Kat’s realization was ill-timed as she uttered Ava’s name during a romantic moment with her current partner, but at least she admitted what she was subconsciously feeling. The Bold Type (Season 4 Episode 15) “Love” trailer, release date | TV Series. Also, wasn’t the point of the podcast to spotlight different views and members from all walks of life? Jane (Katie Stevens) finds a big story, but it could have serious ramifications for Sounds like something our girl Kat would say! However, once the writers made the choice that Sutton knew she didn’t want kids, they had to go with it without hesitation. But if they love each other, they know that the only thing to do is to go their separate ways if neither person is willing to give up something so important to them. THE BOLD TYPE – “The Truth Will Set You Free” – Jane isn’t comfortable in her post-surgery body, but a visit from her dad may change her outlook. Sutton sent up the bat signal and her girls answered! And I’ll admit, right now, it’s the least appealing storyline right next to whatever is happening with Kat… more on that in a minute. Others know they want them in the future but they aren’t ready right now, and that’s okay too. Sutton and Richard make plans for the future. I’ll be the one to point out that workplaces romances very rarely end well and things are bound to get awkward, but at least Scott proved to be respectful because he made it clear he wouldn’t pursue Jane if she wasn’t into it. If you’ve been paying attention to their romance of the years, the outcome wasn’t entirely shocking, but it was heartbreaking nonetheless and will allow Meaghann Fahy to explore the most vulnerable and emotional parts of her character. Considering the backlash The Belle received because they gave a voice to a conservative Republican for its first guess, it seems like being involved with someone like Ava has the potential of doing more harm than good. Ian and Jacqueline attempted by playing tennis together, but Ian eventually snapped and called her out for undermining him and always needing to be right. Realistically, marriages fail for all sorts of reasons including different ideas for the future and disagreements about children. Instead of rising from the ashes, Sutton is becoming her mother. As much as it pains me to see them go their separate ways, there wasn’t any other way this could have resolved itself that wouldn’t end up in some form of resentment from both parties. While I’m all for the idea of embracing new ideologies and being open-minded to opposing views — and frankly, that’s necessary sometimes in politics — it isn’t enough to justify the romance between these two. Hopefully, Richard and Sutton will be as brave as she was when it comes to deciding what their next steps should be. But for Kat’s sake, Ava was also feeling the vibes. It would have also allowed Sutton’s character not to repeat her mother’s mistakes by being a good and loving mom to her future children. Are you happy or sad about Richard and Sutton? At this point, Sutton is becoming her own worst enemy. The fifth love story focused on Alex and Alicia in the “complicated love” phase. She isn’t the kind of person that’s going to give up and wallow around in self-pity. “I am ready to push harder and speak louder for what matters to me: The diversity we see in front of the camera needs to be reflected in the diversity of the creative team behind the camera.”. I also hope the series isn’t planning to bring Richard back into Sutton’s life to be her knight in shining armor. Solar Opposites “The Wall” trailer, Hulu highlight, Animation, Comedy, Rick and Morty. 'The Bold Type' recap: Jane returns to work after her double mastectomy and Sutton gets a surprise in the Season 4B premiere. The Bold Type (Season 4 Episode 14) “The Truth Will Set You Free” trailer, release date. This episode of “The Bold Type” airs Thursday, July 2, at 10:00p.m. While you usually want to talk about children prior to the wedding, it wasn’t either of their faults because they weren’t being honest with themselves or each other. I’ve never been one to just turn my back on a couple I shipped, but I might have to jump ship here because it’s hard to see how these two could ever bounce back from what has happened. And it’s a good thing because there’s never been a moment that Sutton needed the ladies more. The episode strayed from the usual format focusing individually on Jane, Kat, Jacqueline, and Sutton’s relationships, which was necessary for the big reveal towards the end as it provided a resolution to the Sutton and Richard baby drama. Some women just know they want them, and that’s great, more power to you. Will she still like her life now when he’s not in it? And throughout the Kat and Adena torrid love story, no one in the writer’s room was a queer Black or Muslim woman. Embracing your truth —  no matter how difficult —  is important. After the successful launch of Kat’s podcast, the ladies let go of all that pent up chemistry and well, you know things are going to get complicated. The actress said that during the show’s four-season run, the series had one Black woman that directed, adding,  it took “three seasons to get someone in the hair department who knew how to work with textured hair.” She added that it took “two seasons to get a BIPOC” in the writers’ room. Jane