So now everybody is freaked out. Without warning, the IPhone gave its 2:00am, hourly notification beep. He was trapped upside down.”, “My mom stayed in a hospital for a week at the same time that a serial killer worked there that was killing patients. Whispers…thousands of whispers…maybe millions…and hissing snakes; oh shit…you’ve got to be kidding me. What everybody believes but there was no evidence for a conviction. When the room is barren and he is the bright and shining red star, he will finally be able to turn his attentions to…the child. He don’t look as bad as those guys did…but he’s spouting that same damn idiot-speak.”. Alzaze!” so he wasn’t overly concerned about the swish of his shirt sliding along the smooth rock wall. He was just about to look away and return to minding his own business when the third one exited. Even though they might be the only thing sustaining your imminence.”  ‘Sustaining your imminence’…what was that supposed to mean? Copyright Statement: Unless explicitly stated, all stories published on are the property of (and under copyright to) their respective authors, and may not be narrated or performed under any circumstance. Chad’s mind had already painted the picture for him so that when the vile creature finally stepped out from the shadowy doorway, it wouldn’t be the heart-attack inducing surprise it might have been otherwise.

If that was the case, then maybe Chad wasn’t down here all by himself anymore…maybe this man could be an ally. His down-home charm and attractive, without being intimidating, looks got him behind a couple of different bars where he made some decent money slinging drinks, but…he could have done that in Iowa. Thing was…as smart as he liked to think he was…Chad was always horrible with tests.
Arranged with what seemed like a tremendous amount of care were one of Tiffany’s pink Nike tennis-shoes, a yellow beret, a picture of Tiffany with her parents, a lock of her hair and…no…please no…not that. Oddly enough, to Chad at least, it resembled the sanctuary of the church he attended back in Iowa. About a week later I was driving home and my car broke down.

So seemingly random at first glance, he could tell, upon further inspection with the IPhone light, that whomever had carved the symbols into the metal had done so with the type of precision and care which appeared to be anything but ‘random’. Once his wildly darting eyes finally settled a bit and made their way back to Kimberly’s face, he noticed a change in it that captivated his whole attention and momentarily took his mind off the futility of his situation. All of them appeared to be speaking…although not necessarily to each other. I am still in a state of shock looking around and I see a woman crying and hitting herself because she had her husband dead who’s legs and torso was missing.

A statewide Amber Alert was issued Monday for Magana and the toddler, who were said to be traveling in a light-green 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. You indicated that someone in your family has been diagnosed with HS. According to the app it had been twenty-nine months since the last time he’d played and, rather than attempting the recollection of his last game, he decided to start over on level one. By the time they were finished, he’d decided that all the songs, movies and stories about ‘love at first sight’…which he’d always considered bullshit…may have been more accurate than he’d given them credit for. A small screw had been wedged into the locking mechanism, keeping the bolt from clicking into place that would make the door impassable to anyone without a key…much as it was designed to do. She crawled to the hospital WITH HER HEAD ALMOST DETACHED and survived. Chad shook his head as he tried to navigate the mass that was, in no way, trying to make it easy for him to do so. There was very little distinction at first, but as he closed the distance the details slowly came into view…first the outline of the tunnel itself as it opened up into a much larger room beyond; and then the flickering shadows that danced erratically against the tunnel’s interior walls. Not that it was any kind of real ‘plus’, the entire scene tore at his heart to the point that tears needed to be wiped away, but he needed to keep self-preservation in his forethought and consider all the possibilities. The idea had no time to come to fruition however as activity in the room kept him in the holding pattern needed to observe for a moment longer. The guy waddled when he walked and couldn’t lower his arms more than a quarter of the way down; at worst…he was a barrier. The only plus side to this horribly depressing sight was that if Chad were discovered…and things went south…more than likely he could take them. The most striking aspect of all of it had to be the fact that these people were still alive…all of them; not only had they all been breathing and making slight movements, but they were chanting in unison as well…the ones who still had their vocal chords attached at least. The one that belonged to your beloved Kimberly will begin to deteriorate exponentially now due to your indiscretional need to take life.”  Alzaze had a remarkable ability to reignite the anger within him and Chad scrambled back to his knees defiantly. As thin as Paper Mache and devoid of any color the sun might provide, their skins were nearly opaque and hung off their bones as saggy, white dermal-suits. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. One would think that being in a relationship with someone like Victoria would be good for the ego…it really wasn’t. Nocka!”, “Nilly! He was trying to help Kimberly…that couldn’t have been…oh God…please God no…say it’s not true. “Sir…are you alright?”  Two of them kneeled down beside him and Chad didn’t know how to respond. It was a small relief to know rational thinking hadn’t been fully ostracized from his brainwaves, but it was terrifying how utterly close that had come to happening. He did his best to match the girl on the screen with the child he’d only seen for a millisecond. He was apparently throwing up chunks of human during the flight. He had a decent perspective on the opposite doorway, the altar and those lucky few who got a seat in the front row. You’re not trained to be in this kind of situation. Kimberly was still sitting still, legs crossed, arms to her side, and Chad reached out with exhausted arms to grab her. They didn’t look his way either and Chad strained his head down to the level of his knees in an effort of catching a look at the short one’s face…but it was to no avail. The men were then forced into gladiatorial combat to the death, all in some kind of game to find new cartel recruits.

