often published. After he was shot by Anslo Garrick, he reignited his relationship with his former fiancée, Audrey Bidwell. Red works to meet with the President-Elect to whose campaign he contributed in exchange for his help with the Alexander Kirk situation and is eventually able to secure a Presidential pardon for Liz killing Tom Connolly. Mr. Fitch He has an unexplained interest in Elizabeth Keen and knows personal secrets about her that she has never made public. When he takes her to the cabin to meet with his client, Liz and Grant are taken by surprise when Red shows up. While he made a triumphant return as a director with Hacksaw Ridge in 2016, Mel Gibson is still largely blacklisted from Hollywood screens. In "Lipet's Seafood Company", Red is able to secure a Presidential pardon for Liz's killing of Connolly, allowing Cooper to reinstate her as an FBI agent. After Liz is released, Samar rejoins the task force. In "Ian Garvey: Conclusion", Garvey meets Jennifer at a park in Baltimore and tells her what he plans to do to Red. Taking the skeletal remains in a black bag, Garvey orders his men to kill the two. In "Mr. Kaplan Conclusion", before her suicide Kaplan prayed for Katarina to forgive her as she dug up the suitcase and left it in a storage locker. Nicknamed "the concierge of crime", Reddington is known for brokering deals between criminals. Charlene suggests they hide at their neighbor's cabin, admitting that she had cheated on Cooper with him. She persuades Aram to stand down, but in the process he buys enough time for Cynthia Panabaker, the White House counsel, to arrive and transfer Liz to a federal courthouse under Ressler's direct supervision. When Liz is framed for the assassination of Senator Hawkins, Cooper flatly refuses to cooperate with the Cabal and is placed on administrative leave by Connolly. After Reddington shoots Mr. Kaplan and leaves her for dead in "Mato", Dembe's relationship with Reddington becomes increasingly strained.