(New people) I don’t get told that as much as I usto …but when I do I try to respond with another comment saying excally what the … Oh. But then hey, I bought a pack of mint chocolates to feel better. We human beings are the only species on this planet that has the superpower of speech. They used to make me feel mad — raving mad — both for the ludicrousness of this unsolicited advice and the fact that some people found nothing wrong with passing personal comments on to someone they didn’t even know well. All you can manage is a, ”aa”. Why exhaust ourselves by throwing bouncers of words at any one who does not matter? But the most embarrassing part, my crush walked past just then and saw me! I’ve never been scared of public speaking, thanks in part to my mum who was exceptionally fond of encouraging me to take part in school debate clubs. Wait … And that saves you a lot of trouble and brings a lot of genuine love. Most of the time the majority of the answers would be poor communication, and it is absolutely correct. And even in scenarios where it is, career-minded introverts grit their teeth, get on with it, then take some downtime to recharge. Not joining the office breakfast group because I had breakfast at home is pure, unadulterated pride. Turns out, shyness and introversion are not the same thing. But unfortunately, many people still think that being introverted and stuttering through presentations go hand-in-hand. Zander Hawley When I Get Blue ℗ 2017 Complicated Heart Music Released on: 2017-05-12 Auto-generated by YouTube. You think before you speak. They just freshen up your mouth like, you know, like, oh what the hell, like mint of course! Call me old-school, but wining and dining clients every evening is not the only way to climb the corporate ladder. We are just living different lives but under the same roof. I have the feeling that you, too, as an introvert, have encountered some of these unsolicited comments. What I dislike is making small talk or gossiping with acquaintances I know only from sharing the building elevator. Does not this flaw make you feel heavenly now? I become someone who is perpetually reminded, “You’re so quiet.”. My happy place is one where I have a writing desk, coffee, and a million thoughts to pen down. I’ve never been — and I dislike using this word for its popular connotation — “social.” As an introvert, I hate small talk; I always have. They’re also terrible at choosing a line of work aligned with their personality and skills. On the inside though, I’m wondering what would it be like to paste the duct tape around that mouth that never shuts up. But I frequently have long, meandering conversations with the few people I hold dear in my life. Now, I usually just dismiss it with a look of amusement, irritation, or absolute lack of interest. He's a good dad and she loves him but there is just no intimacy between us, hardly anything sexual, and I've just realised this weekend the extent to which we just don't communicate anymore. So it may not be all glory for those who just can’t jabber but, it is not that bad either. It is generally observed that those who chit-chat less, think more and those who think more, vent their thoughts through creative and performing arts. You so badly want to speak but just don’t know how to hit it off. This comes in handy when tailoring their speech to the needs of their audience. With time, I’ve learned to handle this verbal onslaught better. People who just can’t jibber jabber unlike you know, Sweety in this case, know how exhausting their daily life can be. And so in their eyes, you instantly become the one who lacks leadership skills. While shy people avoid small talk because of an innate fear that they’ll be judged negatively, introverts abstain from it because they find it draining. But I feel the more I talk, the better I feel. It agonizes me how often introversion gets mistaken for depression. Follow Storypick on, 10 Real Life Problems Of People Who Don’t Talk Much, Wasting Drinking Water In India Can Now Get You 5 Years In Jail & Fine Of ₹1 Lakh, Dadi Cheerfully Plays Garba With Grandson Despite Being In A Chair, People Laud Her Passion, From Milkman To Grocer, Desi Women Reveal How Unwanted Texts From Men Left Them Uncomfortable, Rajkummar Rao Reveals He Was Rejected On ‘Boogie Woogie’ While Studying In Class 11, Parents Tweet How Desi Kids Are Negotiating Going Back To School Amid Pandemic, Watch: A Unique Film By Amazon Featuring Indian Sellers & Their Preparations For The Festive Season. Introverts stay muted even when they need to make constructive, strategic decisions. My Husband and I Don't Talk Anymore: We Have Nothing To Talk About Anymore. Of course, the only reason some people avoid small talk is shyness. But, what is the number one complaint at this time? Stories delight me and I tell them often. You wish how much easier it would have been for you if you too could pour your heart out so easily instead of weeping in lonesomeness. They can’t. But I guess I’m destined to live my boring life of quiet, drinking my coffee by the window at home, having a feline best friend, and never joining the cool kids for flash mobs. Wait for a good minute to come up with the right words, and then with no success whatsoever, just walk off. This means I’m often found staring at my phone, book, or computer screen while several others are guffawing. Introverts just aren’t wired to keep up surface-level conversations unceasingly. Oh, I’ve read that 40,566 times; how else did I win you, my thoughtful advisor and well-wisher? I’m not usually shy around my friends but it’s people like adults, boys,populars and people in my classes that I don’t talk to. Sign up for our newsletters to get more stories like this. This brings me to the “assumptions,” the little nuggets about myself that people feel compelled to share with me from time to time. Of words and conversations. Like what you're reading? Did you enjoy this article? So is refusing to go for drinks with my husband’s friends’ wives (whom I know perfectly well from that annual New Year party). Such a terrible start. This is more so true in the office environment, or when you are meeting your cousins. Introverts, exactly as you think, like to keep to themselves because they cannot construct meaningful sentences and follow the niceties required during socializing. That is what I supposedly do — or attempt to do — every sad weekend that I spend at home, alone with my thoughts. It is basically a good flaw and a weakness only if you choose to see it as one. 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