i definitely agree, they are the best. Their kits come preloaded with your choice of (gourmet) liquid culture. The products are fantastic so they were worth the wait. Zero failure rate throughout my research sessions. Thank you SOS! They grope you all over if you try to pay by phone. I have Golden Teachers that I got off of a different website that are coming along very nicely which lets me know its not a problem with the bags. Didnt know the difference between a spore syringe and liquid culture syringe. Peace & love. Thank you for your feedback. If so, I’ll be happy to update this review. and a freeie specimen! I could not believe it. I ordered a random syringe. Unfortunately, the lady on the phone that answered when I called was so rude! I have ordered from them twice and on the second order there was an issue but their response was fast and professional. Write a review Write a review Reviews 5 Write a review. Their “exotic” offerings contain around 20 strains, however those strains will knock your socks off! You think shipping is free on Amazon, because they say it is? Please note we offer a cleanliness and stability guarantee on all our material, and understand that some samples may arrive in undesirable condition after shipping as they can be subject to additional damage or exposure while in transit. Visit this website premiumsp ores.com. I mailed-in payment on 10/4, got notification from the vendor that the letter had been received on 10/7; parcel was in my hands by 10/11. Are you looking for Source of Spores reviews, and maybe a little about us too (scroll down to see reviews of us left by our customers over the years)? © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Legit only buy from them. . I absolutely love this company. Do you agree with Premium Spores.com’s 4-star rating? I d not recommend at all. I'm a seasoned grower ,so out of 20 bags not a single success only trichoderma. Come back and tell us about the products!! The customer service girl that sounds like an annoying squeaky dog toy is rude AF! As for shipping, there is no such thing as a free lunch in life. they options they host are the best of the rest; makes picking easy. Thanks for the great service you provide! We want you to be happy all the way around. Source of spores is dark with spore clusters. Notably, their customer service is better than any other website.. Now, sites like Midwest grow won’t use or recommend them, which says a lot. I’ve ordered twice recently, both times the spores in the syringes were minimal and clumped. I love to get things in the mail. Even though they brand themselves as research quality, we’ve had sub-par to negative results with the specimen we’ve tested. We've lost over 1500 in supplies. Your email address will not be published. I, for one, will keep supporting sporeworks as a great resource. Great Customer Service, Quick Delivery. Couldn’t be more impressed with this company. In fact I will be satisfied for a long time with all this.If they have had some quality control issues I hope they work it out. Highlights for me: fast (cheap) shipping, extremely relevant communications, ALL-STAR strains. Mushroom spores are not intended for human consumption. Spore's greatest asset, by far, is its intuitive set of creation tools. ALL of our attention is focused on making the highest quality spore syringes for our customer. UPDATE 03/17/2018: Here is a sample of our shipping software that we use to purchase, print, and manage your shipments (with all customer and tracking data removed). I’ll start off by saying I was skeptical at first because I’ve been screwed many times by spore vendors. I've gone thru spores101.Com and premiumspores.Com with mixed results. If there is a problem with your shipping, even if it is not our fault, we fix it, on the double, often free of charge! I tried Illusion Weaver and SSKS, I have placed 4 orders with this vendor and not been disappointed a single time. Any misuse of the information contained on this site is strictly forbidden. Thanks! YEEEEEESSS. Wasted time, effort and money. With all the scammers on the internet, this group has earned our 5-STAR APPROVAL as a vendor that won’t let you down! Enough for me to look at other companies in the future. Fast Shipping!!! Bough a couple of spore syringes from this site. The information contained on this site is for research purposes only. Even when the online pictures are an honest representation of the item, it is hard to see any tiny details in the photos. pretty slick. They have helped me twice and I wont go anywhere else. 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. I tried Illusion Weaver and SSKS. lol I WANT USA. I ordered Penis Evny spores syringes. It is important to note we offer a cleanliness and sterility guarantee on all our products, and if you have experienced difficulty with performing proper microscopy or have determined the samples to be compromised after examination, we will be more than happy to replace your material with fresh samples for up to 30 days after delivery. It took a little longer than bitcoin would, I suppose, but I can’t figure out bitcoin. Fast shipping! SoS has worked hard on making a responsive, fast loading website, that is well organized, and educational all at the same time for your convenience. Great service will be back soon! Plenty of OTHER places to spend my money. Only complaint is that the mailer my spores came in got a little damaged, but that is the post offices fault! As for source of spores product they blow the other out of the water on visuals and preparation on how it’s packaged and the amount of spores you get looks to be 10x the amount as the other. Reply. They were out of a certain strain I ordered once but quickly got fresh cultures sent to me which arrived promptly and were some of the best I’ve researched.