She previously performed with Taylor  on the Speak Now tour, singing Who Says as that era’s final special guest, but it was a much bigger deal this time round given both singers elevation in fame and recognition. Turns out: Taylor saved the best (friend) for the last night. If I can take my shirt off.”. 16. Chris Rock - Wandered backstage and got lost. A long time ago, before you tweens had Kik and landscape Instagrams, Taylor Swift was actually a country singer. ?” reaction Taylor got to her first Friends cameo (see: No. 66. You can’t argue with that. TAYLOR SWIFT 1989 TOUR 1989 MUSIC TOUR GUESTS TOUR. John Legend - This guy just loves to perform. I just love herrrrr.” Seeing her again was a delight, but the choice to sing together -- to “White Horse”? With all these amazing performances and many, many more, is it any surprise we’ll be mourning the end of the 1989 tour from the minute it’s over at least up until Taylor announces a new one? 10. Read the … This, out of all the duets, is the one I’m most surprised about, even though they’d performed together before. Once again, this one proved to be one of the most surprising special guests, but it’s one of the ones I can’t stop rewatching videos of! Closing his eyes, he nodded, smiled, rolled his eyes playfully and whispered, “Yes. Seems like this tour’s been going on since 1989. 69. 17. Success. Though with the superstar teasing an impending break from music, we might be waiting a while! Nelly - Had plans to hit up Costco. The 1989 World Tour - Special Guests Lyrics. Two of the biggest and best female artists showing their love for each other and doing a duet of one of the biggest and best songs of the year had everyone losing their mind, and was the performance we where all hoping was coming, but for the LA crowd that night, Taylor had one surprise left…. Steven Tyler - Merely enjoys the feeling of warm lights on his body. Naya Rivera's Son Josey Dances to Michael Jackson In Cute New Videos, Ariana Grande Drops New Album 'Positions', Lori Loughlin's Daughter Stars in Music Video: Inside Her Acting Dream, Beyoncé's Second Ivy Park Collection With Adidas Is Here, How Taylor Swift Is Aiming for World Domination With Star-Studded 1989 Tour. 29. CelebMix She screamed, she cried, and she couldn’t believe it; the absolute joy on her face when she seen Mick Jagger is heartwarming, and as Taylor said herself, reactions like that are why she does this. Miranda Lambert - Loves country and loves even more to put on a show. 20. 15. Taylor can ask her for anything. About “The 1989 World Tour - Special Guests” 1 contributor Taylor Swift surprised fans throughout the tour by performing duets with special musical guests. Sean O’Pry, Chris Rock, and Matt LeBlanc. Weeknd let out a high-pitched wail and told her, “Don’t worry.”. WATCH: Fifth Harmony on Calvin Harris: 'He's the Luckiest Guy in the World', Kobe isn’t exactly, um, on brand for Taylor, but this more or less makes sense, just because our most famous Laker was used as an L.A. welcome wagon. Alanis Morissette - Agreed to perform “You Oughta Know” on Taylor’s L.A. stop after Googling “Taylor Swift,” closing her eyes and feeling like Taylor had a good aura about her. Contact the author at 15 May 2015, Las Vegas. How Taylor Swift Is Aiming for World Domination With Star-Studded 1989 Tour This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our … Then got the call from Taylor. To make this even better, a recent interviewer of Taylor’s was in the car when this call was made, and noted that it was actually Timberlake who phoned Taylor and, after a fifteen minute conversation with the guy she had saved in her phone as “J Timbz”, he asked her if he could come join her at her final Staples Centre show to sing together! Andy Grammer, Andrea Pejic, Kelsea Ballerini, Lily M. Donaldson, Sam Hunt, Walk the Moon, Tovo Lo, MKTO, Nico & Vinz, Natalie Maines, Alison Kraus - Cannot stand Taylor Swift, but knew they couldn’t say no. 47. 51. 25. Lena Dunham - Feminist friend to all, Lena loves herself some Swift. Cara Delevingne - Obligated to appear as part of aforementioned friend contract. Ciara yelled over the phone, with Russell in the other room: “Of course! 