7. @#47 SWWT So, I will just say this: I. What a show! My top moment of the episode was seeing Dwangela holding hands. I’m going to miss the Office so much. Darryl: These dudes are definitely in a weird mood. I was bracing going into it knowing it’s where the actual narrative of the “doc” ends and so in a sense it’s a finale episode. In a poll conducted May 9-13, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.42/10. It hurts that this awesome show is ending next week. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. John wrote a special note to jenna while filming this episode and that was her real reaction.. *tears up*. I know we all love all the romantic pairings on the show, but I have to say that my favorite pairing on the show is actually Jim & Dwight. david wallace & jim as manager is my prediction, “…Dwight, who is planning to propose to Esther…”. Pam begins to worry that she is making Jim do something that he does not want to do. That last dance with Darryl gave me vibes of Cafe Disco. Summary (NBC): As the office readies for the premiere of the documentary that night, Jim convinces Dwight, who is planning to propose to Esther (Nora Kirkpatrick), that he needs an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager, and holds tryouts to find the best candidate. My eyeballs are not thanking me for watching! Really made my day. Creed: If my parents see this, I am toast. It will be extremely hard to see it end next week. My new fave Dwight quote: “I will raise a hundred children with a hundred of your lovers….!”. theoffive – yes, you’re not the only one who noticed…. I caught that too! So happy to see the letter in the teapot! Loved the callbacks to when Dwight was A.R.M. The set up with Dwight and Jim at the end was shot so closely to how Michael and Jim’s farewell was done as well. Andy: All you got to do is risk your life for this country and everyone goes gaga for you. Grow up Pam. Truly one of the best of the series. another awesome episode!!!! It made sense for them to change Andy’s persona again. Had to be new footage, right? Not a chance. He gives her a disc and when she puts it into the computer she sees every beautiful Jim and Pam moment that they have shared over the past 9 years including the love letter he was going to give her at Christmas with the teapot back when the series first started. "Not 'enough' for me? I am now realizing that Andy was always the one that was ending up like David on the U.K. version. So sad it is ending but love how it is going out! ... What a fantastic episode. So anxious to see the retrospective/finale…it’s going to HURT. Anybody else think there were references to Office Olympics, Cafe Disco and a similarity between Jim proposing at a gas station and Dwight proposing on the side of the road? Can’t wait for next week. I cried even harder than last week. easily! TWSS. One thing that REALLY bugged me though was that Jim’s DVD was made in a day. Thank you Jenny (tanster) for all that you’ve done, I honestly appreciate it. She watches it, and loves it. Jim’s voice-over about love talking about both his experience and his advice to Dwight was priceless. The Office cast reunites for a quarantine wedding, The Office’s John Krasinski and Steve Carell reunite on SGN, Dunder Mifflin org chart (and Dwight's emergency overlay), The Office retrospective (original finale special), John Krasinski on the exercise ball prank, The song on Jim’s video montage for Pam is. I thought the beginning was a little slow, but the last 15 minutes were a huge payoff. Erin: The tea in Nepal is very hot. can someone clarify…PLEASE? This has got to be the best 12 minutes of television I have seen in a long time. Where friends don't blog about other friends' butts. I was weeping from the time Pam hit play right onto the end. But the final scene was amazing with all the office dudes (and Andy, who comes along) gathering together at Poor Richard’s to watch the documentary. Oh!!! He calls Angela into his office and tells her that he thinks that Phillip is his son and that he will propose to her if he is, but because he offers this as some sort of contract she tells him that her son is not his. I’m glad after everything that has happened, this is the direction their relationship has gone. Only the Andy story line annoyed me, but I was never a fan of Andy anyway. Michael Returns miracle I have loved this show from the start. @25: I think #18 meant Jim gave up NYC at the end of season 3 to be with her. I cried from the break room scene until the end. Did they use the original card?! Was it just me, or when Andy walked into Poor Richard’s did it remind anyone of when he was the bartender in Threat Level Midnight? I am glad they are ending this the right way. I’m so happy about Dwangela. One-hour long, starting 9/8c. The JAM stuff made me weepy, but it was the tears in Rainn’s eyes during the conversation about love with Jim that really started the waterworks for me. I haven’t cried on a sitcom…ever! I wouldn’t be surprised if the card for Pam was kept too. I know they had the hiccup with planning for Dwight’s departure for “The Farm” but I really wished that they could have had more Dwight as RM episodes. Phyllis & Kevin: the only ones to volunteer for the Obstacle Course, just like Flonkerton. :'( Hold me. Wow. Unbelievable episode, the callbacks, memories relived, and the full circle ending with the opening scene from the pilot was good…..too good. Make her answer phones, lol. Jim repeating Dwight’s words was such a great callback to the conference room scene in “Performance Review.”. Oscar: Saddle shoes with denim. there have been several notes from greg daniels about how that will be recalled again. Let’s see what’s going on with everyone. Waterworks. Most people stopped caring about that character 18 months ago. The Amazing Race 32 episode 4 preview: What’s ahead in Paraguay? He threw up his sports drink (?) Gah!!! And to see footage from the Wrap Party! I showed the Dwight/Jim/Pam scene combination to my mother, who thinks The Office is stupid and the closest she’s ever gotten to watching TV is Danish crime dramas, and she cried (with me). Thank you Greg Daniels for coming back to finish this series right. But wow. It’s amazing how Angela can cheat on Andy with Dwight, or cheating on The Senator with Dwight, and in one episode can make viewers sympathise with her in an episode like this. I know there are others out there holding on to this last strand of hope with me that he will be there in some way, shape or form! I am so happy with the way they are wrapping things up. #29- they just previewed the first 10 minutes. Office Olympics call-back! There were so many callbacks. lol!! But I’m a sucker for a cappella, so this should be a great episode! Only one thing I want to know: what did Jim’s card to Pam say??? Adding my love here. And Dwangela. We’ll never know what it said either. I just…don’t have any words for how spot-on and classic Office this felt. Oh, forgot to add that while I loved this episode, the only thing that spoiled it was the appearance of Aaron Rodgers. Hope next week shows Pam let Jim pursue Athlead/has agreed to move to Philly. Poor Angela :( Does anyone know what song was playing during the montage? Let’s not forget that the producers/writers promised us that Jim’s giving up NYC for Pam will come into play at some point. Dwight: I’d like to get harmful steam, but the prices are absurd! Now I have to go console my husband who has gotten emotional. Next week is going to be a memory we’ll never forget… Thank you Steve.. Angela: Apparently my station in life has descended to a depth even they won’t forgive. As soon as I saw that Christmas episode scene start I had a strong feeling it was heading to Jim giving Pam the note. Also I’m kinda loving the title of this episode. After next week, Thursday’s will never, ever be the same. WONDERFUL job cast and crew!!!! It wrapped up the Jim/Pam thing in the way everyone wanted, and ended with the Doc going on the air. I was tearing up with the retrospective video. Some of the same scenes, and the same music (Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol). I think that makes it more personal and beautiful, than finding out it says something generic like “you’re the one for me, I’ve been waiting for years, blabla”. Couldn’t imagine what this all would have been like had The Farm been picked up. Dwight: You’ll always have the upper hand when you have a good AARM. The Andy stuff was like a 3, the rest of the episode, a 10. It can act as the gravy, in my mind. Could have been one of Jim’s kids DNA, which is why it didn’t match up to Dwight’s.