In fact, it is believed to originate… >>All Tree of Life Meanings, Derived from Sanskrit, the word Buddha translates into, “The Awakened One.” Believed to have… >>All Buddha Tattoo Meanings, A dancing butterfly might be an inspiring spot of color that brightens a gray spring day, but… >>All Butterfly Tattoo Meanings, The lion is an animal that many people feel a strong connection to. You might see other symbols that represent peace as well like the olive branch, doves or even a heart. Most people think of a handshake as an agreement of peace. It might not be as rigid of a meaning today, but many people still believe in the power of a handshake. A handshake is a ritual in which two people clasp their hands together and briefly move them up and down. Others may have a symbol in mind and are looking for the general meaning and symbolism. What about an owl tattoo? It embodies a very important lesson that many need to learn in life. There is a depiction of two soldiers shaking hands on a funerary stele in the Pergamon Museum. Although no one knows for sure… >>All Celtic Cross Tattoo Meanings, The bald eagle, sometimes called the American eagle, has been the emblem of the United States since… >>All Eagle Tattoo Meanings, Horses have been part of American culture since early settlers began the journey westward, but the horses… >>All Horse Tattoo Meanings. However, we are going to give it a whirl and we hope you feel more informed on the subject afterwards. Probably Popeye the sailor made them famous or probably it’s just that they symbolize so many things such as strength, stability and holding on. Depending on what the tattoo is depicting; it might change the feeling of the image. It suggests that you're wise to their nasty plots and won't ever be an easy victim. Anchor tattoos are gaining in popularity for their retro style, and have long been a preferred… >>All Anchor tattoo meanings, The word Dragon is derived from the Greek word drákōn, which literally translates into… >>All Dragon tattoo meanings, Native American and tribal cultures around the world have long used the symbol of the… >>All Feather tattoo meanings, Hawaii is the largest island of the chain of islands called the Hawaiian Islands. Tattoo meanings can vary and be multi-layered. To see more sink your fangs into more traditional body art, make sure to stop by these artists' Instagrams. Read our. Quotes reflect a solid meaning so don’t go for a jargon to ink your body that may affect your cool factor in your later years. It shows resilience and it shows faith.

It might also represent a deal made and both parties hope everything goes well. This image might represent a friendship that they hope to have continued good luck with. You may choose a symbol or design because it carries with it a certain meaning or meanings. They have served a variety of functions from telling time to… >>All Star Tattoo Meanings, Koi fish are a domesticated carp native to Japan, and are often evocative of Japanese culture and a… >>All Koi Fish Tattoo Meanings, For many people, choosing a dove tattoo is symbolic of faith or religion, peace, innocence, piety or love… >>All Dove Tattoo Meanings, The humming bird is revered in many cultures for its special qualities unlike any other bird. Before dog became man’s… >>All Wolf tattoo meanings, Snake tattoos are a classic. Below are some of the variations of the tattoo that we have seen and what we feel is the meaning behind them base on our research. However, this didn’t stop the violence and it was more of an achievement of Bob Marley’s. This lesson is that trusting others can have serious consequences. They are very traditional and quite a few individuals have these… >>All Snake Tattoo Meanings, While typically associated with Christianity, angels are found in Judaism and Islam as well… >>All Angel Tattoo Meanings, Mandala tattoos hold deep meaning, as the mandala originates from Hindu and Buddhist symbolism… >>All Mandala Tattoo Meanings, Skull tattoos may be associated with pirates, old school bikers, and counter-culture figures, but… >>All Skull Tattoo Meanings, While geometric and abstract tattoos might be trendy, these designs simply can’t compete when… >>All Peacock Feather Tattoo Meanings, The key tattoo is not a mainstream tattoo, but it is a popular choice. As we spoke about, the meaning of the handshake tattoo can represent many feelings. We often see the handshake tattoo with a horseshoe in the background. If you make a deal with the devil, you usually get your wish but when you pass, the devil will most likely get your soul. Its history is… >>All Aztec Tattoo Meanings, The Chinese art of tattooing the body, called Ci Shen, has been known for thousands of years, however it has… >>All Chinese Tattoo Meanings, The Celtic Cross is a popular design that represents the cross of Christ. We know we did it and no matter if the result that was supposed to come from that handshake happed, we don’t forget about it. The handshake is a powerful symbol. Types of tattoos are almost as varied as the meanings they convey. This