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Sebille - *Say you're glad they found each other again. We spotted a strange figure on the beach nearby. I feel like you should put Migo out of his misery, but I'm honestly emotionally conflicted. You can loot Migo's Ring and Migo's Breastplate. Magister Yarrow will be there, talking to her father. She gives you the Quest ‘The Murderous Gheist’ . The sewer is in the torture chamber of the Fort Joy Prison.

Magister Yarrow is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2. And that's good I think, to think and feel I mean. Come on guys, be real. Magister Yarrow-- located in the upper section above Fara in Fort Joy Square-- is looking for a Sourcerer named Migo who has turned to eating corpses. Gender We escaped Fort Joy without being able to explain who this strange Gheist was. Original Sin 2 Magister Yarrow - Useless. "playing for exp and "efficiency" and disregarding story is just about the only wrong way to play this game.". If you do everything well, she'll give you a key.


1 NPCs Involved 2 Quest Steps 3 Rewards 3.1 Kill Migo 3.2 Tell Magister Yarrow where Migo is 3.3 Tell Magister Yarrow where Migo and kill both 4 Extra Notes Magister Yarrow Migo Acquire a Yarrow Flower before starting this quest as it is a crucial item to completing the quest in a peaceful resolution. Once you have the gloves, Gawin will show you a secret location through the Fort joy docks from where you can escape fort Joy by using teleportation gloves. 7. talk to her, grab exp. Migo must be alive, so you gave him Yarrow Flower. 68 inmate. Blood and corpses surround him. Divinity Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Once you have killed Kniles, you can escape through the sewer which is at the corner of the torture cell. 1. Any help on how I can fix that is appreciated. Magister Yarrow; Migo; Walkthrough. It lets us do a few more things in the game and thus make it a slightly more real world. Memory Talk to Migo and give him Yarrow Flower. Have you seen him? Magister Yarrow won't run to Migo after I give her the ring. Create an account. Coordinates are x212 y 243. To begin The Escape you must first complete Troubled Waters. She gives you the Quest ‘The Murderous Gheist’ . 30% Hydrosophist Faction(s) If your outcome is the second one, then you can kill Magister Yarrow and take the key from her dead body. upright.*. I feel like you should put Migo out of his misery, but I'm honestly emotionally conflicted. Combat skills Not because of the virtual girl but because of the meaning in reality. Another NCP named Paladin Cork is fighting the Magisters here (Saving him earns you extra xp, but even if he is killed there is no impact on the game) Magister Yarrow, from her conversations, doesn't seem like she knew what Dallis was doing; maybe she suspected. Human You may also be interested in something from the list below. description.*. I locate this Migo. Quest is completed but you should visit Migo's place one more time. And if you are able to save NCP Delorus from houndmaster, he will give you a password using which you can easily escape with a boat boy, Han. Give Migo the Yarrow flower and in exchange, he will give you his ring. Fort Joy Magister Yarrow - You have seen him? It's a very important matter that If a Magister sees you without your collar, it starts a conversation which leads either a fight or you going into the dungeons. Sometimes I've not stolen from someone because they were "an angel." Then use Yarrow’s key to get inside the Magister’s Quarters. Core statistics 30% report; all 3 comments.

52 I honestly don't know if leaving Migo alive, but as a monster who eats other people, is better than killing him. Demon’s Souls Remake New Boss Fight Video Plus Changes, The Ascent An Action-RPG Launches on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC in 2021, Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Notes Share Player In-Game Choice Results, Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again, Now Launching December 10th, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Coming to iOS and Android.

http://orcz.com/index.php?title=Divinity_Original_Sin_2:_Magister_Yarrow&oldid=273364. | Contact us. He wears a large bronze ring with a dragon stamped into it. In the next room, you will come face to face with High judge Orivand. Don't... don’t waste my time. Even under these circumstances. Sebille - *Tell her you don’t have any hard evidence. For some reason, pickpocketing most people in the game doesn't bother me. In a way, it serves her right; Migo gave me the ring for the flower and when I repeatedly told her about Migo, where he was, and described him, she failed to believe me or even go look for herself. on the beach. 4. kill Migo get the breastplate. *, Narrator - *The magister goes slightly slack for a brief ", "What did they do to him...? 600 expHero Tag (optional), Acquire a Yarrow Flower before starting this quest as it is a crucial item to completing the quest in a peaceful resolution.

Return to Magister Yarrow and show her proof of finding Migo by giving her his ring. Talk to her, as a reward for help, you will receive Magister's Key from her. You are the kind of person who NEEDS to hire a mercenary in order to walk the blood path (outch, I don't know if you understand the implications but that's a rough insult right there). 5. go back to Yarrow give her the ring. Found walking on the wall of the Ghetto, close to where Ralvo and his gang are playing cards. 5.1.


Post a comment! Find Migo on the southside of Fort Joy on the beach past Doctor Leste; Variant 1. playing for exp and "efficiency" and disregarding story is just about the only wrong way to play this game. I just stole the ring from her and then left her crying on the beach, I feel really bad about it. Find the location marked as Corpse of Magister Atusa. Fort Joy

Daughter of Migo; Pacifying her father and bringing her his ring (through The Murderous Gheist quest) will grant you the "Hero" tag. 12 Acquire a Yarrow Flowerbefore starting this quest as it is a crucial item to completing the quest in a peaceful resolution. This key will allow you to unlock Door to the Fort. This infobox is incomplete, please help the wiki by filling it in. Water Completing the quest may have two outcomes – Magister Yarrow is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.. Magister Yarrow information. (I had already picked it up when i took this photo) 1. Magister Yarrow - How... how do you know? To Mar 2018 Anon; I really DO feel bad when I do bad things in an RPG. Maybe we're the oddities in the game; I don't think most people feel a moral conflict for performing bad actions in video games. The Murderous Gheist Killing them after completing the quest results in 1000 party Experience from Migo and 800 party Experience from Magister Yarrow. 2. talk to Yarrow grab the quest. You'll find a Yarrow Flower before entering the camp here at the image to the right. 1) Yarrow gives you the key There is a sewer in Fort Joy Prison that lead to the swamps outside Fort Joy area. Unnis Fort Joy. We gave Migo's ring to Yarrow, and told her about his condition. Tell me - where was