6. When Taylor brought out Wiz Khalifa in her 9th of September show at Houston to sing smash hit See You Again, it provided the one of the tours most surprising collaborations, but one of the more rewarding too. Just how did these beautiful moments come to be? The 1989 World Tour - Special Guests Taylor Swift. Sandwiched between the performances by Selena and Lisa Kudrow, this one was the second act of Taylor’s LA mission to make the crowd lose their minds. As for St. Vincent, she is -- or was -- dating Taylor's bestieCara Delevingne. 53-63. Kobe Bryant - He was really tired and in the middle of an ice bath, but Taylor asked nicely. Just part of my duties as Mayor of Miami, he thought to himself. Behati Prinsloo - Thought she was agreeing to something else. From Gigi Hadid to the venerable Matt LeBlanc, the roughly 70-plus celebrities who enabled Swift on her U.S. tour dates were a mix of those likely planned in advance (a personal phone call or text) and those who agreed last minute. Taylor Swift is a one-of-a-kind Superstar who has a proven track record of selling out stadiums all over the world all on her own…but just because she can do it alone, doesn’t mean she always wants to. The limitless possibilities even inspired a hilarious meme. 26. Dan Reynolds, of Imagine Dragons - Who is this? Updated Sep 09, 2015 @ 1:00 pm Skip gallery slides. 10 hours ago, by Kelsie Gibson World Cup U.S. Women’s Soccer team - Having just won the World Cup, the team was still high on endorphins and unsure where they were. Ciara - After sighing and asking Russell Wilson whether he was ready to have sex yet, Ciara got a call from Taylor to join her in Seattle. The 10 Best Guests at Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour! 98. 46. Which is all to say: Why didn’t Taylor welcome Beyoncé to the stage?!? It felt like I’d been waiting for this moment my whole life; it was fun, fierce and all round fantastic. Ryan Tedder, of OneRepublic - Bored that night. 28. 50. 45. Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. 11. Selena Gomez - In a tour video clip that featured several of Taylor’s real best friends, Selena said, “Having a good group of girls? 23. I’ve been predicting it for two tours, now, since way back in 2011, but that in no way changed just how utterly mind-blowing it was when this finally happened. After the “?? We knew Selena was going to appear; it was just a matter of when. At the 29th of September show in St Louis, Taylor invited Nelly on stage to sing “The Fix”, and then alongside HAIM, provided backing vocals and a backing dance to his smash “Hot in Herre”, providing one of my personal favourite musical moments of the year, and relighting the fire to my obsession with this song. It was an incredible moment and no doubt goose-bump inducing for the crowd at Nashville, who where also treated to duets with Kelsea Ballerini on “Love Me Like You Mean It” and Allison Krauss on “When You Say Nothing At All”, that night. By Alexis Bennett. are actually friends in real-life too. 5. It would be like if she were in Chicago and Michael Jordan welcomed her. Let’s just hope the guests are as good next time: This lot is certainly hard to follow! Serena Williams - She really didn’t want to do this but...ah, what the hell? Mary J Blige was brought out during the biggest week of the tour, the 5 night run at the Staples Centre in LA, and was one of many highlights from that week. special guests on her stage during the 1989 world tour. Serayah - The Empire star had no idea that she’d agreed to a tour appearance under Taylor’s friendship contract. 44. At other times, though, we've scratched our heads trying to figure out why — like when Joan Baez and Julia Roberts danced it out to "Shake It Off." 10. 8. She simply pressed the “Agree” button in an email from Taylor... 9. So much so that she was willing to appear as the fifth wheel next to the BFF squad in East Rutherford, New Jersey. But CHRIS ROCK? Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Save Pin. Rachel Platten - I have no idea who this is. 70. In the midst of the LA Staple Centre shows, Taylor brought out Alannis Morrisette to sing together and one of the best break up songs of all time, You Oughta Know. Martha Hunt - Hangs with Swif on the reg. 43. 9 hours ago, by Mekishana Pierre Dierks Bentley - He was just going to play Jenga but had a hard time deciding. What?! November 13, 2015, 5:00 pm. Whenever she brings him out on stage it reminds me just how great he is, and always provides a memorable moment for those in attendance!