Yes, it goes through the motions and it may look like your computer's been powered off and it sort of does, but it doesn't. Affiliate Disclosure: Make Tech Easier may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers. If the laptop has buttons similar to those shown below, press the crossed-out speaker button to mute the laptop speakers. Shut down your system like you normally would, pull out your favourite stopwatch app on your smartphone, and time how long it takes for your computer to boot into Windows when you start it … Tx. The system will now shut down immediately after you execute the command or after the stipulated time if you choose to alter the numerical value. pleas help thanks and have a great time. I never use windows myself, but I always remove cortana in this way from PCs I’m asked to install. Better yet, drag it to your toolbar for easier access (and all the hilarity that comes from accidentally clicking "SHUT DOWN" when you meant to click File Explorer). If you only want to adjust a movie, sound file, or other audio program's volume, most programs include a configuration option to adjust the volume through the program or player you are using. Once you find it, right-click and scroll down to Properties. If you want the system to shut down immediately, change the command to read: To do so, open the Shutdown shortcut you just created. PLEASE DO NOT SHUT DOWN OR RESTART YOUR.

If it's just a few seconds, or an amount of time you don't feel like you're even going to notice in everyday use, you can leave fast startup unchecked to ensure that you're always (really) shutting off your PC.

In such cases try swapping the words “Open Shutdown dot exe” with “launch shutdown.” You can even try to use “shutdown” without “dot exe” to execute the command. If your laptop does not have these buttons, look for any FN key combo to mute the speakers. Type “Regedit” in the search box to open the registry editor, then navigate to the following directory. Look for a sound icon or volume slider to adjust the audio settings. There are several options for disabling or adjusting your sound, depending on what you want to accomplish. If you're in a game, you may have to go into the Audio settings of the game to adjust the volume. Some laptops have buttons that control the audio. The next time you want to turn off your PC, just double-click on your shutdown shortcut. when I try to open the folder with carton it opens a Microsoft engine the web I did not buy anything. There is a menu entry on the appearing pop-up menu, which allows you to open cortana’s location. Here’s how to go about it. Now click on the newly created “Windows Search” key, right-click in the right hand pane and select new DWORD and name it AllowCortana.