Having the opportunity to discuss the energy future of Dubai with key decision makers was definitely the professional highlight of my time in Dubai.”, "Working at innogy Consulting has put me in contact with amazing people from various backgrounds, enriching my experience & learning curve.”, Beke supported this, stating that while in general working for innogy Consulting has given him an opportunity to experience a broad view on many different aspects in the energy sector at play, the company’s strong international presence has allowed him to see how the general trends in the energy transition, such as decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation, are impacting actors in different ways. By working in a project team, especially as a newcomer, you’ll often find yourself being given the opportunity straight away to implement your suggestions on how to improve particular issues. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung. Ich willige ein, dass die darin in den Kapiteln C und E genannten Cookies zu Webanalyse- und Marketingzwecken gesetzt werden. Lars Beke, a Senior Consultant, arrived at innogy Consulting two years ago, and similarly commands external consulting industry experience prior to his latest in-house role. Numerous locations – one mission It can take a few days or weeks to fully orientate yourself, as so much is happening all at once – from training to your first project assignments, or other involvement in the company. Before starting your career, you’ll find yourself having to answer a lot of questions.

Simultaneously, it has put me in contact with amazing people from various backgrounds, enriching my experience & learning curve.”. Read about it in our latest magazine article – there are certainly some exciting tips for young professionals. According to Esser, like all metropolitan cities, Dubai is facing the challenge to make transportation as easy and convenient as possible but at the same time minimise the negative effect on air quality. Our job offers; Apprentice login; Digital Professional; Graduates. His latest project is a feasibility study on using compressed natural gas (CNG) as an automotive fuel in Dubai. The old saw is true: there’s a big difference when you start to work professionally and a sharp learning curve. After completing my master’s degree and a semester abroad in the UK, I went straight on to work as a consultant at iCon. Wir senden Ihnen anschließend eine E-Mail mit einem Link zur Änderung Ihres Passworts. Previously, I had already completed several internships in corporations, especially in the field of human resource development. It’s not a spoiler to reveal that our conversation includes some exciting tips for newcomers to the profession. Nur noch ein Schritt zu Ihrem Serviceportal „Mein E.ON“  Wir haben eine Nachricht an die eingegebene E-Mail-Adresse verschickt. Melden Sie sich hier mit Ihren Zugangsdaten bei Ihrem Serviceportal „Mein E.ON“ an.

How you energize consulting As an management consulting intern at innogy Consulting you are a full member in one of our project teams and take over responsibility for your own working packages. Intensive teamwork also gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas about subjects and methods, as well as find out what your strengths are and which skills you need to develop. Beke said, “As there are many expats living in the emirate, we work with a lot of different nationalities from all over the world. For instance, I needed to understand better the role the consultant plays in relation to the customer and what is meant by “pyramidal” communication. Related: innogy Consulting: in-house consultancy firm supporting the energy transition. From day one, you realise that it’s important to coherently develop both your personal and your professional skills. Career guidance; Vocational training; Dual-system studies; I can do it! Als innogy-Kunde können Sie weiterhin auf den gewohnten Service vertrauen. Finally, Jon Gadellaa is a Consultant with innogy Consulting. Great changes create great chances – and that applies to you, too. ... Find your job or internship faster with a profile. E.ON darf Daten zum Websiteverhalten erheben, E.ON darf Websitedaten zur Personalisierung nutzen, E.ON darf Websitedaten zu Werbezwecken nutzen. You simply have more opportunities to control your own input and find ways to collaborate that work best both for yourself and for your team. As a consulting firm based in Essen, we advise innogy and RWE as well as numerous other companies in all strategic and economic matters in the energy market. Oktober 2020 beliefern wir Sie unter der Marke E.ON weiter zuverlässig mit Energie. View consulting firms that offer services in a specific functional area. At innogy, students with #PIONIERGEIST complete internships with a strong practical focus and exciting insights into the world of energy. I got involved, for instance, in creating written end products such as recruiting personas to help the hiring team communicate with candidates, or in supporting the “big picture” in digital learning, where we wanted to highlight the way that all measures interconnect with each other and can be continued after the completion of the project. innogy Consulting GmbH is an international management consulting firm with roots in Germany. Before joining the firm, he worked at Capgemini Consulting, following his attainment of a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Energy Technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our team divides its time between analysis, converting the results into a story that can be easily understood by our stakeholders and interviewing and presenting to different people.

