In the scene there is a large green leaf over her left shoulder from the bushes behind her. The U.S. Army objected to James Lee Barrett's initial script in several ways. I would prefer a more realistic film, in which I was seen not as a hero but as an individual human being trying to act ethically in a difficult position.". Peterson is standing on top of the corrugated tin under the helicopter, his safety strap attached to the helicopter appears & disappears between shots. Affimative! All later releases were uncut. “The Green Berets” Hat Posted at 19:59h in John Wayne Trivia by Norwester Fan Club 0 Comments The Vietnam war film was panned by the critics but still made $21 million at the box office. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Jack Valenti told the President, "Wayne's politics are wrong, but if he makes this film he will be helping us." Revealing mistake: Except for the one that crashes, every single helicopter in this film is 100% factory fresh, brand new - no mud spatters, no scratched paint, not a dent or a blemish anywhere. Play 1.5 million questions in 2,000 categories! | What is the codename of the plane that flies over and annihilates the VC forces that had taken A-107? Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Major portions of "The Green Berets" movie were filmed in Columbus, Georgia (the mansion scene) and Ft. Benning, Georgia where a mock Vietnamese landscape was created to train Green Berets going to Vietnam. The Green Berets provides examples of:. Design and text © 1996 - 2020 Jon Sandys. David Janssen had a severe argument with John Wayne on the set of the production because Wayne lost his temper on an Asian child during the shooting. He couldn't walk three feet without falling over something. Because most soldiers are right handed they are normally feed from the Left hand side as the Charging Handle will be on the right side. In reality most war correspondents started out being in favor of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, but changed their minds after visiting the country. Play our The Green Berets quiz games now! Col. Mike Kirby picks two teams of crack Green Berets for a mission in South Vietnam. Classic Movie Hub. Trivia: David Jassen's nickname around the set was "Klutzy." What name is on the lighter that is found on the Cong soldier that was caught in A-107 by Muldoon? The film is mocked in the Gustav Hasford novel The Short-Timers in a scene where Joker and Rafter Man find the Lusthog Squad watching it at a movie theater. North Vietnam (the capitol of which is Hanoi) was a separate country that aided the Viet Cong. Which soldier does Hamchung become friends with? WILHELM SCREAM: As enemy soldiers are thrown into the air by an exploding grenade. Factual error: When the Navy Lt. shows up at Camp Aavoy 29, he states that he is part of the 91st Sea Bees. Despite the poor reviews, it went on to be a commercial success, which. When Sgt. Starring: Aldo Ray, David Janssen, Jim Hutton. Corrected entry: When Sgt. The Green Berets How the West Was Won John Wayne starred and directed 1968's "The Green Berets", a movie about the crack U.S. military unit set on a mission in Vietnam. The defensive battle that takes place during the second half of the movie is very loosely based on the Battle of Nam Dong, during which two Viet Cong battalions attacked a small outpost in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam which was defended by a mixed force of Americans, Australians and South Vietnamese troops on July 6, 1964. an error, click through However, the linked belt of .50 caliber rounds is shown hanging down the right side of the weapon. Other mistake: When Peterson is walking and gets caught in the trap, when he flies and hits the sharp needle bed, you can see clearly that the right one of them bends like rubber. The lead scout's job is to scan the area for such things. How much do you know? Correction: Just before John Wayne steps in line on the ramp behind Peterson, he reaches off to his left and hooks up his static line. Play over 110,000 quizzes and create your own. South Vietnam has a Western coast, along the Gulf of Thailand, along which anyone can watch the sun set over the sea. Muldoon implies the Revolutionary War ended in 1776, when it actually ended Sept. 3rd, 1783. Alternate Versions Nimh states that he wants to go home to Hanoi but first he wants to "kill all filthy stinking cong." Quotes The killing field is only 150 feet, so Kirby wants it put back the further 300 feet to fend off 'Charlie' better. based on the 1965 novel by Robin Moore.Much of the film was shot in the summer of 1967. Late in the movie, during the approach to the general's house, the forward scout is ambushed and killed. When Petersen is first confronted by Col. Kirby for pilfering from his unit, Petersen neither comes to attention nor salutes Col Kirby (he should have done this as soon as he saw the Col.) This is such a huge breach of military courtesy, that one of the senior NCOs , if not Col. Kirby himself, would have called him on it instantly. Connections The commander of the United States Army Airborne School at Fort Benning can be seen shooting trap with John Wayne in the film. The M2 feeds rounds in from the left and ejects empty cases and links out to the right. | Col. Mike Kirby (John Wayne who traveled to Vietnam in June 1966 and got the idea to make this picture about the army special forces on that trip) picks two teams of crack Green Berets ( Aldo Ray , George Takei , Jim Hutton , Edward Faulkner , Raymond St Jacques , Patrick Wayne , John's son , among others) from U.S. Special Forces troops for a mission in South Vietnam . That's what he said. Muldoon talks about guns and ammunition that came from communist countries and the supposed communist domination of the world. Corrected entry: Having finished the kidnap mission, Peterson volunteers to take the point. At first, Petersen finds him a nuisance after he is tripped up as a practical joke. Nimh killed every single "filthy stinking Cong" in South Vietnam, North Vietnam would still be communist, and he still couldn't go home. Colonel Mike Kirby: When the movie was released several critics pointed out that Green Berets were not usually 60 years old. However, the linked belt of .50 caliber rounds is shown hanging down the right side of the weapon. This base is returned to throughout the film, including the infamous sun setting in the east scene. Check out the mistake & trivia books, on Kindle and in paperback. The Pentagon was in the process of trying to prosecute original author. Correction: Hamchunk was not calling him "peter-san", he was calling him by his name Peterson. When Sgt. Why does Wayne want Peterson in his group? During the movie scene where John Wayne and his soldiers parachute into enemy territory, John Wayne's static line is draped over his shoulder. What happen to the little village girl that Beckworth gave the St. Christopher medal to?