Organized crime and the Organized Crime Unit (OCU) work together to achieve the opposing goals of each respective world. (10 episodes, 2000-2005), Morris Steadman A Vancouver cop turned coroner searches for truth and justice with the help of his friends. Leo Shannon (19 episodes, 1998-2005), Mayor Russ Hathaway Josie Hutchens (4 episodes, 1998-2004), Sylvia Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night... two months from now. Da Vinci, the staff at the Coroner's Office and the Homicide Department work together to try and undercover some of the mysteries surrounding the deaths that take place in Vancouver. / (4 episodes, 2001-2005), Vincent Marx Which actually has a better impact as it is taken for reality, more than say... Third Watch, or other "shaky-cam cop shows" that can get over the top dramatic, reminding you that these are actors, on a big budget set.Canadian TV has always been pretty solid on drama and story, as there isn't always a budget big enough to blow up buildings, cars, or anything else for that matter. (4 episodes, 2002-2004), Sergeant Nadeem Parmar Donnelly Rhodes also received a Gemini Award for Best Actor in 2002 and the Earle Grey Award in 2006. Hooker Getting Into Car (2 episodes, 2001-2003), Lee Anne (3 episodes, 2004), Crown Counsel Vicki Yu Manager (2 episodes, 2001-2004), Coast Guard Officer (1 episode, 2003), Casper the Golf Club Manager Suki Taylor Hotel Clerk / (2 episodes, 2001-2004), Connor French View production, box office, & company info. Tom O'Neil Interim Mayor Joyce Simkins Police Constable #1 Police Constable #3 / Walt 1 Episode (2004), Vincent Gale Series overview. 1 Episode (2004), Lynne Stopkewich Cathy Gruen / Police Constable #3 5 Episodes (1999-2000), William Fruet Joe McNally (5 episodes, 2001-2003), Sarah Mills Donnelly Rhodes Dead at 81. (2 episodes, 2000-2004), Clayton Hurley / / (4 episodes, 1998-2004), Barbara Westerbrook Jimmy Dominic Da Vinci, once an undercover officer for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is now a crusading coroner who seeks justice in the cases he investigates. Sandy (2 episodes, 2003), Aaron / (33 episodes, 2002-2005), Chief Coroner James Flynn For even more, visit our Guide to Horror ... if you dare. (3 episodes, 2003-2004), Paramedic (2 episodes, 2000-2004), Louise / 98 Episodes (1999-2017), Patrick Gallagher Leo Shannon Despite being considered a political lightweight (or in... See full summary ». / (2 episodes, 1998-2003), Apartment Superintendent And by Canadian, I mean real Canadian, not American companies, heading north in the interest in saving money.All in all great show, great stories, great characters, in a great city. Adele Corbett (2 episodes, 2005), Constable 1 Episode (2001). Helen (2 episodes, 1998-2002), Lawyer These include his bosses, the homicide detectives and the pathologists, one of whom is his ex-wife Patricia. (1 episode, 2000), Rare Book & Stamp Dealer (2 episodes, 2002-2004), Police Constable #1 Police Constable Police Constable #5 Chief Fire Investigator Henry Whiteside / Police Constable #2 1 Episode (2004), Hiro Kanagawa Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. I actually live and work in the downtown east side of Vancouver, where most of the series takes place. 2 Episodes (2002-2004), Charles Martin Smith 108 Episodes (1999-2017), Alex Diakun 41 Episodes (2003-2017), Kim Hawthorne Da Vinci's Inquest was a Canadian dramatic television series which originally aired on CBC Television from 1998 to 2005. 7 Episodes (2000-2005), George Mihalka (4 episodes, 2000-2005), Police Constable #1 Da Vinci's Inquest (1998–2006) TV Series | ... DaVinci and his entire cast render a convincing picture of dedicated crime fighters and crime solvers who sometimes have to admit that they have no idea what's happening. Tammy Willetts 6 Episodes (2001-2005), John Fawcett (16 episodes, 2003-2005), Det. / The drama isn't overly heated, it's kept in range enough so to get into an almost documentary feel. Ruby Officer Burns Uniform #2 Da Vinci's Inquest is notable for its unconventional story formats. / / | (2 episodes, 1999-2001), Mrs. Fredericks Female Witness (5 episodes, 2001-2004), Constable Gloria Walker Da Vinci, the staff at the Coroner's Office and the Homicide Department work together to try and undercover some of the mysteries surrounding the deaths that take place in Vancouver. Huggo. / (4 episodes, 2000-2004), Police Constable #1 (2 episodes, 2000-2004), Dry Cleaning Clerk (2 episodes, 1999-2002), Dr. Ridge Before the show premiered in 1998 there was an ongoing mystery concerning the disappearance of dozens of Vancouver area prostitutes which did not stop until the arrest of a Port Coquitlam. / / (3 episodes, 2003-2005), Gary / (2 episodes, 2005), Constable Stuart Blake 64 Episodes (1999-2004), Stephen E. Miller (12 episodes, 2001-2005), Constable Debra Thurman / / Dr. Roger Gaudette / Willy Delmar / (1 episode, 2004), Pawnshop clerk (2002-2003) / They are heavily supported by Canadian viewers. / / (1 episode, 2000), Arianna Wells' Daughter (2 episodes, 1998-2003), Josh Warner Doctor / Det. 44 min (2 episodes, 2000-2001), Dorothy St. George One of the attendees is Toronto Mayor Tom Drood. (2 episodes, 1999-2000), Lonnie / / (2 episodes, 2002-2003), Dr. Clare Shelley Ryan / Wendell Quinn / 39 of 43 people found this review helpful. (18 episodes, 2003-2005), Police Chief Bill Jacobs Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. (1 episode, 2003), Rajinder Ahluwalia / You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Title: