The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. But there’s something comforting about being able to go to a show, look at all the people in line, and think, “I could be good friends with these people.” That was not the vibe at BROCKHAMPTON. Every member proved that they’re infinitely talented, just not in any way that wasn’t already obvious from their studio recordings. A different opener of similar notoriety might have a crowd staring at their phones, but everybody at The Masonic was watching the onstage spectacle. I was in the middle of some mid-concert networking with one of my new mid-20s friends (no shame) when slowthai came onstage and immediately jumped into his first song. It comes four months after the release of Kevin Abstract’s second solo album, ‘Arizona Baby’. Slowthai gets the entire 90-second runtime of ‘Heaven Belongs To You’ to himself, opening the track with ominous bars: “I mask myself in discontent / Hoping you can only repent these things / It smells like ginger.” Towards the end of the song, he sneers, “Fuck God, I’mma throw backwards / Backwards, I don’t smoke Backwoods / What you saying, why you praying for forgiveness? with special guests Slowthai and 100 Gecs BROCKHAMPTON is not your usual boy band—the 13 member hip-hop group includes singers, rappers, producers, visual artists, and songwriters. Other teaser tracks Brockhampton released before the record dropped were ‘I Been Born Again’, ‘If You Pray Right’ and ‘Boy Bye’. The UK rapper had the crowd echoing all his adlibs back to him — “yuh” went slowthai, “yuh” went the crowd; “brrrt” went slowthai, “brrrt” went the crowd. The band pulled several fans onstage during “QUEER,” which was cool to see, but their youth cemented that I was too old to be there (and I’m literally only 20 years old). In case you weren't aware, BROCKHAMPTON just dropped a new album called GINGER, and they're about to embark on a lengthy North American tour with slowthai. / When you wanna get money, get them riches.” Hear the song here. Brockhampton concerts typically last 1.75 hours. Brockhampton (stylized in all caps) is an American alternative hip hop band founded as AliveSinceForever in San Marcos, Texas, United States, in 2010.In 2014, the band rebranded as Brockhampton. The boyband have taken a leaf out of Vince Staples ’ … ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved. Edited and managed by the students at the University of Michigan since 1890. slowthai put on a hell of a show, one that added him to the ranks of my favorite live performers, right up there with JPEGMAFIA and Vince Staples. Half of my notes on the show were just song titles followed by “holy shit Joba.” Among those highlight moments were Joba’s gorgeous voice on the outro of “BOY BYE,” his stunning verse on “BIG BOY” and his terrifying rage on “J’OUVERT.”. For his final song, “Doorman,” he opened the pit, and everyone circle-moshed in a frenzy — I somehow ended up near the very front of the pit, perfectly positioning myself for BROCKHAMPTON. BROCKHAMPTON took the stage, the show started and it was business as usual for the boys. The crowd seemed absurdly excited for what’s just a chill mid-album interlude. When BROCKHAMPTON first came on, slowthai had me full of hype. The Mercury-nominated rapper from Northampton is not the only featured guest on ‘Ginger’; singer-songwriter Deb Never appears on previously released album opener ‘No Halo’. Led by Kevin Abstract and formed partially through the online forum "KanyeToThe", Brockhampton is a self-described boy band, so-called in an effort to redefine the term.