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This is convenient if you’re seeking a single tune to install on your vehicle. Our emulators sit silently in your truck off line allowing correct operation of your AdBlue/SCR system until you get a fault and the truck de-rates.

DTUK Petrol and Diesel Car Tuning Chips (for the techie amongst you) sit between the vehicle’s ECU and engine to control the fuel injector system, turbo and more using sensors on the common rail or injectors and a range of other sensors depending on application. At Just Autos we can change that disappointing output figure into something that can be capable of towing heavy loads without even stressing the engine, with base packages producing over 200hp and 650nm at the wheels we have every option covered for your 70 series. Diesel-Tuning: Das volle Leistungspotential nutzen Erleben Sie Ihr Fahrzeug völlig neu! Abonnieren Sie den Chiptuning-Newsletter und erfahren Sie alle aktuellen News und Trends sowie tolle Aktionen und Angebote. By altering the software parameters in your ECU, Diesel Tune NZ are able to safely unlock the potential Torque and HP that already exist within the vehicle, making your passenger vehicles much more pleasurable to drive and your heavy machinery more productive and fuel efficient.

Ganz gleich ob Diesel oder Benziner, ob Pkw, Transporter, Lkw oder Nutzfahrzeug – mit Chiptuning holen Sie garantiert mehr Leistung und mehr Drehmoment aus Ihrem Motor! Die innovative Technik optimiert das Diesel-Motormanagement und schöpft das volle Potential. These ECU’s provide manufacturers the ability to produce various stages of power from the same engine. Das Geheimnis des DIESELPOWER Erfolgs: die optimale Anpassung der Motorkennwerte. Ich bin mit dem Ergebnis mehr als Zufrieden. The process of remapping or tuning a diesel or turbo diesel car offers great benefits. Did you know Innovative Diesel is one of the pioneers in diesel custom tuning? Die Leistungssteigerungen für Diesel-Motoren nutzen die herstellerseitig gegebenen Toleranzen, ohne den Motor und den Antriebstrang zu überlasten. Diesel Tuning Remap is a re-flash of the engine management system which installs new software to change the operating parameters of the engine.

The 200 series Landcruiser platform is one of Australia’s most sort after tow vehicles with high outputs in torque, high comfort and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Once the 4 week expires the tune that is currently in your truck will remain. TDI-Tuning write custom maps for every vehicle variant. Nearly all vehicles on the road today are controlled via ECU’s (engine control units).

Our performance centres have three fantastic locations with in-house dynos at: Geebung in Brisbane, Arundel on the Gold Coast & Dandenong in Melbourne.

If you’re someone who want’s to know what happens when your vehicle has an updated ecu flash, read on.

Up until now the only solution for the operator was to call the mechanic and pay the call out fee to get the fault repaired so they can continue on their day. By manufacturing less engines and being able to control the output with software, the production costs are much lower. A blockage can cause restrictions in the exhaust, leading to back pressure and excessive heat which can cause expensive damage to other engine components.

für Ihren Diesel, Kauf auf Rechnung und Ratenkauf in unserem Online Tuning Shop möglich.

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Die aktuelle Generation der DTE-Leistungssteigerung setzt auf die revolutionäre Multi-Kennfeld-Technologie.

Safe, secure, encrypted on-line shopping. Testen Sie unsere Tuning-Produkte und fordern Sie unser spezielles Angebot für Ihre Erstbestellung an.Senden Sie uns Ihre Anfrage an: [email protected], Sie möchten einen Artikel über Chiptuning oder zum Thema Gaspedaltuning veröffentlichen? Dankzij jarenlange ervaring in de ontwikkeling en vervaardiging van hoogwaardige chiptuning software weet men bij ATM-chiptuning hoe een diesel motor zo optimaal mogelijk afgestemd kan worden. A poorly operating DPF system is doing more bad than good. It’s common to see trucks struggling to pull their loads or stuck on the side of the road in Limp Mode/De-Rated because of AdBlue/SCR related faults.

A tuning box connects to the engine of a vehicle to improve performance and fuel economy.

These maps are then sent to the engine from a tuning box rather than writing them directly onto the engine ECU. With over 10 years of experience tuning common rail diesel vehicles Just Autos will have all your diesel tuning needs covered.

Die Technik ist selbstverständlich TÜV-geprüft und kompatibel mit Ihrem Rußpartikelfilter.

