It is also called RF signal processor. by only repairing it. If the problem is still there then you may have to change the Display. Disassemble the Phone and Clean the PCB and all other Parts with IPA or Alcohol or Petrol and Leave it to Dry. When you call a built-in function, at compile time compiler compares your calling statement with function prototype(which is in the header file) and if the return type, function name, number of arguments, type of arguments are the same then only the result of comparison is said to be satisfying otherwise compiler gives you errors. Today’s highly digital world wants the devices that are smarter with data, their management, storage, and security features.... Hey Programmer! Sir, thanks for displaying your wealth of experience, may God augument your knowledge. writes the string str and a trailing newline to stdout. Update the Software and check. Have you thought about where we use a computer? IC engine has great application in small machines, such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, and portable engine-generators. It is made up of either metal or non-metal. stdio.h – is the file to be included in our program so that we can use built-in functions in our program. A database is must need for any software development and which database to choose is one of the main requirement... A computer has changed the lives. Thanks for your visit and appreciation. Integrated circuits are put into protective packages to allow easy handling and assembly onto printed circuit boards and to protect the devices from damage. Bro,in my Symphony B2 there I can see a headphone logo and can’t remove it,I wanna help about that…. Faults: If Charging IC is faulty then there will be battery not charging problem and the set will not get charged. Kindly let me know how to get it fixed at home. What is the problem. In this article, we provide you different... C is one of the most popular computer programming Language. 243 Lecture 3 4 Valves: To allow the air to enter into the cylinder or the exhaust, gases to escape from the cylinder, valves are provided, known as inlet and exhaust valves respectively. Faults: If it is faulty then there will network problem during incoming calls. Please recommend me a good institute for mobile hardware course. Faults: If RAM is faulty then there will be software problem in the mobile phone and it will get frequently get hanged and the set can even get dead. when i put my battery phone is overheating. PCBA Tools & Equipment. You can only get rid of some of the active and passive components and Redesign the Circuit. It is found in the Power Section near R22. Work / Function: It controls Speaker and Microphone of a mobile phone. Various Types Of Diodes With Their Characteristics & Applications. I have already written a post on how to repair a dead phone. Sir we need some tools in Nigeria here ,, that is very helpful,, can u help? Engineers in the R&D Department in any company do the same. Work / Function: It sends and receives commands of the operating program in a mobile phone. Big Parts of a Mobile Cell Phone and Their Function 1. sir plz upload complete software repairing for all mobile sets.i am waiting.thanks again sir you are great. As we have shown above we can create our own header files as well. I must say a every big thank you for the posts, they are good blessing to me and I took my time to enjoy them, but can we use blower to heat screen touch separation and 2 I have that is counting below the powering voltage in a DC power supply thanks for helping Sir, i also see your video in youtube ,,,nice sir, Hello sir Transistor is an active component and that is establishing in all over electronic circuits. You will get both Theory and Practical Videos. Since it is out of warranty, I got it repaired at a local service center. When we including a header file in a program, that means we copy the content of the header file. Very useful post for me. Integrated circuits can be defined as: Integrated circuits (ICs) are, much as their name would suggest, small circuits integrated into a plastic holder/"chip." It is found in any section of a mobile phone. It is also called UI IC and Interface IC. It is found in the Power Section of a Mobile Phone. You can go by aggregate... Technology today is based on data. Work / Function: It filters frequency during outgoing calls. There could be some issue with the Charging connector. Phone oppo a83 ram3gb Rom 32 plz…, Use the Doctor PLus App to Check the Display: Sections and Parts Inside a Mobile Cell Phone, Mobile Phone Fault Finding for Mobile Cell Phone Repairing, Types of Filters in Mobile Cell Phone and Their Function, Types of Diode in Mobile Cell Phone and Their Function, Small Parts / Electronic Components of Mobile Phone and Their Function, Mobile Phone Hardware Problems and Solutions, Mobile Phone Software Problems and Solutions, Big Parts of a Mobile Cell Phone and Their Function, Parts of a Mobile Cell Phone and Their Function, Bluetooth Connected but No Sound in Wireless Earbuds, Best Website To Learn Mobile Phone Repair Online for FREE, Mi Redmi Note Phone Suddenly Switch OFF Automatically – Solution to Fix Problem,,, Mobile Phone Keypad Not Working | Problem and Solution, Mobile Phone Light LED Problem and Solution, Samsung Mobile Phone Manufacturing Company, Mobile Cell Phone Earpiece / Ear Speaker Problem and Solution. P-N Junction Diode Small Signal Diode Rectifier Diode Schottky Diode Super Barrier Diodes Light Emitting Diode (LED) Photodiode Laser Diode Tunnel Diode Zener Diode Backward Diode Avalanche Diode Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diode Gold Doped Diode Constant Current Diode Step Recovery Diode Peltier Or Thermal Diode … Thak you for the information you are giving us,we appreciate having guys, Sir ji mujhe mobile repairing sikhna hai. Work / Function: It searches network and passes forward after tuning. Modern smartphones have a dedicated Audio Section also. A good exposure is my target. It is found near the Antenna Switch in the Network Section of the PCB of Mobile Phone. function googleTranslateElementInit() { Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young List of all header file of c language as below. Tags: Big Parts of a Mobile Cell Phone and Their FunctionHow many parts does a cell phone hasInside a Digital Cell Phonemobile parts name and functionsmobile phone components identificationMobile Phone Parts FunctionsMobile Phone RepairMobile Phone RepairingMobile Phone Repairing TutorialMobile RepairParts of a Mobile Cell Phone and Their Functionparts of a smartphoneparts of android phonesmartphone parts and functions. thank you sir for this info, im a student of Electronics Engeering Technology and it really helps me a lot.. thank you sir. Yes it is possible if you have the proper Education and practical experience. My poco x2 is working properly but not charging. I will certainly write an article on this glue issue and parts inside iPhone and their function. The standard library functions are built-in functions in C programming to handle tasks such as mathematical computations, I/O processing, string handling can also declare your own functions either in the program or in an external file with the .h extension called a header file. If so please elaborate about the same as I want to do a DIY project of making a feature phone. Your timely advice will be greatly appreciated. It also creates frequency after taking command from the CPU. It is also called P.A (Power Amplifier) and Band Pass Filter. This is problem of the phone. End piece of the charger or the Connector of the phone. I search many website but this is awesome, Am very happy with the lesson, Thanks Good day, thanks !!! Please advise, I have tecno c5 with lines on display sometimes shows well and brings back that lines whats the problem. Applications of IC Engines. In GSM sets it is found in white color and in CDMA sets it is found in golden metal. sir I have lenovo k3 note’s network fluctuate ..sometime full signal,low signal sometime no service.. Sir, my blackberry mobile is ON and sometimes work it self like calling, application open, and could not operate by me then what problem is. In a library, the actual functionality is implemented. Please sir we need some tools helpful here in Nigeria can u help? It is the largest IC on the PCB of a Mobile Phone and it looks different from all other ICs. The #include tells the pre-processor to read in a text file and treat it as if it was part of the program’s text.