Becoming good friends , Some of the cast have uploaded photos and videos from yesterday's filming. [10] The storyline begins when Leo is ordered by Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) to fire Chloe for incompetency, after she evicts lawyer Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) from his office within the Lassiters complex. Yes. Her former girlfriend Melissa Lohan (Jacqui Purvis) was also introduced leading to further exploration of Chloe's fictional backstory. This story is mostly AU and Canon Divergent. Unfortunately there is to be no happy ending for Chloe and Elly, as Jodi has decided to leave the show. I think it has the potential to be a good storyline with Elly being straight and having to question possible feelings for Chloe, but I doubt it ever really get going knowing Neighbours. Let’s hope after all the messing about, the answer is yes! It is believed she has decided to leave of her own accord, in order to face fresh challenges and spend more time with her daughter. Reportedly, Bea is set to discover the truth in an explosive week in March - one that coincides both with Neighbours 35th anniversary and the end of Rob Mills’ contract! Did anyone see the look Chloe gave Elly when she touched her hand ? Read more Neighbours spoilers on our dedicated homepage. Chloe turns to Elly for advice, and Elly helps her see that perhaps things aren’t as bad as she imagines. Shaun makes a huge proposal to Elly and with everything that’s happened to her in the last … Hi, this is where I doodle with words. Jodi announced her departure from Neighbours in January after a four-year run as Elly. No Meddling from Shirtless Wonder Or Anyone Else, Just Our Two Girls in Love and Figuring Things out by Themselves, Chloe / Elly / Aaron / David / Terese / Haley / Susan / Karl / Finn, Chloe / Elly / Aaron / David / Mark / Bea, Elly Conway / Chloe Brennan / Mark Brennan / Pierce. Kano commented, "I did feel for her having to do that and being so new. [33], Chloe later writes Elly a Christmas card in which she reveals exactly how she is feeling and ends up declaring her love for her. They invite friends over but sadly this instead has the adverse effect as suddenly Emmett feels like he has to be the life and soul of the party, making them all think he’s cool. [19] She steals some money from the family fund for alcohol. I’ll be following along with the storyline and adding little bits and pieces to it with their thoughts and ‘missing scenes’ that we don’t get to see onscreen that should be important to the story. Chloe comes into conflict with her family, neighbours and boss when she launches an escort service, which sees her charging men for platonic dates. Karl later explains that her mother and brothers could have the condition too, which concerns her more than her own diagnosis. [36] There is initial tension between the former couple, as Mel left Chloe in "a dangerous situation" when the relationship came to an end. "Even I haven't given up on Chelly. April Rose Pengilly on scandalous twist", "Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly reveals she also wanted "slut-shaming" scene changed", "Neighbours reveals an indecent proposal story for Chloe Brennan and newcomer Pierce", "Neighbours' Chloe Brennan in sex payment storyline after sleeping with Pierce Greyson", "Neighbours spoilers: April Rose Pengilly reveals all as Chloe Brennan prepares to go on the run", "Neighbours: Pierce's shock proposal leaves Chloe overwhelmed", "Neighbours star on exploring Chloe's bisexuality after Elly kiss", "Neighbours spoilers: Actress April Rose Pengilly reveals Elly is falling for Chloe but devious Mel has plans", "Neighbours shock for Chloe Brennan as her ex-girlfriend Mel arrives", "Emmerdale wins big at the Digital Spy Reader Awards 2018", "Inside Soap Awards 2019 longlist revealed - which Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks stars are up? "[8] Pengilly found that viewers took to her character quickly, saying "I've had nothing but incredible fan support, and I'm so grateful the viewers have embraced me the way they have. Anasta supported her character's decision not to tell Mark, saying "She doesn't tell Mark because she doesn't want it to ruin their relationship, and she also wants to protect Chloe. Who wants to see Chloe finally getting what she deserves? Elly agrees that moving away with their daughter is a huge step in the right direction to heal them both and provide a stable future for Aster, so plans are put in place and they bid farewell, however saying goodbye to Bea proves to be incredibly difficult. Mel apologises to Chloe, explaining that she has changed, and Chloe accepts the apology. Chloe is portrayed as "well-meaning", "carefree" and "fun-loving".