In additon I have decided not to pursue the cloak (only the leggings) because the cloak of the wise gives more mana and stats. btw, im twinked lvl 42 monk, im a 51sk this guy was one of the easiest kills ive ever made, dot fear then watch the stupid cat run for dear life! Chant was rarely resisted. 7 of 8 people found this review helpful. Lvl 40 monk 40 druid and 39 druid dropped Snowbeast no problems. At first everyone insists it is just a bear, until ski patrolman Tony Rill sees a white shadowy beastly shape disappearing into the woods. Thanks. Me (monk lvl35) and my friend Medwurst lvl 45 druid fear kited down this bugger, took about 60% mana (including druid fearing away adders, and healing himself). So wait. Some people sit and look around for the view and use it to pull. I am not afraid to admit that druids and rangers outperform us sometimes, but that doesn't mean we suck. Hand him 2 x Luggald Organs (not parts, which are a different item for a different quest). I've hunted SB many many times, never seen him before. Went back in for a second try. I decided to camp these MOBS our for the night... needed a good pair of leggings and an upgrade from kunzar cloak =D. Written by they can't be snared or rooted but can be feared(fear, fear animal). This threw me off as well. And how often does he spawn? But after reading the first few lines of it, I had this strange feeling that you hated us bards. Next (30 minutes later), snowbeast popped, he dropped the hide and pads. I have the two pelts to turn in for the leggings, and I am dubious to the NPC to turn them in to. Found Snowbeast at 3316, 476 then at 1065, 1127 and a 3rd time at 2312, 410. i cant seam to find it :-/. I kept hitting track and kept seeing the Ghostback/Prowler etc popping and them killing them in like 20 secs. The only way to get these Titans to spawn is mass killing. He has lots of HPs and hits pretty hard. Was this review helpful to you? This applies to wolf form illusions of rangers and druids as well as any illusions that enchanters use. An eighteen-foot-tall grizzly bear terrorizes a state park, leaving it up to a Park Ranger to save the day. Maybe this is a trick to force spawn. Best ballpark guess - 6k to 7k hitpoints. hes got a good deal of hp though, took about 3min between the 2 of us. Footpads dropped twice for me. and i hope my Info helps you out. Just sent my pet after him cast Turgur's Insects, Envenomed Bolted him twice and nuked him a few with the JBB's, he didn't resist any spells (never tried to root him). Took down Giang Yin tonight with 41 shaman (me), 43 ranger, and 39 warrior. Well, let me tell you, I just adore this place. One of the best times I've had on EQ yet!!! It wasn't just me either there were 4 others and 2 of them were tracking. i soloed prowler once, that was one heck of a fight though. Ran around in a circle for 20 mins tho, helluva lot of hp's but not a hard mob at all if you can do any form of kiting. And Snowbeast, when he finally popped, did drop 2 Footpads. He never touched me. I suppose if you can get these easily, then go for it, if not Blak Pantherskin is a fine substitute. Great post! I saw him spawn at about 1300, neg 1500 tonight, near the Kejek village; Giang Yin showed up on track at the same time. Here's a step by step... Again, I write as a Magician, but I think druids, necros and some other classes could do this also. I may be able to persuade a 52 druid to help as well if needed. And you also get higher HP with the Iksar. Although I am already level 39, I plan on staying in this zone as long as I can just to enjoy the scenery. I soloed him twice second time they dropped two of them. I don't have a graphic either, however I used to kill snowbeast for his pelt. Hi.. So he cannot be snared or darked. A big-game hunter comes out of retirement to help track down a killer wolf, and begins to suspect that it isn't a wolf but an animal that can take human form. Killed this kitty tonight with a 49wiz, 42 dru (me), and a 54 wiz. It was cool to read some your stories. The beast spawns were about 20 min apart. What made you feel bards couldn't survive the mobs in Stonebrunt? Okay first day on the quest. Edited, Jul 17th 2009 12:19pm by morromid. My Agnostic DE Enchanter cons dubious, but if I use HE illusion I am indifferent. A concert pianist loses his hands in a car crash, but a surgeon gives him new ones. I particularly liked it because unlike the totally overhyped Oasis, it A) was completely danger-free, B) is NEVER camped, so you have full access to MOBs (the only people I ever see in this zone are 45+ druids camping the titans) and C) the loot is infinitely better. He was a very happy monk. the xp is great, I came here at 16 and in 3 days of very casual soloing have made it to 34 and am still getting great XP. I suggest charming one of the snakes, as they can poison as well as hit fast. no footpads, no pelts, nothing =(. Personally, I'm willing to tote a little extra weight and give up a few hit points for the DEX. I have seen Old Ghosty, Giang Yin, and snowBeast all up at once. does anyone know the spawn point of this named mob or if there is a spawn pattern / PH? This hides a secret entrance into some tunnels. Any illusion will make you KOS in the town of Kejek. What is the best way to make cash for a 41 Ranger