Dominic Da Vinci: / (3 episodes, 2000-2004), Adele's Father (2 episodes, 2000-2003), Mr. Jorgenson (7 episodes, 2000-2005), Emilio Hildalgo William Turner / Under Cover Police Woman Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. June Wong (2 episodes, 2003), Hermann Police Constable #1 Watch Captain / Sheila (13 episodes, 2001-2005), Sgt. (2 episodes, 2002-2004), Special Agent Charlotte Turner John Fallan (2 episodes, 1998), Bellingham Cop 108 Episodes (1999-2017), Sue Mathew Dino Rosario / I had heard about this series through friends who worked on set, but actually watched my first couple episodes in Honduras (go figure). (3 episodes, 2000-2005), Police Constable #1 Police Constable #1 Shelley While never a ratings blockbuster, the critically acclaimed show did attract a loyal following, and ultimately seven seasons of thirteen episodes each were filmed for a total of ninety-one episodes. / Hope you like international shows and movies! 1 Episode (2003), Mina Shum Uniform (4 episodes, 1998-2003), Glen Moorehouse (2 episodes, 2001-2004), Police Constable #1 (2 episodes, 1999-2002), Gladys Carlyle (uncredited) Da Vinci's Inquest / (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2001-2002), Paramedic / / Woodbine Bar Manager / Chick Savoy (81 episodes, 1998-2005) … / Paramedic #2 (3 episodes, 1998-2002), Williams' Lawyer / Charlie Klotchko (3 episodes, 2001-2004), Plainclothes Police Officer #1 Police Constable #3 / Young Woman Steven Maynard Venus Terzo (2 episodes, 2000-2001), Fireman Dunne / He has been heaped with accolades for his creation of modern-day Renaissance man and Vancouver Coroner Dominic Da Vinci in Da Vinci's Inquest, and later as the Vancouver Mayor in Da Vinci's City Hall, Canada's most popular dramatic series: "The best actor working in Canadian television right now" (Globe and Mail); "Campbell gives a marvelous lived-in performance that captures the wobbly charm and … Phil Mizlowski Dr. Ken Ozaki 5 Episodes (2001-2004), Alan Simmonds Det. / 98 Episodes (1999-2017), Gerard Plunkett / [citation needed]. / (2 episodes, 1999-2001), Donna Dominic Da Vinci (2 episodes, 1999-2004), Mark In Australia, the series aired late Monday nights on the Nine Network, and its affiliates WIN (although on a different night) and NBN, and later on 13th Street. Also unusual is its handling of story arcs. (2 episodes, 2001-2003), Laura Gladwin Elements of the series storylines were also taken from sociopolitical issues faced by Vancouver itself, such as the plight of the homeless, the controversy over a designated injection site for drug users, the idea of establishing a red light district, and the disappearance of homeless women and sex workers-similar to the case of Robert Pickton. (3 episodes, 2000-2004), Bulldog Company Lawyer (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2001-2005), Bus Driver Roy LaBoucane / The cases of the Miami-Dade, Florida police department's Crime Scene Investigations unit. Some arcs span the length of one or more seasons, but aren't touched on at all for several episodes at a time, similar to the Mythology / Monster of the Week format of The X-Files (which was also a Vancouver production, though not at the same time as Da Vinci's Inquest); several main and many guest actors appeared on both shows. Greg Prentice Det. 1 Episode (2004), Raugi Yu A Vancouver cop turned coroner searches for truth and justice with the help of his friends. DVI actually embrace Vancouver's look as well as problems, which makes thing leagues more genuine.I LOVE the feel of the show, it's built on longterm story, and the evolution of characters over seasons instead of just episodes. / Dolores Williams I actually live and work in the downtown east side of Vancouver, where most of the series takes place. Police Constable #6 / (13 episodes, 1998-1999), Claire The series revolves around the life of Dominic Da Vinci, coronor of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Paramedic #1 Dominic Da Vinci, former Coroner and Police Officer in Vancouver, BC, starts his first term as the newly elected mayor of Vancouver. Mark Waltek (2 episodes, 2003-2005), Rory Sarah Mills (44 episodes, 2000-2005), Sue Lewis Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. 98 Episodes (1999-2017), Ian Tracey (3 episodes, 2001-2004), Coast Guard Bill Janet Jefferson MovieWeb Police Constable #3 / / Bonny (2 episodes, 2001-2002), Police Constable #1 (2 episodes, 1998-2003), Police Constable #1 / A traffic incident occurs when a man driving a stolen vehicle stops an ambulance, the driver of the stolen vehicle, wielding a shotgun, demanding morphine from the paramedic. (2 episodes, 1999-2004), Phil Wilkins 1 Episode (2002), Sturla Gunnarsson / Mark Jefferson / / / The imagery, and story lines, are quite true to the neighborhood. I will watch things sometimes just because they are Canadian, and am often quite surprised. 98 Episodes (1999-2017), Suleka Mathew (2 episodes, 2001-2002), Bartender Da Vinci is opinionated which has caused him to make many friends but also many enemies along the way of his professional career path. / Police Constable #3 (3 episodes, 1999-2005), Vera Zang Bob Kelly Police Constable #2 [5], Season One is available on Amazon Prime. / Popular Vancouver Mayor, Dominic Da Vinci, is hosting a Canadian mayor's conference. (6 episodes, 2000-2005), Vin Tuan | / Uniform - Motel / / It has also been aired in late night slots on RTÉ One in Ireland. pig farmer - Robert "Willy" Pickton - for multiple murder of some of these prostitutes.