Meanwhile, Jerri becomes too territorial with her fake husband, going so far as to threaten his very real girlfriend. List of Strangers with Candy episodes. Jerri suddenly decides that she wants a spot on the cheerleading squad; the only problem is that you need to know how to spell. The Father-Daughter Sack Race plays a pivotal role in this Very Special Episode. When a school field trip to Good Time Island is coming up, Jerri couldn't be more exited. Jerri is asked out at a school wrestling game, but the boy later takes back his offer because other boys are saying mean sexual things to Jerri and she does nothing about it. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. When Principal Blackman finds out that Flatpoint High is going to be torn down to make a Mall, he decides to take matters into his own hands. A sketch comedy show that follows the absurd adventures of Michael, Michael and David. Search for "Strangers with Candy" on, Title: Jerri falls for a blind boy named Alan. When she realizes that cheerleaders get all the guys, plus they're treated with kid gloves in class, she decides to try out for the Donkettes squad. Desperate to stay on the track team, Jerri abuses. She turns to supplements of a most dubious nature to improve her performance, and the results surprise everyone at Flatpoint. Its timeslot was Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ().In 2007, Strangers with Candy was ranked #30 on TV Guide's Top Cult Shows Ever. It is one of the smartest, subversive and exhilaratingly un-pc shows ever. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Can she learn to read? The twist here is that all of the sketches (even the monologue) are connected in some strange way. But now I'm out of jail, picking up my life exactly where I left off. Jerri tries out for the track team and is not that good. Everyone in school finds out that Jerri is illiterate, so Mr. Noblet takes on teaching Jerri how to read. The reformed runaway and addict returns to high school as a freshman, where she tries to fit in and act hip with girls 1/3 her age. A talk show parody that features celebrity guests, comedy sketches and animation. Jerri joins the track team, but years of hard living have taken their toll on her physique. Jerri is asked out at a school wrestling match, but the guy later takes back his offer because other boys are saying mean sexual things to Jerri and she does nothing about it. This comedy/variety show specialized in parodies of movies and television shows and commercials. Mr. Noblet tells her if she can pass the final she will be able to pass the year, but instead of studying Jerri meets up with a crowd that makes her result into drugs again. Can you explain the relationship between Geoffrey Jellineck & Chuck Noblet? Network: Comedy Central "Hello, I'm Jerri Blank and I'm a 46-year-old high school freshman. Best Episodes Best Seasons . So to improve her performance and her fellow team mates, she uses steroids. (TV-14), As the victim of sexual harassment, Jerri must decide whether to put out, put up or shut up. Everyone keeps telling Jerri that she shouldn't fight and find peace, but Jerri feels she should live by the street code and fight. Will Jerri be able to save her “marriage” and her grade? Jerri must again face her own racist views when she discovers that she is a full-blooded Native American Indian and is sent to a cultural-immersion camp for adopted redskins. This is a sketch-comedy show. Jerri falls for Alan, a blind boy at her school with football aspirations. Jerri becomes obsessed with making enough money to buy a pair of expensive sneakers in order to get invited to a rich girl's party. Chuck and Geoffrey run an advice column, but Principal Blackman is furious that nobody reads the paper because they can't relate to the column. I was a boozer, a user, and a loser. Coach Wolf encourages her female students to remain chaste and convinces Jerri that she can reclaim her virginity. Meat man "Stu" (. Strangers with Candy is an American comedy television series produced by Comedy Central.It first aired on April 7, 1999, and concluded its third and final season on October 2, 2000. A prequel to the critically-acclaimed series featuring Jerri Blank, a 46-year-old ex-junkie ex-con who returns to high school in a bid to restart her life. Each episode is crammed with one-liners and sight gags so numerous they'll make your head spin.It's all in the delivery, folks. Jerri is recruited by a cult of happy people who sing the same song (a lot), and Flatpoint High begins a radical change in politics, becoming a totalitarian regime, keeping its students/citizens to a code of strict anonymity and perfect obedience. By viewing our video content you are accepting the terms Jerri's back out of prison and back to being a freshman at Flatpoint High. Jerri finds her calling on the debate team, but can she make it through the dangerous physical training for the big competition? Flatpoint High is learning about freedom of speech, and Mr. Jellineck does an exercise where people express themselves in photos, but when Jerri wants to hang a nude picture of herself with the other photos, Principal Blackman and Minister Arsenew has it taken down. Inspirational Quotes From Our Favorite On-Screen Educators. Jerri Blank is a 46-year-old "boozer, user and a loser" who tries to put her life back together again. 8:26 . So she decides to teach everyone by giving them a real living 10 pound baby, and the first in line to take care of it is lucky Jerri Blank. 42 of 46 people found this review helpful. Year: 2000. Rate. After Jerri becomes perfectly assimilated into the cult’s mindset, its leader finds that sometimes cults have to be selective with their recruits. A 47-year-old prostitute moves back in with her father and returns to high school, where she's tasked with finding out if one of her classmates is mentally retarded. Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, Amy Sedaris, Mitch Rouse. Created by Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, Mitch Rouse. All 10 episodes from the second season of Strangers with Candy completely commercial free. A new student comes to Flatpoint High, who turns out to be a bully who everyone is afraid of. Episode Ninja the best episodes of any tv show. Born Today Most Popular Celebs Most Popular Celebs Celebrity News. When Jerri has a sudden interest in joining the debate team, she tries out to only find out you have to be incredibly thin to bring out a good argument. The sketches you see throughout most of the show are different subjects being monitored. During the process two lives are ended and Jerri, kind of learns a lesson. Michael "Rabbit" Hutchison . To make matters worse, her father is in a "stress-induced coma". He doesn't have the team's support, but Jerri believes he can do it - kinda. Jerri suffers a devastating loss and can find no sympathy for her grief, though Mr. Jellineck chips in with his special blend of self-important empathy. Jerri finds herself attracted to a blind classmate. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. Coach Wolf assigns marriages for her students for a class project. . Jerri is asked to spy on her lockermate, looking for signs of retardation. Homecoming-Queen hopeful Jerri struggles with the Inner Beauty category. by skiterous. (TV-14), Jerri's nude self-portraits ignite a censorship showdown at Flatpoint High. Blackman leads the charge to find the guilty party by recreating the circumstances of the accident. Scrubs – It’s Guy Love, Between 3 Podcasters. Decades after dropping out of school and running away, Jerri Blank is out of jail, back home and trying to pick up exactly where she left off -- as a 46-year-old high school freshman. After Jerri is kicked out of the orchestra by Geoffry, Mr. Noblet catches her playing a violin, and playing it well. He says he can do anything a person with perfect vision can do, so he decides to try out for the high-school football team. I'm back in high school, living at home, and discovering all sorts of things about my body. Jerri is told she must help Principal Blackman out by turning snitch and rooting out the school retard if she wants to go on the class trip to Good Time Island. After deflowering a male classmate, Jerri finds out that she has contracted a series of STDs (syphillis infested with crabs which are carrying gonorrhea) and must inform all her partners of her discovery. "Hello, I'm Jerri Blank and I'm a 46-year-old high school freshman. Jerri is struggling for a passing grade to move on to Sophmore year. Mr. Noblet grows jealous of the special fake bond between Mr. Jellineck and Coach Wolf as Jerri’s control issues threaten her own fake union in a marriage experiment gone awry. Chuch and Geoffrey still sneak around with each other. It ran three seasons in just a year and a half, it starred some of TV's biggest names before they were famous (like Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris), it attracted numerous guest stars, like Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell, and most importantly, it is remembered for being extremely offensive.. RELATED: 10 Best Comedy Central Shows, According To IMDb Meanwhile, Mr. Jellineck and Mr. Noblet have problems concealing their own bout with a particularly noticeable STD. When Chuck sees Jerri in the hallway giving advice, he asks her to take over Geoffrey's column. Jerri and her classmates consider series of career options presented to them while trying to avoid the option of ending up in the local creepy artificial flower factory. 2:28. She learns right away that cheerleaders need to know how to spell. So Jerri learns from her role model Buddah Stalin to take a stand. In the hands of lesser talents these jokes would fall flat. Principal Blackman (Gregory Hollimon), Noblet (Steven Colbert) and Jellineck (Paul Dinello) are all pitch perfect. Winona Ryder, Paul Rudd & More of Strangers with Candy’s Best Celebrity Guests by Comedy Central. Desperate to become homecoming queen, Jerri concocts some unique strategies to eliminate the competition. In one episode, she and a classmate become secret lovers, but he's so ashamed of being with her that she hides in dumpsters, air ducts, etc. After first attempting to stop Jerri from escaping, the leader of the cult realizes how annoying she is and tries to get rid of her, while Principle Blackman, Mr. Noblet and Mr. Jellineck try to rescue her. (TV-14), Jerri learns the value of sanity when Stew, her mom's meat man, goes nuts. When the cool girl at school Fran (Winona Ryder) bets that she can make anyone cool, she finds the perfect subject: Jerri Blank. Taking the suggestion of the family doctor literally, Jerri decides to pick her life back up where she left it, beginning her high school all over again as a freshman at Flatpoint High. Check out our recommendations to stream this month. This page was last edited on 26 August 2020, at 16:37. Flatpoint High is up in arms to find out whodunit after someone scrawls a racial slur on the wall. To prove herself, she goes on a hunger strike. Meanwhile, she meets a person in a similar situation: a bus driver who doesn't know how to drive a bus. Jerri’s daddy is eaten by high school mascots, leaving her out of the big Father–Student Sack Race. When Jerri discovers her American Indian heritage, she attends a camp run by a councilor who teaches adopted Indian children about aspects of their culture, such as alcoholism and gambling. of our. The BEST Episodes of Strangers with Candy Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes! Share Tweet. Jerri must lose weight to be in physical shape for the debate team, which she thinks is her ticket to popularity. Episode Guide; About the Show Strangers with Candy. . Celebs. She has know idea on what to do or what even to do with it. Unfortunately, she hasn't quite shed her immoral background or acquired any ethics, and her bizarre family and frustrated schoolmates have trouble interacting with her. The film takes place before the series. Jerri's secret relationship with the school stud makes her question her own self-respect.