Try and view it as a mutual selection process – the candidate is introducing him or herself to iCon, and vice versa. Internship; Secondary-level students. The fact is that performance and development are always valued and rewarded. Hier haben wir Ihnen alle Antworten auf Ihre Fragen zusammengestellt. The beginnings as an intern, the application & the permanent employment as a consultant: Benjamin Hüsselmann talked about his career start at iCon with colleague Kata Soós. Ihr Warenkorb ist leer.

Info. He talked to me about his first steps as an intern at iCon, his application and his appointment as a consultant. That’s a great incentive to perform at a high level. On top of this, almost every project is very international and multicultural. I had, apparently, strengths in verbally communicating findings and in staying focused on goals when working. It opened my eyes on how to develop tangible results within a short period of time and how to assume the dual role of the consultant – how both to moderate and to bring something to the table as a participant on the same topic. Interview. Which employer is right for me? During his internship at iCon from January to March 2017, one of his assignments was to accompany my project “Digital Hiring Strategy”.

, following his attainment of a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Energy Technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

He went on, “This means giving our opinion on a potential role of CNG in Dubai and a way forward both in terms of a financial commitment and support mechanisms to promote CNG. Bitte geben Sie hier Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein. This creates a nice dynamic.

View consulting firms that offer services in a specific industry. Benjamin Hüsselmann: My remit was to provide my colleagues with a great deal of fact-finding support – for instance, research – and I did a lot of legwork when it came to preparing documents. The company currently serves 23 million customers across Europe and generates revenues of €44 billion. Die Einwilligung kann ich jederzeit widerrufen. Unser Team unterstützt Sie auch weiterhin bei allen Serviceanliegen und Fragen rund um Energie. Bekomme ich eine neue Vertragsnummer/Kundennummer? The trio were also keen to mark out the differences between European consulting and the working culture of the Middle East. From the beginning, it was clear how the process was going to work: starting with the “classic” written application, through to the online assessment, the telephone call and the selection day. My role is to develop demand forecasts per sector, identify savings potentials, and design the programmes.”. It’s only natural to have plans for the future and look around for ways to get ahead, but, above all else, I believe that iCon can offer you a way to continuously develop and improve your most important consulting skills. Our job offers; Apprentice login; Digital Professional; Graduates. Benjamin Hüsselmann: First and foremost, I now feel more responsible for my own tasks. Search all articles in the Consultancy.eu archive. Sa: 8.00 Uhr – 16.00 Uhr. . He explained, “Our focus as energy consultants is to look at energy consumption in the built environment, transportation and energy intensive industries. Will I feel at home in this business? As a consulting firm based in Essen, we advise innogy and RWE as well as numerous other companies in all strategic and economic matters in the energy market.

innogy is in Nederland al zo'n 30 jaar actief, het eerste windpark werd in 1988 gebouwd in Urk. Beforehand, I had worked in various departments within corporations. That’s the way to learn something new every day. Bei Problemen prüfen Sie bitte Ihren Spam-Ordner oder wenden Sie sich an unseren Kundenservice. Alles läuft unverändert wie bisher weiter. Select an industry from 40+ different sectors. In Europe junior people are incentivised to speak up, while in Dubai it is better to be somewhat reserved if you are not the senior sitting at the table.”. The firm’s consultancy arm – innogy Consulting – supports much of the strategic and digital transformation work that takes place within innogy, as well as works for external clients in the energy and utilities sectors. The study covers a wide range of topics, such as assessing environmental impact of different fuel types, supply and demand analysis and financial projections. Ändert sich etwas an meinen Energieverträgen? Neuer Name, gleicher Service: Sie haben Fragen und möchten mit uns persönlich sprechen? Feedback like that gives you a certain confidence in your own strengths and at the same time provides you with action-oriented advice on how you can further improve. It’s once again the case that, if you are looking for a lot of feedback, you will always find someone in the team who can share their observations with you. Developing strategies and analysing current business processes and energy industry topics will be core elements of your work.

Select a theme out of 20+ different topics.

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Important stakeholders for us are the local gas company, the state oil company, various government departments and current and potential customers.”. “This is portrayed by one of the most commonly used words: ’Inshallah’, which means ‘God willing’ or ‘if God wills’. He elaborated, “CNG can play a role here because it’s a clean alternative to diesel and gasoline and can be ramped-up relatively quickly. Sie waren "Meine innogy"-Nutzer? Trainee programmes; Direct entry; Students. Alle Informationen zur Anmeldung finden Sie hier. Take the initiative and reinvent energy: as an in-house Consultant at innogy Consulting.

Everything was new and, as far as I was concerned, just about any project was bound to be exciting.

Find out more about prospects for, Would you like to be involved in exciting projects, like. That’s how Benjamin became a permanent member of the iCon consultancy crew at our Essen office in June 2018.