That by itself doesn’t mean much, but Murao’s performances both in high school and against other high school All-Americans backs up the fact that he is really, really good. FAST. Since fall camp’s started, he’s been mentioned multiple times by coaches and veteran players. UW Dawg Pound a Washington Huskies community. Do good things, don’t do bad things, and bow down to Washington. Furthermore, he’s already stood out per Coach Kwiatkowski and others as they’ve spoken about him in virtual interviews with the media. And while these traits should allow him to compete against college defensive backs man-to-man sooner rather than later, his route-running against zone coverage is also surprisingly smart; it seems like often, physically dominant players prefer to just be brutes instead of calculating, but Odunze appears surprisingly cerebral in his ability to find the soft spot of a zone. Jones is a huge pass-catching target with good feet, Puka a physical terror who makes defensive backs work really hard, and Bynum an increasingly-dependable possession receiver. On top of that, he’s a nasty blocker in the run. Follow UW Dawg Pound online: ... (The last Washingtonian five star to sign and play for the Huskies was, of course, Reggie Williams.) Your best source for quality Washington Huskies news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective. To be honest, Redman seems like the kind of pass-catcher that UW’s used to always going against when Stanford always seems to pull one out of their asses each year, between Kaden Smith, Dalton Schultz, Colby Parkinson, the technically-a-receiver-but-still JJAW... And as we all remember (or don’t because we misery-drank until blacking out), those guys suuuuuuck to play against. I believe means he’s good. His long strides make that speed even more dangerous because of how deceptive it is, causing defenders to often take poor angles and miss their one shot at stopping him. Both of those are awesome and frankly I think Otton’s one of the players I’m most grateful to have on this team, but Redman is somehow both bigger than Otton and looks like much more of a passing game threat than Otton (or Sample, or Dissly) did coming out of high school. But this is all probably moot and he’ll probably kick ass very soon. We’ve already gone over 2,300 words here, so it feels redundant to write more about how that’d be the case. A guide to all the Huskies wearing new numbers this year. So: he has natural receiving and route-running skills, is versatile out wide or on the line of scrimmage, has a bigger catch radius than pretty much anyone on the team, is already the biggest tight end Washington’s had in a long time and will continue to grow, and is an asset in the run game too. Want to join in on the howling fun? Home games are a great way to get Huskies to represent Hamilton High School, especially with the help of the Dawg Pound. So with those circumstances surrounding the season, we ask ourselves: Savvy is, of course, the most obvious answer at first. Respect to Andre Baccellia, Aaron Fuller, and Quinton Pounds for their years of contributions to Washington, but from a pure talent perspective, there’s no comparison between 2019’s receiving room and 2020’s. It’s all but completely certain: Sav’ell Smalls will play. Then take into consideration that the veteran tight end room has relatively alright depth but without anyone who’s proven other than Otton, and it gives Redman a clear opportunity to force himself onto the field. #GoCougs ⚪️ #BoomerSooner ⭕️ #GoUtes ⚫️ #GoDawgs ☔️, UW Athletics COVID-19 testing update:"We have 547 student-athletes who have gone through testing and currently have one active positive case. With football season here, the Dawg Pound is ready for uplifts. Isaiah Adams (12), a student part of the Dawg Pound, informed, “we go to all sporting events from Football, to soccer, to basketball, all of them.” This gives all sports players a rush of motivation from the booming cheers.