From there arose Gary Cooper, epitome of his cinema. “It wasn't really possible (to visit) and I suspect he felt the accommodations at the mining camp weren't the most luxurious. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images [2] In 1937, Balfe gave birth to their daughter, Maria Veronica Cooper. She has collaborated abroad with a PBS/French production of “Frederick Chopin: A Voyage with Byron Janis.” Mrs. Janis frequently lectures around the country on such topics as, “Growing Up in Hollywood” often with her longtime friend Joan Benny. “He liked working with (Scott),” Janis said. She pursues her paintings with great energy, exhibiting in the United States as well as Europe and Asia. Balfe did not see her father for many years, but kept in touch with her grandfather, who owned a ranch in California. Balfe was sent to Miss Bennett's School for Girls for her education. PHOTO PROVIDED, Gene Triplett is a University of Central Oklahoma journalism graduate with 36 years experience as a newspaper writer and editor. “He swings from being a man with a pretty nasty temper, not very charming, to very tender and compassionate,” she said. Balfe married actor Gary Cooper on December 15, 1933, at her mother's home at 778 Park Avenue, New York; the wedding had been planned for the Waldorf Astoria hotel, but the location was probably changed to avoid public attention. I think that was one of the things that impressed my father, that he looked for in a colleague, was someone who was a professional, who knew what was expected of him and knew his lines and did the work and didn't throw fits and tantrums and that kind of stuff.”. Cooper and Malden would become great friends during and after the filming of “The Hanging Tree,” but Janis recalls that things were uneasy at first. His acclaimed 1958 Western, “The Hanging Tree,” was released recently on DVD. She played parts in King Kong, Blood Money, and No Other Woman, as well as the sleepwalking countess in the Clark & McCullough comedy short The Gay Nighties (1933). He was her father, and taught her valuable skills such as riding horses, riding a bicycle and being a good person. After the first 10 minutes it's sit around and wait. “Dick Shepherd, who was the producer, told me ... it was one of the first days of shooting when Dick was standing there and the scenes were over and Malden went stalking back to his trailer muttering and mumbling and looking kind of upset, and Dick said, ‘I better go see what's happening,' and said to Karl, ‘What's the matter? I just gotta say my lines and get off the set. Maria Cooper Janis , Gary Cooper's daughter, and Angela Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's daughter-in-law, arrive for the premiere of the movie, "Jersey Guy," at the Chelsea West Cinema. '”, Janis laughed and added, “It was kind of funny because I think Malden had come out of more of an Actor's Studio tradition and I think Cooper's understatement — or what seemed like understatement — was disconcerting at first. The only daughter of Gary Cooper discovers the most unknown facet of the idol on the eve of the publication of a book in Spanish about his career. Maria Cooper Janis has been working on a feature film documentary, “The True Gen,” about the special 20-year friendship between Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway, the score of which is composed by Byron Janis. “And I think he just didn't really like the feeling of the family hanging around the set. Recalling her dad’s formative years on a Montana ranch, Maria Cooper Janis, 75, says her father “learned to do and enjoyed hard physical work and acquired a love of animals and nature. She has collaborated with author Bruce Boyer on Gary Cooper Enduring Style, published in November of 2011 by powerHouse Books with an introduction by Ralph Lauren. “He felt he was certainly a pro. Austrian-Swiss actress Maria Schell plays a woman who is injured in a stagecoach robbery and comes under Frail's care. She was an enthusiastic sportswoman and was the female California skeet champion in the 1930s. Recalling her dad’s formative years on a Montana ranch, Maria Cooper Janis, 75, says her father “learned to do and enjoyed hard physical work and acquired a love of animals and nature. Occasionally there are miracles. In addition to film projects, she continues her work as a painter and also works with American Indian interests, something that was very close to her father’s heart, and has started the Gary Cooper Scholarship for American Indian Students in Film and Television at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. The embodiment of Hollywood in its heyday, “Coop” was envied by men, adored by women, admired by fellow actors and celebrated by those with even greater fame. © 2020 American Profile, All Rights Reserved. He did literally grow up on the back of a horse.” Married to concert pianist Byron Janis, Maria had a successful career as an artist. Veronica Cooper (née Balfe; May 27, 1913 – February 16, 2000) was an American actress who appeared in The Gay Nighties under the name Sandra Shaw. Other Works He follows Roman Catholic as His religion. Maria Cooper Janis, Actress: Sleepy Hollow High. While he had so many complicated relationships over the years, Maria was one woman who Gary Cooper had a straightforward dynamic with. In the screenplay by Wendell Mayes and Halsted Welles, based on a novel by Dorothy M. Johnson, Cooper stars as Joseph “Doc” Frail, a doctor, gambler and gunslinger with a tragic and controversial past who sets up practice in a Montana mining camp in the 1870s. Cooper and wife Victoria had a daughter. Maria Cooper Janis was born on September 15, 1937 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Maria Veronica Balfe Cooper. “(But) you don't usually expect a Cooper character to pump several bullets in a body and kick it over a cliff!”, Gary Cooper and Maria Schell in a scene from "The Hanging Tree." His daughter 's name is Maria Cooper Janis. One of the most memorable exceptions came during the filming of the 1952 Western “High Noon.” That's her on the cover of her book, “Gary Cooper Off Camera: A Daughter Remembers.” She's the pretty 14-year-old in the plaid dress, being spoon-fed from a cup of ice cream by the man in the string tie and black hat as they stand on the sweltering, dusty street of a frontier town, which was actually a movie set in Jamestown, Calif. “Yes, you know, I remember it very clearly,” she said in a recent phone interview from her Manhattan home. Read more ›. Maria Cooper Janis didn't get to visit her father at work very often. Cooper and wife Victoria had a daughter. Veronica Balfe was born to Veronica Gibbons and Harry Balfe, Jr. He didn't forbid us to come, but it wasn't a family tradition to go on the set of every picture.”. [1]. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night.