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Custom keys developed in their entirety from the ground up feature crisp and tactile ROCCAT Titan Switches, providing swift and responsive key strokes. Product Overview Vulcan 80 Iconic ROCCAT blue illumination is included in the Vulcan 80. Travel distance is the total distance the switch can be pushed down before it hits the bottom of the housing. Get your benefit and more by registering your ROCCAT product to your account . The switches, designed from the ground up, were built for gamers craving a key stroke that was swift and precise while still being tactile. Driver version: V:1.9378. Basic physics!

thumbsupYes thumbsdownNo. Bolton, WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, Computer components, peripherals and hardware. TalkFX maintains legacy functionality, although will no longer be updated.

This spring alone doesn’t let the user feel the point at which the switch sends the signal to the PC.

They match the spacing and surface area of traditional caps but feature a shortened height to make cleaning easy, complementing the Titan Switch’s dust-resistant housing perfectly. 25-28 Enterprise Park, Middlebrook, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6PE, UK, ROCCAT Vulcan 80 Blue Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. USB 2.0 (or higher), Internet connection (for driver software). Key caps are specially designed for easy maintenance. Switches without this resistant are commonly red in color.

Iconic ROCCAT blue illumination is included in the Vulcan 80. Which symbols are on the top or bottom of each key strongly depends on layout. No problem, we are here for you! The Vulcan is a precision gaming tool that lets you sense its performance from the first glance and the first key stroke.

Simply hold down the FN button and press the desired F-key for its secondary function. The low weight of the Vulcan’s key caps makes them more agile and responsive, resulting in less typing fatigue. The FN keys are secondary functions for the F-keys.

Certain Vulcan variants have a programmable wheel with additional functions. As well as a tactile and silent 1.8mm actuation point with a 3.6mm travel distance, the switches feature structural housing to reduce wobble while being pressed. Copyright ©1987-2020 Scan Computers International Ltd. By design, the Vulcan has the potential to work with AlienFX. We therefore cannot guarantee compatibility with other key caps, although some should still fit. The heavier an object is, the harder it is to move. Mechanical keyboards typically have a top illuminated area due to the switch design and LED placement. Examples of other available layouts include QWERTY (UK, USA), AZERTY (France), etc. While Easy-Shift[+] is pressed, other buttons and keys have a new function when pressed. Protect against installation damage for 28 days. The Vulcan is the first keyboard to feature roccat-developed Titan switches. By Appointment To

This can be done by touch (tactile), visually (lighting) or by sound. A tactile mechanism allows the user to feel this, typically as a slight resistance known as a bump. See All Buying Options. For better readability, only one part of the key cap can be illuminated, which must be placed at the top. Actuation point, on the other hand, is the point at which the switch is actuated.

The FN + F-keys have standard media functionality, with extra functions in the top right area.

Please note that some Vulcan variants may not be available in specific layouts. Separate wrist rests for different Vulcan models will be available at a later stage.

Register your product . AIMO is the new technology for ROCCAT’s illumination.

For further information regarding Scan's warranty procedure please see our terms and conditions. Iconic ROCCAT blue illumination is included in the Vulcan 80. Downloads. It acts like the keyboard shift key, just for additional functions.