Pansies thrive in full sun and cool temperatures, remaining hardy in temperatures lower than those preferred by many flowers. ← Previous Post Tip: Gradually add some water to the substrate to prevent it from getting too wet. Make four holes in each corner of the edge and one hole in the middle. The ratio you use is 2:1:1. Moist, well-draining soil including organic matter and a low pH works best for pansies. Cyans are more potent by a large margin. She attended the University of Nebraska where she majored in English. The sterilising can be done in two ways: with the pressure cooker or a regular pan. After the first flush you will have to soak the substrate cakes again for the next flush. Joined: 05-Apr-2009. This allows the spores to spread across the edge of the substrate jar. Put a rack on the bottom of the pressure cooker or use covers. It's simplicity has made it the most used method to create substrate cakes. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In addition to temperatures colder than 2 degrees F, these areas present additional problems, including large amounts of snow and strong winds that bring the wind chill to well below zero in the winter. You can also create a ‘glove box’ or inoculation space but this is not necessary if you proceed clean and sterile. If you hold the bowl on its side there should be no water pouring out. If you look at my YouTube video: Watch "Identifying Panaeolus Bisporus Mycelium" on YouTube I've had fails with Pan Cyan (on freshly collected horse poo) and Psilocybe Azures / Cyans before, they are rather picky in my experience. Tip: If you are using multiple PF-Tek jars you can experiment with both methods. After each harvest, after removing the mushrooms, you can repeat step 1 to 5. Disinfect your workplace, wash your hands and put the respirator on. The jars are now ready for the inoculation with spores. Fertilize according to the results of a soil test for best results, suggests the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture. You can harvest three to four flushes of mushrooms from the same PF-Tek cake. I'm gonna switch up my submix again and try some of the items u suggested in my casing. Last visit: 02-Feb-2014. *Choose between aluminum foil or a cover to cover the jar. Every now and then, make sure there is enough water in the pan. This will prevent contact from the jars with the hot bottom and prevents the jars from breaking because of the heat. When the mycelium has colonized the entire PF-Tek substrate, the chance of contamination is very small. if i do cultivate pan cyans, i just want to see how they are. Let it cool, then put my popcorn Spawn in an even thick layer on top of the substrate with just about 1/4" of more substrate. You will have to work sterile and carefully. The PF Tek is developed by Psylocybe Fanaticus, the American Robert ‘Billy’ McPherson. The substrate has to be damp, but not soaked! Or follow the instructions of the pressure cooker’s manual. Everything relating to Mushrooms! Although pansies may survive the winter in many locations, they later succumb to the heat in the summer. im a sucker for comparing the effects of certain strains and varieties of mushrooms no bulk necessary. Heat the needle of the spore syringe till its red hot, leave it to cool for a moment. I never knew these were doable indoors. And fresh smelling. Read the entire PF Tek Instructions carefully to learn how the PF-Tek method works and what you need to cultivate your own irresistible magic mushroom. You can also make the holes using a nail and hammer. You may find mycelium here, you can remove this together with the vermiculite. They were definitely more work than cubes that are happy as hell in a neglected tub. cyantific #4. Keep the fire as low as possible so that the water continues to steam. Let the PF-Tek cake soak for twelve hours. Here is what has worked for me. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. At a temperature below 15 degrees nothing will grow. Both of these methods will sterilise the substrate by steam. After I saw it [the mycelium] travel through. Assume a 1 ml spores solution for one jar. Another method is to immediately soak the cake from the jar and roll it through vermiculite. There are different opinions on the taxonomy of species in Panaeolus and some mycologists do not recognise Copelandia as a genus. [PF Tek instruction video part 4:]. I don't know if its different for wild ones. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The substrate turned out to be the perfect soil for thepsilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Put the jars away in a dark and draft-free place. Bloom sizes vary from 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches. [PF Tek instruction video part 2:], (Necessary: jars with substrate, water, high pan with cover or pressure cooker, covers foil, gas cooker/heat source, cooking counter, tape, marker). My specimens were grown from spores supplied by Pacific Exotic Spora. This allows you to compare and find out which method works best for you. Ensure you thoroughly clean the area you work in before injecting the substrate jars with spores. Put all your jars in the pan. Refresh the air in the bag before closing it again. Press the spore syringe till a drop of spore solution comes out. Make sure the bowl is thoroughly clean! not as much hpoo. Fill the pan with water to a maximum of 1 centimeter under the edge of the jars. When mixing the PF-Substrate, use a bowl that’s big enough for all ingredients. In a nutshell, I have had luck growing it like a Mexicana, but at a lower temp. Heat the needle red hot after every injection but wait till its cooled down sufficiently before injecting it again. The vermiculite helps the moisture to dispose more gradually. Only done P. CUBES SO FAR. I used popcorn and the syringe spores took instantly to it. Aluminum foil: Cut three strokes of 15 centimeters per jar. Water. You can recognize this by the white stains of threads that grow from the places where you injected the spores. Those are enormous by the way, specifically the caps. When the entire content of the jar is white because of the mycelium it is best to wait one more week so that the inside of the substrate is fully colonised as well. 3. I settled on a fairly complicated setup with an automated humidifier, a bit of temperature control, and filtered air to keep the trich at bay. Tip: Smell the substrate before and after the sterilising process. Once I did that, thats when the mycelium changed from wispy to super thick and white. Use the ‘Dunk and Roll’ method for half of your jars. People will be using it many centuries from now.” -Psylocybe Fanaticus-. PF Tek Instructions (+ video): How to grow magic mushrooms with PF Tek Method, , spray, sterilised substrate jars, foil, lighter or,, Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom: Everything you need to know, Responsible use of Magic Mushrooms and Truffles, Gradually add some of the water and mix with the substrate. