They tend to have a line, but it moves fast or you can order online and pick up when you get there. WHAT BEGAN as an obscure berry from the highlands of Ethiopia is now, five centuries later, a ubiquitous global necessity. Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 12:00pm 1:30 - 5:00 pm. Greinetz made the coffee breaks compulsory, but he decided he didn’t need to pay his workers for the half hour they were on break. He told me a lot about espresso and how they had their espresso machine dialed in. Looking forward to my next cup... My go-to spot when I'm craving espresso(I only have a French press for coffee). See all photos from Alan B. for James Coffee. We are a team of experts in all the coffee areas, with over more than 110 years of experience, world wide recognized for our best practices, quality in our processes, transparency, and innovation. When El Salvador erupted for a second time half a century later, the coffee barons were under siege again; James Hill’s grandson, Jaime Hill, was kidnapped by rebels and held for a multimillion-dollar ransom, which the family had no trouble paying. Most of this coffee came from Latin America. It was good stuff.The interior was clean and modern and they have plenty of comfortable, outdoor seating.There is a lot of metered street parking available. This location doesn't have any indoor seating and seating outdoors is limited, but dogs are welcome and it's a fun little patio. It tasted as if it was missing something or it added something to the drink. (The local diet became as monotonous as the landscape.) Overall it was good. The coffee here is something one would crave, it's that good. He estimates that it takes 1.5 hours of Salvadoran labor to produce a pound of coffee. The story of coffee is a parable of global capitalism, Conservatism works best when it compromises, Matisse’s windows offer glimpses of another life. Owner and manager, coffee plantation Las Tres Puertas. He tucks many fascinating details into his narrative. Also great desserts to go with your caffeine high. We process coffee under the best practices meeting our costumers standards and demands. Greinetz instituted the coffee breaks and immediately noticed a change in his workers. Thus was the concept of private property impressed upon the Indians. © 2018 J. Hill & Company. James Hill. At the center of Sedgewick’s narrative is James Hill, an Englishman born in the slums of industrial Manchester in 1871 who, at 18, sailed for Central America to make his fortune. No complaints about it, though. Went to El Salvador in 1889. HILL, James was born on May 13, 1871 in Manchester, England. Capitalism may be killing the golden goose. Liked it, didn't love it. Hill applied ideas from industrial Manchester, the city of his birth, to wring as much work as possible from his team.