79 – How do you usually handle obstacles and setbacks when they occur? When was the last time I extended kindness to somebody? Don’t rush to discuss all of them in a single day. Why was it so enlightening? Your email address will not be published. What is the best thing about being in love? But rather, ask who you think you are currently most similar to. You can add in your ideas, they can comment on them too, etc. Give details. It always surprises me. How do you cope with stressful situations? You can angle it to show that you want to learn from them, so ask them about their goals professionally and see what advice you can get from it. 37 – When you see your excitement towards your goal starting to fade, how do you recover your enthusiasm? Memories are part of what make us who we are. Wracking your brain for deep conversation starters, so your convo doesn’t fall flat. This question is very open and can lead to some very deep and novel responses. Explain. What aspect of my personality still needs improvement? [Read: How to get to know yourself and reveal your life’s true passions], #11 What items are on your bucket list? In order to help your partner feel like a success, you need to know what makes them feel accomplished. It can also remind you about the goals you’ve set for yourself and force you to acknowledge whether you’re fulfilling them or not. What were the top three lessons I learned the hard way? What’s one thing you have always wanted to try, but never have? The last of our deep conversation questions, but one of the best. What are the top five things you are grateful for? Is my definition of success the same as everyone else’s? Am I satisfied with the quality of my romantic relationship? 43 – What was the most difficult part of getting started on your goal? Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, 36 Deep Questions to Ask Your Significant Other So You Can Truly Know Them, The 6 Best Questions to Ask in An Interview, Never Ask These 5 Stupid Questions - They Will Hurt Your Reputation, What makes a bad conversation starter? What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever gotten? 82 – What 3 things do you find most enjoyable about making your dreams come true? Not what she can’t live without, but what makes her happy, another great one to keep in mind for later. Why is this time frame more likely for you? What goals have you recently set for yourself? When is each most useful? Finally, if you want to use deep questions to spark the interest of someone you're interested in, then you should also check out these two resources: For guys, there are 3 text message that can get a girl interested in you. It can feel safe to pretend problems aren’t there, but this deep conversation starter lets you find out what makes your partner dissatisfied with your relationship. Avoid using these, unless you’re just being silly with your loved one. How have your faults hindered you? What would be the title of the movie showing your life from birth up to present? Does positivity really help? Here are 12 deep text conversation starters: Which one used to be awesome, but they hate now? Before we part, I’d like to leave you with this reminder. It could be a person, an activity, or a TV show, among other things, but the answer will certainly be interesting, and deep. What secret trait do you wish that people know about you? 15 – You can be inspired by negative events or positive events. 114 – What is your favorite way to practice developing your fortitude? In one, list your strongest positive thinking skills. Here, happiness and satisfaction are directly thrown into the conversation to get to the real truth about just how ambitious your conversation partner is.