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Breakable. During the day, pansies thrive in temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s. [PF Tek instruction video part 3:], (Necessary: spores, spray, sterilised substrate jars, foil, lighter or alcohol burner, alcohol wipes, disinfecting gel, gloves, face mask). These were the largest in size that we found of all the patches, they ranged from 4" to 6" in height, and had caps about 2-3" in diameter. I double checked under the casing and now the mycelium went from whisky to solid white, thick very good smelling (like fresh mushrooms) but still no pinning... does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? We've noticed that a lot of Magic Mushroom Shop customers have been asking for PF Tek Instructions. Get rid of the substrate of contaminated jars immediately and disinfect the area and jar. So for the horse shit, I started with 3 lbs and then did the math for the remaining ingredients. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 15 psi or one atmosphere. Location: hypospace. Prepare the spore syringe according to the added instructions. Amazing! The mycelium, which is a living organism, will fight many contaminations by itself and tries to survive! THIS is also my 1st time growing this species & strain. After three to seven days you will see the first signs of the forming of the mycelium. Water, brown rice flour and vermiculite mixed? In this post we will guide you how to prepare your PF Tek substrate and what you need to make a PF Tek cakes. A sufficient amount of oxygen and not too much carbon dioxide. Steaming for a longer period is also an option to be sure of a successful sterilisation of the substrate. The substrate has to be airy so that the spores and the mycelium can spread easily. The substrate is mixed, filled in jars, sterilized and inoculated with mushroom spores. Check the substrate jars during the incubation period for contaminations. Do not trample it! If you have any questions or comments about the PF-Tek method or the magic mushroom cultivation manual feel free to contact us here: support{a}, This entry was posted in How to's and tagged cake, pf tek instructions, substrate, magic mushroom shop, pftek, PF Tek instruction manual, pf tek, manual, magic mushroom cultivation, guide, growing magic mushrooms on January 15, 2014 by mickmycelium. Hopefully the PF-Tek manual has helped you create a successful substrate that will give you several good flushes of mushrooms. Posted : 3/9/2013 1:05:43 AM DMT-Nexus member. Take notes on which jar got contaminated, after how many days it was visible and how the contamination looks. Open the cover of the PF-Tek substrate or remove the foil. Leave the jars in the pan to cool off, this can take an entire night. The substrate has to be sterilised to kill any micro organisms to reduce the chance of contamination. Put your PF-Tek cake on the cover in the cultivation bag. Vermiculite I have only learned by making mistakes and as much of a pain it can be, it has over time helped a lot somehow. Put your PF-Tek cake in the water and make sure it stays under water. The vermiculite functions as a filter between the substrate and the air and will keep out micro-organisms that can contaminate the PF-Tek cake. Use two layers of foil to cover the jar well (this is where you will pierce through with your spore syringe) but make sure you can take one part off easily. Slowly heat the water to the boiling point. Pansies, related to violas, come in a range of colors, including those with solid or multiple colors. Then your PF-Tek substrate is ready! Some pansies even continue growing in temperatures well below freezing, as low as 2 to 5 degrees F, according to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Take a clean bucket or bowl with clean drinking water. Brown rice flour Clean the edge of the jar with an alcohol wipe or kitchen paper. [PF Tek instruction video part 1:], (Necessary: brown rice flour, vermiculite, water, bowl, fork/spoon), The PF-Tek substrate consists of only three ingredients: Add a layer of vermiculite. Pansies produce abundant blooms in cooler temperatures, decreasing in vigor as temperatures rise. Stick the needle of the spore syringe entirely through the cover or the foil along the edge of the jar. © 2019 Magic Mushrooms Shop Amsterdam. Hey 5 days is fine with me I got plenty of time. Everything will be explained: from the making of the substrate to the inoculation of the jars with spores and the cultivation of mushrooms. AlbertKLloyd #3. A contamination can be started by the different color of the growing mycelium. Put the substrate in the jar, till right under the edge. This way the substrate will have sufficient moisture for a new flush of mushrooms. Pansies grow throughout the winter in Southern areas of the US. Cluster of large p. cyans-2nd pic We literally had to walk among some waste high bushes and move them aside to see them growing down underneith the bushes. Open the cover of the substrate jar slightly and cover with foil. Leave it to gently steam for 90 minutes with the cover on the pan. Every now and then, make sure there is enough water in the pan. Now that the substrate mix is ready it’s time to fill the jars. The biggest advantage is that the required materials are easy to obtain and you can prepare the substrate with household items.