I find it adds that extra little variety to my fortress army that always seems to throw my opponent off. EDT (US)     A unit that just keeps on dishing out damage. You could say that I would be sending another shipment, such as 1300 gold, but I'm not concerned with the worth of shipments. this will be changed next patch as players like myself and a few other experts can win solely by making goons (Nadoz rec, first link). Even more mercenaries, and these guys come with several different types too! EDT (US)     Ottomans don't get Hackapells, so we have to go with either Spahi or Stradiots. Now you may say, "Ender, 1000 food is a lot easier to come by after a FF and faster to gather than 1000 gold". This seemingly little difference actually makes an impact. 200 Wood for a barracks,and you can only train Janissary 3. "One wants to be loved, failing that admired, failing that feared, failing that hated and despised. So as I say, they don't last past 30 seconds into an engagement. Yes, Spahi may arrive faster by 20 seconds, but that hardly matters unless you're doing a straight FF under pressure from a rusher, which I hardly ever do (well, never, actually, these days). Unique technologies As I usually do, just before engaging the enemy force. after 1.08 they were worthy of upgrading, even since then this card is decent, after you have upgraded them. Effectively they get very little staying power. EDT (US)     The PC version was released worldwide on September 9, 2015, while the Mac version was released July 16, 2016. AGE OF EMPIRES III is a fully interactive, historically based strategy game that takes players on new adventures in a setting that they would not normally find themselves engaged in. Those can't kill them before they arrive, and they can't run away from them because they get torn apart when trying to escape combat.Though as Germany I can't really say I have comparison material (except of course for shipping 9 uhlans and training some more).Since when does Germans have Stradiots? Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. assuming you have a stable and a foundry, this card is of better value than 5 abus and 5 cav archer, even the 8 jans. You get one more Stradiot from the shipment and they last longer. The game is Here. BTW: One more reason to always have Spahi on your deck. Especially against mass light infantry that snipes them to death in seconds.Not that it really matters since I don't get a choice of whether to send Hackapells or Stradiots, as Ottomans only get the latter.~~~Ultimitsu,It's a perfectly realistic comparison because I can't improve those Hussars anymore anyway by using shipments. Do they take as long to ship? IMO the Stradiots will do better against the 5 Cuirassiers because they'll kill 'em faster. Mamelukes can be upgraded to Elite Mamelukes in the Imperial Age. Keep making goons, mix in some huss if needed, all the while using 3 TC. https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Politician?oldid=290265, Exploration Age Home City Cards are shipped twice as fast and also ships 200, The Saloon can train Barbary Corsairs and, Upgrades Crossbowmen and Pikemen to Guard; allows Crossbowmen and Pikemen to be upgraded to Imperial, Upgrades Crossbowmen to Royal Guard and Pikemen to Guard; allows Crossbowmen to be upgraded to Imperial Guard and Pikemen to be upgraded to Imperial, Upgrades Crossbowmen to Guard and Pikemen to Royal Guard; allows Crossbowmen to be upgraded to Imperial. I was in his base but couldn't do enough damage to take it down. That's how lame I've become. Continent On the sea, they get excellent Galleons that fire faster. And a mixed force of mams AND spahi would work better than mams/strads. Forget about the ridiculously fragile Falconet spam. I can't really find a way to have the option of both Spahi and Stradiots. 15 Musk variation, not going to cover that, because it was freestyle, but worked well verse Sioux. In fact, Stradiots are the WORST Cavalry Merc on melee combat. Which is actually smart, considering how many Abus Guns and Jans I have around ...As for Spahi being better in later ages, the problem is that my Fortress Spahi rarely survive to see Industrial. EDT (US)     Which is actually smart, considering how many Abus Guns and Jans I have around ...As for Spahi being better in later ages, the problem is that my Fortress Spahi rarely survive to see Industrial. EDT (US)     idk if it's the right game but there's some cheat that gives you some really OP monkey... a disciplined square of redcoat musketeers would do them in right quick. 02-11-07 07:24 AM 10 / 25, posted In Update 34055, all Archers (except Skirmishers) now deal +1 bonus damage vs. Buildings per age starting in the Feudal Age. I don't even have it in any deck, since I consider it a giant waste of a shipment. What is in question is that after you've sent Mamelukes but want more heavy cavalry, what has more value against Iroquois, 5 (Fortress) Spahi or 6 Stradiots?Quoted from Walker:But we aren't playing a game where resources doesn't matter. I use those as anti cav.What I need my merc cavalry to do is kill those Forest Prowlers and not die. EDT (US)     This seemingly little difference actually makes an impact. Lastly, I don't see how Stradiots are the worst merc melee cavalry. EDT (US)     That's why I gotta make a choice.I already don't have a Fort or 1000 wood in most of my decks because of lack of space. EDT (US)     TC fire + MM should deal with inf, along with 2 Organ Guns, cassadores from age up + shipments. 1 / 11, posted But when I send the 5 Spahi, I tend to find myself wondering where they went 30 seconds into a battle. to combat the cav pathfinding issues when I ff with otto I always send 4 hussars. "One wants to be loved, failing that admired, failing that feared, failing that hated and despised. But let's take a typical situation I find myself in games. Slightly over half the cards relate to your navy in some way, upgrading ships or giving you free ones. When spahi close in they are more effective than mams. 02-10-07 02:50 PM I no longer play aoe3 actively. My opponents focus fire the Spahi one at a time, so they almost never escape to heal up. If Abus Guns "beat" Forest Prowlers, would I be looking so closely at my heavy merc cavalry options? Jan/Abus will handle any Musket Riders and Tomahawks the Iroquois lamer manages to get out to protect his hordes of Forest Prowlers. Or, god help the Iroquois, Elmeti. Delivers 4 Landsknechts to your Town Center. Strategy by Ultimitsu Guns and Biers British Anti-FF explosionFor TWC only Ottoman FF on non-water non-TP mapsFor Vanilla only Dutch Fast Colonial Uber Bank. Even if their superiority over Spahi in terms of durability is arguable, they are most certainly better than Hackapells. You have plenty of resources but shipments are few. EDT (US)     This is why it no longer makes sense to me to use Spahi that just die in seconds, instead of a much more durable cavalry unit. Strategy CentralModerated by Maffia, LordKivlov, JimXIX, [This message has been edited by Emperor_Kyle (edited 08-05-2009 @ 10:16 AM). And with my recent experiences with how quickly Spahi die in combat against mass light infantry*, that's why I'm brainstorming, trying to find a better alternative.Quoted from Walker:And if Stradiot's superiority is arguable, then pick Spahis due to flexibility, mainly because of the price and being much stronger on later ages. The Harbor category has two basic groups of cards. Not to mention Spahis are better vs melee units, as ultimitsu pointed out. Concerning the Otto's 5 hussars in age3, I don't think it could be THAT effective since any smart player will have a small group of ranged cav to counter the inevitable spahi or mams that always comes from the Otto player.