ML10-ID fingerprint and RFID card “Smart lock” with embedded fingerprint recognition technology is easy to program and install, as no wiring is required. © 2020 Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. But the access control business, like many industries before it, is undergoing its own digital transformation; one where the protection of premises, assets and people is increasingly delivered by interconnected systems utilising IoT devices and cloud infrastructure to offer greater levels of security and protection. “The thing about this Hikvision access control panel is that you can incorporate cameras to work with the IVMS4200 and you can manage the access control system from the IVMS4200 – this means anyone monitoring the surveillance solution can keep an eye on access control in real time.”. Hikvision is a world leading IoT solution provider with video as its core competency. information of the devices using this software. | As an example, within a critical infrastructure energy project, access can be granted remotely for maintenance on hard to reach locations. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Software Description: Windows 32-bit and 64-bit card drivers are included, please read the Hikvision Card Windows Driver install Notes and FAQs(included in the downloading file) before installation. By downloading and using software and other materials available via this website, you agree to be legally bound by HIKVISION General Terms of Use . As customer requirements grow more complex, a single solution can no longer fulfill every need. There are a number of locks on the market including magnetic locks, drop locks that “shoot” a bolt into the ground and side latching locks. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk/spam folder. Hikvision Tools Manager is easy for you to find the links of the updated tools and documents anytime, anywhere. The DS-K1T804 Series of optical IP-based fingerprint access control terminals feature multiple advanced technologies, including fingerprint recognition, Wi-Fi, LCD display screen, and time attendance. The system supports 8 card readers via RS485 interface and 4 readers via Wiegand interface. And, in the unlikely event of a total power loss, ML10-ID can still be operated manually by a traditional metal key which ships along with the ML10-ID and instructional guide. Proprietary systems have meant that solution providers have been unable to meet their customers’ requirements until the latest upgrade becomes available or a new solution is rolled out. Zkteco zk ML10-ID Fingerprint + RFID card Door Lock $ 22,000.00. 5 Theoretically supported Hikvision DVR/IPC/Encoder: For commercial or industrial applications with larger entrances and a heavy gate, you may need 3 Phase 400v power (sliding gates only). It provides an intuitive, easy to use interface to play digital media file, and supports a myriad of audio and video formats. The Hikvision Traffic Violation Detection solution addresses these challenges with high-performance illegal parking detection cameras. They also offer users advanced access control functions and multiple combinations of authentication methods. Click to learn more about our Industrial Parks solution. You can also edit the device quantity according to the actual needs. The controller has LEDs to show power supply status, communication status and working status. Software Description: HIKVISION Media File Player. This website uses cookies to store info on your device. Selected models can also perform strobe light and audio alarm for on-site response in real time. Using the software, you can also modify the basic network information including IP address, subnet mask, gateway, etc. They become IoT devices which are fully integrated and remotely programmable from anywhere, at any time. This creates a powerful advantage for the managers of these environments, making it possible to report on the status of a whole chain of stores, or to monitor access to numerous storage facilities, using the intelligence that the technology provides from the data it collects. Intercom systems will allow the user to vet visitors, keypad entry can allow remote access for visitors with a specific code, remote controls allow an oncoming driver to open the gates without getting out of the vehicle, and a timer control can be used to open or close the gates at certain times of the day. Thisdevelopment kit only can be used for B/S, but not C/S. In addition to detecting speeding violations, Hikvision checkpoint cameras use deep learning technology to detect a number of additional traffic violations. The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more conscious of who is coming and going from our property. We work closely with our customer to deliver both Technical solutions onsite and at client site. Hikvision device is locked (solved) The easy solution is very simple: all you have to do is wait for 30 minutes or reboot the device. Will it be in an exposed area which is subject to the elements? | How Ava’s intelligent video security solution is serving the U.S. Military, Dahua Technology’s intelligent video surveillance cameras offer AI-enabled video security for Allianz Parque, Dahua Technology’s CCTV solution upgrades security at Landmark Amman Hotel in Jordan, Vanderbilt secures a hospital in Ireland with access control integrated solutions, Real-time trends: How to enable a safe work environment with location services, Mission Control webinar: Improving safety at airports, The World of Access Control Webinar - Part 1, Access Control 2020: The state of the industry, Cyber security and high security in a business integrated world, Physical access control in higher education, Optimise your business with analytics and AI, Electric Locks, 180 x 40 x 28, 320, U-Bracket of Magnetic Lock, Electromagnetic Locks, Eco-friendly Zinc Electroplating Operated, -10 ~ +55 C (14 ~ 131 F), 0 ~ 95, 12 V DC / 24 V DC, 240 x 49 x 26, 2100, Electromagnetic Locks, Zinc Electroplating Operated, -10 ~ +55 C (14 ~ 131 F), 0 ~ 95, 12 V DC / 24 V DC, 480 x 49 x 26, 4200, Electric Locks, Delayed Release, -10 ~ +55 C (14 ~ 131 F), 0 ~ 95, 12 V DC, 900 mA, 205 x 35 x 40, 700, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® AU103MU2SC1/3 wireless online electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® E103MU1SS2/3572 wireless electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® AU103MU2SC1/1 wireless online electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® AU103MU2SC1/2/3772 wireless online electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® AU103MU2SC1/2 wireless online electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® E103MU1SS1/3572 wireless electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® E103MU1SS3 wireless electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® E103MU1SS1 wireless electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY - Aperio® E103MU1SS2 wireless electronic locking device, ASSA ABLOY 492LH8---11---6 Fitting Without Code Keypad In Long Escutcheon Variant Without Cylinder Perforation. A large number of these accidents are preventable, caused by speeding drivers, or distracted drivers who are talking on their phones or texting on the road. The software has also added contact traceability reporting to its suite of tools. Work with a supplier that offers more than just a manual. Combining low-light surveillance and high-definition recognition, Hikvision Ultra Series can easily meet the requirements of enterprise projects with surprisingly high performance. Ideal for residential and small business applications, the ML10-ID’s door handle, latch and strike are reversible for either left or right-handed preference. Using smart locks in combination with a dedicated app or portal allows operators to send time-sensitive codes to end-users The example of Duchy Defibrillators shows how digital locks can be used to keep defibrillator cabinets secure while affording instant access to users when they are needed. Attention: Supprt Mac OS 10.10 and above version. See our wide array of solutions for the diverse applications, How we turn our value propositions into your successes, Check Hikvision’s innovations and how they are put to use, No.555 Qianmo Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310051, China, Building 2, Waverley Office Park, 39 Scott Street, Bramley, Johannesburg, South Africa, Landmark III Building, 90A Nizami Street, Baku, Azerbaijan, BETA Building, Vyskočilova 1481/4, Prague 4, Czech Republic, 4848 Levy Street, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2P1, Canada, Dirk Storklaan 3, 2132 PX Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, 6 Rue Paul Cézanne, 93360 Neuilly-Plaisance, France. The DS-K1T804 Series is designed with a 2.4-inch LCD display screen and is equipped with an optical fingerprint recognition module. But there is a solution that can meet all these conditions – a lock that can protect against vandalism while providing convenient instant access when required. 303c, 14-1, Pangyoyeok-ro 192beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Praça Professor José Lannes, 40 - 15º andar Conventional cameras with infrared lighting only provide black and white images for night monitoring. Consider access for post and deliveries, waste disposal and visitors arriving on foot etc. With 2.8 - 12 mm motorised lenses, ColorVu varifocal cameras will allow users to zoom in on colourful images at night.