China is using its economic power to silence critics—even those in the U.S.The United States must lead with our values and speak out for pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong, and not allow American citizens to be bullied by an authoritarian government. A Sport Anymore’, Houston Rockets Announce They Are Hiring Stephen Silas As Their Next Coach, J.R. Smith Is Fighting With Sam Dekker’s Wife, Sideline Reporter Olivia Harlan-Dekker Over ‘Some Trump Sh*t’, Stars Demand NBA Push Season-Opener Back To Mid-January, Steelers-Titans Scores Best CBS Window in Four Years; Crushes NBA Finals. During that same appearance, Silver revealed that the Chinese government told the NBA it wanted Morey fired. His tweet was deleted, the Chinese Basketball Association announced that it is suspending all cooperation with the Rockets, Morey was made to … Bobby, well said. “It has been the most gratifying experience of my professional life to lead the Rockets basketball organization, and I look forward to working with Tilman and the management team on the transition. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); I think Morey will eventually speak about what happened after he sent the tweet heard ’round the world. © 2020 BBC. "We wanted to make an absolute clear statement that the values of the NBA, these American values -- we are an American business -- travel with us wherever we go, and one of those values is free expression," Silver said. It’s ironic that Woj is the one writing the story about Daryl Morey and mentions the Free Hong Kong tweet. NBA TRAINING ACADEMIES IN CHINA PLAGUED WITH HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, BOMBSHELL REPORT CLAIMS. Evidently, viewers have gotten the message too. Borat fundraiser for film's black grandmother raises $110,000, At least 140 migrants drown off Senegal coast, UN says, US alters passport ruling for Jerusalem births, Tanzania elections: Opposition leader Tundu Lissu 'won't accept poll results', Hong Kong protests explained in 100 and 500 words. Morey exposed the NBA for what they are, HYPOCRITICAL!!! October 28, 2020, 4:26 pm, by Let’s make it a topic on the call with Whitlock….I got my VIP invite. . Daryl Morey is stepping down from his role as Houston Rockets general manager, ESPN reports. NBA players showed little concern about anti-Semitic remarks or the shooting of police officers. The Rockets were of massive interest in China, largely because of Yao Ming -- the Chinese star who spent his entire NBA career in Houston. Cuban sounded fearful, as though he knew he was on shaky ground. Well, there you go. Great article. The NBA’s hypocrisy is astounding. Wasn’t Adrian Wojnarowski the one who emailed Senator Hawley, “F*** you”, after Hawley emailed the NBA about its dealings with China? They don’t need half of Americans. "The NBA wants money, and the Communist Party of China is asking them to deny the most basic of human rights. Fertitta had publicly supported Morey despite the wave of backlash it brought the NBA, including the increased scrutiny over the league’s ties with China and players failing to speak out against China despite dipping their toes into social justice waters. "We said, 'There's no chance that's happening. Chinese broadcasters and streaming platforms said they would no longer broadcast Rockets games. NBA games draw huge viewership in China, with millions watching games primarily through streaming platforms. Just over a year ago, Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey was the talk of the NBA after tweeting his support of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong with a graphic that read “Fight for Freedom. October 28, 2020, 2:33 pm. Cuban: “[China] is a customer of ours,” Cuban explained. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. All rights reserved. I wish him and his family all the best.”, TRUMP SAYS MEDIA, NBA ARE ‘BOUGHT OUT’ BY CHINA: 'IT'S A BIG POT OF GOLD'. And Chinese state broadcaster CCTV and Tencent Holdings, which streams NBA games in China, both said they would stop broadcasting Rockets matches. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Ryan Gaydos is a sports reporter for and Former US presidential hopeful - and Rockets fan - Ted Cruz accused the NBA of "shamefully retreating" in pursuit of profit. I, at some point, look to the American government. NBA NFL NCAAF MLB NBA FANTASY SOCCER HOCKEY NCAAB Subscribe Houston and Mike D’Antoni parted ways earlier in the fall. "My tweets are my own and in no way represent the Rockets or the NBA.". All Rights Reserved. Get the Daily Outkick and get smarter every day. The Canadian, who is also the vice-chairman of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, said he had "spent a good part of my professional life in China". Must hear radio! Stand With Hong Kong." var _g1; One year after Daryl Morey tweet, China’s state television to air NBA Finals originally appeared on Our goal is to create a safe and … Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Morey’s tweet exposed the NBA and the truth behind its five-year social justice campaign. Morey had come under fire more than a year ago for his support of the Hong Kong protesters. In a statement, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sounded sympathetic for those in China that were offended by Morey's tweet and stressed that … He added that 1.4 billion Chinese citizens "stand united when it comes to the territorial integrity of China" and the issue "is non-negotiable". October 15, 2020, 1:52 pmupdated October 16, 2020, 7:22 am "We wanted to make sure everyone understood we were supporting free expression.". Buried in the middle of Adrian Wojnarowski’s report is a brief mention of Morey’s famous tweet that supported freedom in Hong Kong: “Nevertheless, his final season on the job became engulfed in scrutiny after a tweet supporting freedom in Hong Kong led to China pulling the NBA off its airwaves and suspending sponsorship agreements with the league.”