Mehr Dynamik und Fahrspaß mit einer Leistungssteigerung von DTE. And that means more pulling power - precisely what you need if you tow a caravan, a horse box, a boat or if you drive a heavily laden vehicle like a van or pickup.

Whether it be fuel efficiency and increased towing capacity for your truck, or more power and torque for your farm vehicles, Diesel Tune NZ are able to offer a customised solution for your petrol and diesel engine requirements. However, the process of recirculating a percentage of exhaust gas directly back into the engines intake system often clogs up the vehicles intake and lowers the efficiency of the engine. EGR AND DPF SOLUTIONS.

Wir unterstützen Sie gerne mit weiterführenden Text- und Bildmaterial.Ihre Anfrage senden Sie bitte an: [email protected].

More torque.

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What is Diesel Tuning?

Diesel Tune NZ can provide EGR diagnostics and advice on the best action for your vehicle.

The Proven Diesel Limited Support Package.

MwSt. You then simply switch the unit on and it will emulate the correct operation of the system giving you full power back to continue on your day, saving you downtime and the frustration of missing deadlines. We have packages available for every person in mind with a full touring setup to improve towing efficiency and torque to a full package capable of making well into the 300hp. Our limited support packs give you access to all Proven Diesel tuning compatible with your vehicle for 4 weeks. Kostenlose Servicenummer 0800 - 77 111 88, DTE Systems ist eurotuner Testsieger 2016, inklusive TÜV-Teilegutachten für insgesamt über 3.600 Fahrzeugmodelle, schon ab 399 EUR inkl. Betriebssicherheit und Langlebigkeit stehen bei DTE im Vordergrund.

CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS FOR DIESEL AND PETROL ENGINES. Diesel Tune NZ provides fast and simple solutions for those vehicles plagued with frustrating DPF faults and failures. EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is an emissions based system designed to lower NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) from exiting your vehicle.

This will not only affect the performance of the vehicle, but also affect your vehicles fuel economy. DPF options are available. We have tuned thousands of trucks and have one of the best tuning reputations in the diesel tuning industry.

You'll immediately notice better acceleration from low down in the rev range and when using taller gears. This is convenient if you’re seeking a single tune to install on your vehicle.

Did you know Innovative Diesel is one of the pioneers in diesel custom tuning? Fitting one of our emulators to your truck gives you a fail safe system for when such faults occur. Ultimate Diesel Tuning (UDT) is an Australian aftermarket turbo-diesel mechanical performance upgrade & custom dyno tuning company. This makes diesel tuning a playground for the inexperienced and the peak power chasers. As with any filter, a DPF needs to be maintained in order to function properly.

Our main focus is to provide a vehicle that’s safe and reliable to drive every day while still providing in most cases a substantial torque gain which means you can take your vehicle out touring with the performance it needs while retaining a high reliability. Das Resultat ist eine beeindruckende Verbesserung der Performance, bei gleichzeitiger Verbrauchsoptimierung.

Some modern DPF systems can use up to 2L per 100KM just to maintain a clean system, hence burning more fuel to reduce emissions. Diesel Tuning Remap is a re-flash of the engine management system which installs new software to change the operating parameters of the engine.

Tuning diesel is a specialist Diesel and Turbo Diesel Tuner. A 50% de-rate can register a loaded truck dead in its tracks.As the AdBlue/SCR system is an after treatment based system, there is no damage caused to your engine when the emulator is activated. Diesel tuning zorgt voor maximale rijprestaties.

This also has a big impact on drivetrain longevity, as you can imagine twice the factory power being suddenly slamme… P: 0508 886 348       M: 021 283 4401     E:

We’ll follow up with you via email within 24-48 hours, Looking for Mustang, F150, or Hellcat tuning? This is a huge safety issue for the drivers and other road users as well. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser Tuning interessieren und senden Ihnen gern erste Informationen. DPF (diesel particulate filter) is an exhaust based filter used to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. Diesel Tuning. Suspendisse miaculis placerat sapien at comodous loremous. Beste Diesel-Performance und optimierter Verbrauch.

ATM-chiptuning is specialist op het gebied van motormanagement optimalisatie van dieselwagens.

In some senses, getting more power from a diesel engine is less challenging than, say, a high revving petrol engine. The 3.2 engine in the Ford Ranger & Mazda BT50 has a good starting point with on average 350nm of torque and 145hp at the wheels and with Packages to increase those figures up to 250hp and 700nm we have every option catered for.