I thought it would be evident from my post that I'm talking about Bowie compared to other big man options and why weren't his injuries viewed more significant. While there are merits to both schools of thought, the Portland Trail Blazers made the wrong choice. However, even so you would think his very significant leg injury would've raised some red flags. Bowie would spend 10 seasons in the NBA but only appeared in 511 games. There were a few big man drafted right behind him that had better careers, but they weren't really centers more so PF. CJ McCollum Interviews Kamala Harris on ‘ReMaking America’, Michael Jordan: ‘I Have No Patience For Coaching’, Report: Chris Paul Trade Could Lead To Carmelo Anthony’s Return to Knicks, LeBron James Studies The Last Dance as Homework, Portland Trail Blazers: Salary Cap Space 2020, Mavs Eye Trades to Add Pivotal Third Star, Agreement Reached for Sale of Utah Jazz Franchise. The first sentence in Sam Bowie’s obit, undoubtedly, will reference that he was infamously drafted second overall by the Portland Trailblazers in 1984 when Michael Jordan was available. When it was taken off they realized it didn't heal properly and it required surgery. Hell its a miracle Olajuwon isn’t slandered for going 1st. If what I did was lying and what I did was wrong, at the end of the day, when you have loved ones that have some needs, I did what any of us would have done.’ […] There’s a fractured shin in college that went undiagnosed for months. I know they drafted him for need. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. The center averaged 10.9 points and 7.9 rebounds per game for his career; while he managed to put up a few solid seasons in New Jersey, his career pales in comparison to the rest of his draft class. Except Kevin Willis I think. And Bowie, speaking in 2012, relayed that even while sitting amongst his draft class on that night, he knew that something was wrong. While the team made it to the Final Four, the center’s college career never lived up to its potential. Yes, I know. The center averaged 10.9 points and 7.9 rebounds per game for his career; while he managed to put up a few solid seasons in New Jersey, his career pales in comparison to the rest of his draft class. No one wants to pick an injury risk ahead of the next Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley. This is exactly right and also, if Portland had won the coin flip, Hakeem would have been the pick. With an All-Star small forward in Jim Paxson already on the roster, and a promising young shooting guard in Clyde Drexler set to take in a minutes increase at shooting guard, they chose Bowie. Heading into the 1984 NBA draft, the franchise felt they needed a big man to fill the void left when Bill Walton joined the Clippers. Yeah lol. The Social Change Fund Partners with Chopra Global to Provide Support for Teachers, Rockets Tab Mavs Assistant Stephen Silas as Next Head Coach, Sixers in Advanced Talks to Hire Daryl Morey as Head of Basketball Ops, Rumor: Dec. 1 Likely To Be Opening Day For NBA Training Camp. Copyright 2020 SLAM Media Inc. All rights reserved. When the Houston Rockets won a coin toss, giving them the right to select Hakeem Olajuwon first overall, the Blazers settled for Bowie. The University of Kentucky ultimately won the sweepstakes, and Bowie joined the Wildcats. “I want to give back to the community,” Bowie told Jeff Falk of Lebanon Sports Buzz in 2018. Despite spending time in a cast, the center’s leg didn’t properly heal; he ended up missing two seasons of action. The big man, however, has found a new way to occupy his time. I’ve had opportunities, but I’ve been kind of content not committing to those positions. He spends most of his time being a father, but he also owns harness racing horses; one of them, “Before He Cheats,” won hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. I don’t do anything physically with the kids on the court, it’s more just getting in their ears. After 3-4 seasons, some said the Warriors should not pay Steph Curry (4 yr/$44m) because of ankle injury history. That fateful selection happened in June 1984, and Michael Jordan, of course, went on to become an NBA legend. Sam Bowie - Career stats, game logs, biographical info, awards, and achievements for the NBA and NCAA. Edit: Since most are saying they drafted for need I'll clarify. I know they drafted for need. @USTrotting @DRFHarness pic.twitter.com/yyTVTQhe8R. SLAM16 SHOWCASE WILL FEATURE THE TOP 16 HOOPERS IN NYC! I was reading up on him and found out that he had a very significant injury history. In a vacuum, why was he drafted this high? His parents divorced when Sam, the oldest of two children, was 12. Bowie, whose NBA career was derailed by chronic foot and leg injuries, confesses that he was less than honest about the state of his health coming into the League. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Chuck, Otis Thorpe, Sam Perkins and Kevin Willis all had significantly better careers imo, but excluding Chuck (who isn't close to a center) the difference wasn't that that drastic. He lied about the extent of his injuries to the blazers. While the center showed great potential and earned a spot on the NBA’s All-Rookie team, things quickly came crashing down. In sports, certain moments will always live in infamy. However, if the trailblazers were set on taking a center, just a quick glance at a few of the centers drafted after him shows me none of them, atleast the first few, had substantially better careers. clyde drexler and the fact that bowie hid rhe extent of his injury. The former center also does some public speaking. I was reading up on him and found out that he had a very significant injury history. drafted Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan. His father died suddenly, at the age of 45, when a cyst on his lung burst. It’s nice to do as you please.”. Bowie would spend 10 seasons in the NBA but only appeared in 511 games. A subreddit dedicated for NBA news and discussion. I had no idea he already had missed major time in college over an injury that did not heal properly. It goes without saying that Sam Bowie’s NBA career didn’t go as he or the Portland Trail Blazers imagined. But whatever happened to Sam Bowie? When it comes to drafting, you can either pick the best available player or aim to fill a specific need. I don’t have a concrete job. Temporary bans may be handed out to users who post memes and other low-effort or off-topic comments in this thread. And then on draft night, with Houston already having selected Hakeem Olajuwon first overall and Jordan off at Team USA’s training camp in preparation for the 1984 Olympics, the Blazers made what was considered the obvious choice. His father was 6–10 and had played six seasons for the Harlem Magicians. Good career, but did not even come close to fulfilling his perceived potential. We ask users to report low effort comments that do not bring insightful discussion. That, ‘deep down inside I physically wasn’t what these guys were.'”. I read it years ago on Simmons Book of Basketball. They discovered it after the season and he had to wear a cast for 44 weeks. Why do you think they chose to ignore his medical history and draft him this high? They already had a very good SG in Drexler and the league at the time almost required a dominant big to compete. After his senior season he graduated, got drafted second and ended up being a solid role player for ten seasons. Portland drafted for fit because they think they were already set with Clyde. Or did they just choose to ignore the injury? Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These days, Bowie calls Lexington, Kentucky home. Sam is the son of Ben Bowie and "Sammy" Cathy Bowie, born March 19, 1961. I'm sure there have been other college players with bad injuries who have turned out to be healthy and had good NBA career. Stay up to date on the latest basketball news with our curated email newsletters. Then there’s the admission that he hid pain from Portland doctors before the draft. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/sam-bowie-reveals-lied-portland-feeling-leg-pain-212349458--nba.html, Literally everyone in this thread is taking this as "why did the trailblazers draft bowie over jordan". I'm more so wondering why he's specifically the big man prospect they went for with his injuries. Serious injuries to Joel Embiid (left) have invoked the name of all-time draft bust Sam Bowie.