Your email address will not be published. Back in 2013 China announced that it was investing $16 billion in an effort to fix some of its problems encountered manufacturing high-performance (as in world-class) jet engines. The J-10 was reputedly based on the Israeli IAI Lavi and by extension the United States’ General Dynamics F-16; the J-11 is a clone of the Russian Su-27; the JF-17 is a modern development of the Soviet MiG-21; the J-20 bears an uncanny resemblance to the F-22, and finally, the J-31 is widely believed to rely heavily on technology appropriated from the F-35. The Chinese defense industrial base is infamous for its tendency to “borrow” from foreign designs, particularly in the aerospace industry. For example, Germany is interested in purchasing Chinese turbine blades, which are said to be superior to German designs in many ways (ironically, much of this expertise comes from China gobbling up German companies.). 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The Chinese point out that as delivered from Russia, the AL31 is good for 900 hours of operation. The WS-15 is considered vital to enhancing the J-20's capabilities as Russia has been reluctant to part with its latest technology given China's alleged history of espionage and reverse-engineering. Within five years China fixed that problem, mainly because many component manufacturers were close to the goal already with the extra money and attention getting them the rest of the way, and able to produce complex components to spec and do it regularly. Finally, China could use its bourgeoning civilian jet industry as a springboard from which to derive military applications. Trending in China: Are China’s Blue-Collar Wages Really Higher Than Graduate Salaries? Chinese Scientists Create Fossil Fuel-Free Prototype Jet Engine, Xiaomi Leads India’s Smartphone Market with 26.1% Share. On Wednesday, the South China Morning Post quoted Chinese military sources as saying developers had rectified overheating problems with the fan blades of the WS-15 engine powering the J-20. Required fields are marked *, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. The Su-35’s AL-41F1S, alternatively known as the ALS-117S, is an exceptionally powerful thrust-vectoring engine which represents a quantum leap over the AL-31. Three variants are planned: the -500 will carry 250 passengers in three classes with a range of 14,000 km (7,560 nmi), the -600 will have 280 seats and a range of 12,000 km (6,480 nmi) and the -700 will carry 320 over 10,000 km (5,400 nmi). Now they are slowly expanding the rate of production while moving to eventually surpass the Western firms who have long been the masters of this technology. The J-20 is considered as being vital to China's plans to project power against potential rivals in the Asia-Pacific and India as the US F-35 stealth fighter enters services with the US military, Japan, South Korea and Australia over the next few years. As a result, a number of existing Chinese aircraft use engines directly imported from Russia or developed with Moscow's help. However, the appropriation strategy remains constrained by bottleneck technologies due to lack of testing data and industrial ecology. This has been attributed to the country's inability to master the high-precision metallurgy to fabricate engine components that can operate at extreme temperatures for long periods. While China originally expressed interest in the ALS-117 as a stand-alone product, Russia’s refusal to export the engine alone necessitated the purchase of the Su-35. The conglomerate has claimed that the jet will be 10-15% cheaper to run than its competitors, and CRAIC aim to snatch around 10% of the available market for international widebody planes. The high-temperature capability is crucial for the WS-15 to provide 'supercruise' performance for the J-20. However, the lack of public information regarding China’s indigenous engine programs makes their true quality difficult to ascertain, the report said. China recently received some Russian Su-35 jet fighters and their advanced Al041F1 (or 117S) engines. China recently received some Russian Su-35 jet fighters and their advanced Al041F1 (or 117S) engines. The most obvious option is simply to build a better indigenous engine.,, FYEO, For Your Eyes Only and Al Nofi's CIC are all trademarks of As China moves to rapidly build its commercial and military aviation industry, the nation has made significant engineering breakthroughs, most notably in turbine blades, which convert the heat from fuel combustion into thrust. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this site. According to reports, just before China’s National Day this year, Cheng Ronghui, the chief designer of the WS-15 “Emei” engine project, won two awards for “making significant breakthrough in leading development of a major model aircraft engine”, which released a strong signal: WS-15 “Emei” engine may soon be installed on J-20. Your email address will not be published. News TALK: Turkey's Edrogan Tries To Reinstitute The Janissaries. CX Tech is Caixin Global's real-time tech news portal, featuring 24-hour news, short-form analysis, and roundups from business and tech media in China. ON POINT: Did the Economist Aid a Chinese Communist Influence Operation? Chinese-developed engines in the past were reputed to have operating cycles lasting only hundreds of hours before requiring complete overhaul compared with Western systems that could operate for thousands of hours. A focus on civilian aviation opens up greater opportunities for cooperation with Western firms while opening up new export markets for Chinese aviation technology, the report said. China bought Su-35 fighters to get technologies of 117S thrust vectoring engine, China’s straight-deck amphibious assault ship confirmed by official information, China might have started building nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, nuclear engineers to be hired, J-20 jets train at China’s secret Dingxin test base, China’s 78th Group Army holds tank training camp, Chinese military exercises against drone swarms, PLA’s cold-proof clothing urgently sent to frontline troops on plateau border, China’s PCL-161 vehicle-mounted howitzers conduct exercises in Tibet, Shenyang J-15 carrier-based fighter aircraft. can you offer guest writers to write content for you personally? I want to say that this post is amazing, nice written and come with approximately all vital infos. The aircraft's engines are also claimed to be more efficient. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Read ATF now. WS-15 performance Maximum thrust: Military thrust: 105 kN Afterburner: 180+ kN We need your help in reversing that trend. Some of those recently invested billions were apparently spent on getting component suppliers to upgrade production techniques and product quality so that this weak link in the supply chain was no longer stalling full-scale production of the WS10. Russia insists that extensive IP protections safeguard the ALS-117 from Chinese reverse engineering. I have been exploring for a little bit for any high-quality articles or blog posts on this sort of area . However, China has several avenues to work around this. I most certainly will make certain to do not forget this site and give it a glance regularly. Furthermore, China’s previous difficulties with the WS-10, despite ready access to the AL-31, show that access to foreign engine designs does not immediately translate into the ability to produce engines of similar quality, the report said. By Ding Yi / May 09, 2020 02:37 AM / Business & Tech. Chinese Academy of Engineering’s official news on December 7th unveils that 70 academicians were newly elected, including Wang Huaming, engineer of Y-20, J-15 and J-31; besides, Wang Huaming was introduced to be hosting a project of special coating for a new-type thrust vectoring nozzle, and made great achievements. The jet engine has a long and storied history. January 28, 2020: Turbine blades are one of the most critical components of an airplane, determining a jet engine’s safety, power and endurance. These advances are at the center of a possible sale to Germany along with manufacturing equipment that uses lasers to drill ultra-fine holes in turbine blades to keep blades cool by increasing air flow.