in SB? Titans are easy to spawn just need to be able to kill fast and lots of it! I landed 5 lavabolts on him for 810 each while my pet tanked him. I can hail him and get the quest, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me the faction needed for this quest? I took a different approach to slay this fellow. need some better booties =). They are Random, Rare Spawns. So I loaded up Selos and lead him to a small little out-of-the-way valley and kite him there. He does resist snare/root, so I dotted him with Immolate, then ran, put on Drones of doom, ran some more, put on creeping crud. I didn't mess around in melee for more than a few seconds at a time but he hit for 97 tops with his claw slashes and my AC was somewhere up in the 700's. When the 4th one was due Giang Yin Spawn close to 1000, 1100 (forgot to take a loc but was close to 2nd spawn of snowbeast ... the new maping thing helps alot). Pass snowbeast from a distance got my corpse went invis went looking for him, he snuck up on me. He was NORTH of the little village there when I found him. Not only is this a hotzone, but a great place for low levels to solo. lol. 51 druid just Sow and Skin on and i dropped him like a Stone, I just got a pair of these footpads today and they DO have a graphic. Snowbeast dropped the Footpads, a fang, and the skin. Everquest II Mob, NPC, Bestiary Information for a viscious snowbeast In this made for TV film, an enormous and angry bigfoot creature begins to terrorize a Colorado Ski Resort during a winter carnival, by eating several skiers. ok. a totally seperate quest is the TITANS - each one drops 1 specific titan lootable itme. there is a valley there with a lot of pops, just killevery thing in site. :( But he did drop two pairs of the Footpads. When the 4th one was due Giang Yin Spawn close to 1000, 1100 (forgot to take a loc but was close to 2nd spawn of snowbeast … Akbaq Salid is in the Erudin Wizard guild. They are NO DROP items, any use for these? just fight from the side of the cat city (the snowy Side with lots of Tiger's,Gorilla's, and Panda's wandering spirits and some Kobolds oh and Cat people) to The WaterFall area you can Spawn Snowbeast , Yin Giang , and Old Ghostback i use my 62monk to do it and can kill those level 25 - 35 mobs pretty fast =-) it takes me about 8mins or so to kill all or most of the mobs from Side of cat city to waterfall once i got all three to spawn in one trip around (Snake and Leopard Spawn in the Jungle Area i dont know much about them but im guessing you can just kill in the Jungle area to spawn them) Good Luck! Fast run speed but not as fast as SoW. Tomorrow I'll head back and see if I can get that Panda. ! Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? Deathspeaker Phelon Blackdays 70th Wraith. There are many wandering Mobs, Apes, Tigers and Pandas, all aggrod my Monk. Also think these boots are worth alot because there are not much better boots available with STR on until you can either do your Veliuos quest armor, get pantherskin, go to ToV or Sebilis or kill DoljAndTheRestOfHisName in Velketor. everyone is allways claiming the titans can not be rooted or snared they are half wrong. I hav gotten him to pop 8 times. The area they sat at was a little tiny tiny valley like area around p3000 n100 with tons of elders and the higher lvl animal mobs. Had to zone and get rested. easy to pull, never died, good pp (fine steel weapons and plate armor) and kobold meat makes good steak. Showing 25 out of 164. If i had a choice I would take Footpads, but BPSkin are much more available to me, 220+ tailors can make easily, my friend will make for about 2k5 if i provide bonings for it, 1k5 if i provide yew leaves. Before we got him we saw a lvl52 druid fail to kill him so we knew he was kinda MR. Just fear and have SoW on and he will die eventually, he cannot be snared or rooted so no need to try this. Mu HEF didn't have any problems going past like 3 of these clickables - a barb or Kitty may, 'tho. Returning home with their discovery, the expedition members soon find themselves being killed ... See full summary », In this made for TV film, an enormous and angry bigfoot creature begins to terrorize a Colorado Ski Resort during a winter carnival, by eating several skiers. I am a 32 magician looking for a change of pace. Splat! hey just wanted to let people know that you dont need track and druid stuff to solo here. This year something is increasing the body count. (such as cured silk, wu's fighting, crescent, or steel threaded). Although Tony's grandmother Mrs. Carrie Rill, who owns the Ski Resort and the town sheriff, Sheriff Paraday disagree, it soon becomes clear when the creature finally attacks the town. thanks. Do u have to do this quest in order,or can u do the 2nd part at anytime? The wizard Stonebrunt portal menu on the spell gem bar says this zone is in Odus. A man, crippled in a climbing accident, returns to his cabin in the woods as part of his rehabilitation, but he wasn't prepared for the immanent onslaught. Just spent the better part of a morning hunting for this beast. I would preffer Footpads to any acrylia feet. my pet solos these straight up 53rd necro. Going back tonight to finish up, but i do have to say.... 2 hours and 1/2 quest done, and i picked up pads... NOT BAD !!!