They didn’t know he was there…she was right there…and not being dragged away from him for once; it wasn’t going to get any better than this. Chad’s plan was to try and juke them. I hate to admit it, but whenever I’ve gotten these emergency notifications in the past; I’ve ignored them. The first major incident was when he shot a deer from his second-story balcony. That may have to remain a fluid aspect based on their reactions once he’d made himself known. He was found bludgeoned to death in their home, which was obviously a shock to poor Mrs Peters, especially as their wasn’t a sign of forced entry. “Okay buddy,” the cop closest to him said in a calming voice; “just keep your hands where we can see them. When the entity did finally step into the light…it really couldn’t have been more anticlimactic. It would probably be a difference of a couple hundred dollars for the trip home but would be just as quick…if not quicker; and…he really wanted to see Vicky. Outside of the dreadful Amber Alert itself, there was one other item with any relation to the little girl that now felt like his child; it was a well-worn teddy-bear, one black-button eye lost in the sands of many bed-times passed. This boiling sensation which caused his blood to well up into his field of vision was a new feeling for him and as comfortable as it felt settling into its new home was as frightening as it was at the same time. Mary told her husband, Ron Gillespie, about the letter straight away and swore she wasn’t having an affair, and he believed her. “Roger that. It was more than evident that they weren’t supposed to be going in there, but what the hell was he going to do about it? Even Paul is getting them now, delivered to him in jail. He had introduced himself as “Markus with a ‘K’,” and was just as pompous as the introduction suggested. The woman closest to Chad had a great deal of difficulty getting her face unstuck from the stone floor; it had adhered to a dried combination of blood, viscera and the small bits of brain matter that had escaped the inch-wide gash in her forehead. She had been blown away by his chivalry, which had been forced out of her world at NYU in the name of liberal progressivism…and he had been blown away by her…everything. Do these symptoms appear near your inner thighs, armpits, chest, groin, or buttocks? That alone should have been proof enough that he wasn’t trained to be down here doing…this. Anyway, I noticed this man following me through the parking lot as I made my way across the parking lot to the store. That was about the extent of the obstacle he offered up and the notion that he’d even considered battling it earlier was laughable. None of it was providing the incentive he was searching for, however, and the notion that he could carry on after this and live any semblance of a normal life was the real joke Alzaze should’ve been laughing at. Regardless of the true motivations, seeing the things that were not on Kimberly’s shelf helped to lower his fury level slightly to DEFCON 2. It had been overdue. Whereas, with the raving…and possibly dangerous, artist they’re called “peculiarities” and met with mild amusement or encouragement. Can you help her out?”. The assault of ungodly phantasmagorias was a sledge hammer repeatedly bashing his sphere and cracks were beginning to spider-web their way across every inch of the previously unblemished surface. There had been one previous occasion where Chad had been in a similar condition; his college roommate had talked him into trying a 5K marathon for the first time. A school bus driver had been late leaving the school that day and just happened to see a man park his moped and walk off into the woods with a little girl, but again, the Amber Alert still hadn’t been issued, so she had no idea what was going on. Certainly he wanted to help…otherwise he’d be speeding back to Manhattan at the moment…but getting off the train and making this phone call was him helping.