This is a very long review, and considering that I am still doing business with eSalon it will only continue to grow. It has a similar consistency to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, but it's nicer because it doesn't make your hands feel oily. I'm also glad it worked out for some of you, however, I'm just not willing to take the chance.

She used her custom eSalon light brown shade to even out her color ❤️ #hair #fix #howto #athome #color #custom #brunette #brown #red #head #trends #style #2018 #easy #tutorials #transformation, Change is a good thing! Plus, it's just fun to do a little self-care when you're at home. So healthy and shiny! least two shades darker than your current overall hair color we see in My hair is quite long, half-way down my back and is thick and wavy. I recently started using eSalon and have had wonderful results! Tint Rinse is a temporary, pigmented treatment that is salon-grade, effective, and super easy to use at home. We are dedicated to making sure everyone leaves here feeling beautiful inside and out!

Thanks so much for all the reviews. One of the many reasons we love Tint Rinse is because it is so versatile.

All in all the eSalon trip was a great success and I really look forward to working with the company in the future. In any case, my hair came out soft, shiny ,and better that it has been in years! The color I order is called "Black Pearl" a black with purple undertones.

With a little help from her custom eSalon hair color, she got rid of the stripes and achieved a much more subtle look with a beautiful caramel brown shade. Feb 27, 2020 - see how eSalon color can completely transform your hair! You just saved me a lot of trouble :).

After launching in 2010, they’ve received press from publications such as Cosmopolitan and The Wall Street Journal. I couldn't get rid of the color difference myself. I also stressed that I had low lights & wanted to block out the brassy tones. Haha, that's probably for the best. With custom color curated for you, there's no way your dye job can go wrong. I didn't get an email that whole day so, out that day which it did.

The first kit made my hair about 5 different colors.

Reach your color goals with salon-grade hair color, made especially for you. Launched in 2010, eSalon has shipped nearly 1 million(!)

it's a huge factor in hair coloring and why nothing will beat a professional colorist with years of experience.

They believe that you, the client, are the most important person and want to make sure your experience is a 10! We will need to formulate a dark blond demi permanent colorfill for you.