. October 28, 2020, 2:59 pm, by Daryl is a brilliant innovator who helped the Rockets become a perennial contender. Daryl Morey's original tweet included an image captioned: "Fight For Freedom. Let me finish, OK? Agreed. Morey stepped down from his role as the Rockets’ general manager. the nba sucks. "I have always appreciated the significant support our Chinese fans and sponsors...I would hope that those who are upset will know that offending or misunderstanding them was not my intention. October 29, 2020, 7:57 am, by Daryl Morey is stepping down from his role as Houston Rockets general manager, ESPN reports. And, in a follow-up statement, Mr Morey said he had reconsidered his position. ", China denies asking for Morey's firing over tweet, 'I can't imagine attaching my name': How owners hide their political donations, Why Roger Goodell and NFL power brokers built their own PAC, Sources: Rockets hiring Mavs' Silas as new coach, Sources: NBA revenue dropped 10% to $8.3B, Sources: Morey near deal to be 76ers hoops prez, Sources: Jazz being sold in $1.66B agreement, Lakers' Green: Expect vets to rest if Dec. 22 start, Raptors' Davis allegedly assaulted woman in NYC, Inside the political donation history of wealthy sports owners. ESPN reported Thursday that Morey had stepped down. China is refuting NBA commissioner Adam Silver's claim that it demanded the firing of Rockets general manager Daryl Morey over a tweet that supported anti … What I heard: But fuck Trump supporting americans, we dont need them as customers!! } catch(e) {}, by The timing looks awfully suspicious. The rift between the NBA and China appeared to widen again Friday, as the fallout continued over Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey's tweet in support of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. The Rockets and the National Basketball Association in the US quickly distanced themselves from Mr Morey's tweet. Market data provided by Factset. The NBA has been heavily criticized by some U.S. lawmakers for the perception that it caved to the Chinese regime. Stand With Hong Kong.". NBA2K21 to include more WNBA-focused game modes, The people with all the power in NBA free agency, What our NBA experts like and don't like about a pre-Christmas start, Best and worst cases for the Warriors, the Knicks and the teams we haven't seen since March, NBA free agency and trade debate: How the Pelicans help Zion, and bold predictions, Silver: Financial losses in China 'substantial', Sources: Silver, players had tense talk in China. Rockets player James Harden said: "We apologise. At least drugs and alcohol will be plentiful. FORTUNE may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. The tweet led to China pulling the NBA games off the airwaves and the Communist regime pulling down banners advertising preseason games between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. "Again, I have regret that much of that was lost. Going to be interesting who goes to these games after the covid restrictions lighten up…….. by The NBA zone defence over Mr Morey's tweet provoked accusations from Democratic and Republican lawmakers that the league was bowing to Beijing instead of supporting democracy. Let me finish, OK?' Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said on Thursday he was stepping down - about a year after he infuriated Beijing with a tweet that backed pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. In response to Morey’s admirable tweet, Woke leader LeBron James effectively told Morey to shut up: “We all talk about this freedom of speech, yes we all do have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); "I felt we had made enormous progress in terms of building cultural exchanges with the Chinese people," Silver said Thursday during an appearance at the Time 100 Health Summit in New York. "Our games are not back on the air in China as we speak, and we'll see what happens next. “After returning from Orlando and reflecting on what has been an amazing 14 years with the Houston Rockets, and after discussing my thoughts with family and close friends, I've decided I’ll be stepping away from the Rockets organization effective November 1st. Greg Couch Merkel warns of 'hard winter' as lockdowns return, US election rivals holding Florida rallies, Fundraiser for unwitting Borat star raises $110,000, 'My sister lives on in a video game' Video'My sister lives on in a video game', Light pollution's wasted energy seen from space, The Countdown: YouTuber talks kindness with Naomi Biden, End Sars protests: 'I felt I was going to die' VideoEnd Sars protests: 'I felt I was going to die', Joe Biden: 'Well, we just voted' VideoJoe Biden: 'Well, we just voted', Lily Allen: 'Masturbating in a relationship isn't wrong', Coral reef taller than Empire State Building found, 'Let me finish. 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