continued to struggle with her post-mastectomy body. Do you like Ava and Kat’s relationship? The Bold Type has made that their mission statement and this drove that point home tenfold. So often in society, women are told that they should want kids and they should be happy when it happens. On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the first season of the series holds an approval rating of 96%, with an average rating of 7.52/10 based on 28 reviews while the third season got a 100% approval rating, with an average rating of 8/10 based on 9 reviews. Though, admittedly, I’m not a fan of the dissolution of Richard and Sutton. A young woman came to Jane about abusive behavior from her male editor, which required her and other girls to clean up the room after the boss’ sexcapades with his mistresses. 'The Bold Type' recap: Richard and Sutton make a big decision about their relationship in Season 4, Episode 15. There’s no fairytale ending here, and I can’t see them walking back to each other after this unless Sutton has a change of heart. They both respected each other’s wishes even if it hurt like hell. “Our goal on The Bold Type is and has always been to tell entertaining, authentic stories that are representative of the world that Kat, Jane and Sutton live in — we can only do that if we listen,” it added. It also broadcasts internationally on various networks and streaming platforms. I’ll be blunt that I’m not into this relationship at all. There is no middle ground, no gray area, it’s black and white. My One & Only movie 2019 trailer, cast Pascale Hutton, Sam Page | Hallmark | TV movie. 'The Bold Type' recap: Sutton and Richard's pregnancy takes an emotional turn in Season 4, Episode 13. They love each other so much that Richard knew letting Sutton go was the right thing in the long run no matter how much it hurts now. Ian was simply concerned that if the story went public, it would not only threaten his family but paint Jacqueline in a bad light as she would look like the scorned lover looking to retaliate and targeting Nicole. It’s rare that someone looks forward to a season finale, but season 4 of The Bold Type has turned into a hot mess and it’s best that they take a break, remember what made the show so groundbreaking in the first place, and hit the reset button on the season altogether. In an open letter posted to Instagram, Dee said she was inspired by her own courageous, unapologetic, and outspoken character. Well, everyone aside from Jane. We won’t forget it happened, but we’ll forgive the misstep if we get a storyline that embraces Kat as the queer, Black, outspoken, boss babe that she is and gives her a worthwhile romance. It’s devastating to lose the person you thought you were going to spend your life with, so I expected to explore sulking Sutton, but I can’t stand behind and watch the show turn her into a homewrecker on the verge of alcoholism aka Babs 2.0. Jane finds a big story, but it could have serious ramifications for Jacqueline. But Sutton knew she wasn’t going to change her mind. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I understand how real it is and why it needs to be addressed, but I also always loved that Sutton wasn’t defined by her past or her upbringing. For some reason, I don’t see Iceland happening! I’m sure he’s not the only man struggling to walk that fine line of when to interfere and when to let your girl handle her own issues, so the topic would be engaging and informative while also allowing him to clear the air and reclaim his “manhood.”, Your email address will not be published. Lizzy is a Music Business and Journalism major who has written for RADIO.COM, TV Fanatic, Time Out Chicago, Innerview, Pop’stache and Family Time. There was nothing shocking about Kat’s attraction towards foe-turned-friend-and-possibly-more, Ava. Kat is an outspoken liberal who sees things through her own perspective and lens, but Ava is the opposite of everything Kat believes a Republican is. Your email address will not be published. And most importantly, that she doesn’t waste this second chance. We Don’t Need a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot, Freeform Reveals ’31 Nights of Halloween’ Lineup, The Bold Type Review – [Spoiler] Breaks Up (4×15), The Bold Type Review – Sutton and Richard Disagree on the Future, Kat Learns Ava’s Secret (4×14), The Bold Type Review – Grief Comes in Waves as Sutton Deals with a Miscarriage (4×13). Sutton and Richard are both headstrong, independent who never waver in what they want. ET/PT on Freeform. Kat and Jane both fell under the umbrella of “forbidden love” because their romantic interests aren’t exactly 100% kosher in the workplace or in society. She’s been going to therapy with Ian to get their marriage back on track, so they fittingly fell under the umbrella of “rekindled love.”. Lizzy Buczak is the founder of CraveYouTV. Finding your heart’s desire is a blessing but it can also be a curse when it happens so young and you don’t have anyone your age that you can relate to. She has been in charge of CraveYou since 2011, writing reviews and news content for a wide variety of shows. Jane didn’t need to leave him hangings as she clearly reciprocates his feelings, but she was also surprised by his boldness and transparency. 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