leads us to the symbolism that a handshake can be used for good purposes and it can be used in deceit. From ancient Egypt, where the cat was adorded and killing one meant death for the offender, to present… >>All Cat Tattoo Meanings. So much so that we see many people get it tattooed on their body. In fact, a recent poll by the TV channel Animal… >>All Tiger tattoo meanings, Tribal tattoos are very popular today. Bob Marley persuaded Michael Manley, who was the Prime Minister, and opposition party leader Edward Seaga to shake hands while they were on stage. The handshake used to be your word of honor. You may be aware of the more common meanings such as strength and perseverance, but did you also know it can mean anchoring one’s spirit to the earth? Types of tattoos are almost as varied as the meanings they convey. Tattoos with Meaning XXXIII Tattoo Meaning. There is a saying that talks about making a deal with the devil. It is sometimes… >>All Key Tattoo Meanings, The tree of life has been a enduring symbol since ancient times. In either case, the below list of tattoos and their meanings may help you find the perfect tattoo with the perfect meaning. Having one of these pieces on your body acts as a warning to anyone out to pull the wool over your eyes. Some may participate in the act more than others. They had to use other methods to lock in the deal. This is by no means all of the ways it can be done but they are some examples. These are all positive symbols that represent a peaceful resolution or friendship that has lasted. It is also… >>All Hawaiian tattoo meanings, The Traditional Japanese Tattoos known as “Irezumi” are the decoration of the body with… >>All Japanese tattoo meanings, The Maori people are native to New Zealand, and tribal family groups continue to reside… >>All Maori tattoo meanings, Many people associate owls with wisdom, but they can be intriguing and mysterious too… >>All Owl tattoo meanings, It’s perfectly valid to pick a tattoo on a whim, but choosing one with a personal meaning adds… >>All Rose tattoo meanings, There are few animals as revered as the tiger. We usually associated good things with the handshake, but we often see symbols, especially in tattooing, that make us realize that not all handshakes are of the positive sort or have happy meanings. A representative… >>All Circle Tattoo Meanings. Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. As we spoke about, the meaning of the handshake tattoo can represent many feelings. We sometimes get lost in the shuffle of life and work, but we need to remember what got us there. If you’d like a custom quote on your tattoo idea, please let us know a little about the piece and we’ll try to give you a good idea on what it will cost. More than likely your family played a big role in that, so the family first handshake is a reminder. Though this iconic motif has been around for a long time, it has taken on new features and meanings over the years. This gesture that is so simple can be more powerful than a than a host of speeches. When beginning to choose a tattoo, some people have a meaning in mind and are looking for a symbol to convey that meaning. Think you know what an Anchor tattoo means? This goes to show that not all handshakes are solid oaths and you have to be aware of who you are shaking hands with. You watched business men make a deal in the movies and shake on it. Quotes Tattoo Meaning. In addition a particular design or symbol may have a personal meaning. I’m sure we can all remember times when we were excited and shook our friends hand (or gave them a high five) to show our satisfaction of a situation. It is… >>All Hummingbird Tattoo Meanings, Samoan tattoos – or tatau – are part of a rich historical tradition, but they have also become popular in… >>All Samoan Tattoo Meanings, Diamonds have come to mean many things throughout history, from luxury, to love, to controversy… >>All Diamond Tattoo Meanings, Dragonflies have long been associated with the mystical and often represent transformation as these tiny… >>All Dragonfly Tattoo Meanings, From realistic depictions to abstract designs, scorpion tattoos typically hold deep meaning… >>All Scorpion Tattoo Meanings, Dreamcatchers are pervasive in Native American culture, and can be found in many parts of the… >>All Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meanings, While differing variations hold special meaning, a pocket watch tattoo generally… >>All Pocket Watch Tattoo Meanings, Throughout history, the circle has held special meaning for humanity. What meaning do you want to symbolize with your tattoo? They stick with us. Handshake Tattoo Variations. Then we will move into the symbolic meaning of the handshake tattoo and what it means to those that have it inked on their body. An example of a personal meaning would be choosing a Polynesian style tattoo because you have Polynesian ancestry. Anchor tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos around the world. When you trust someone, you let your guard down and make it easier for someone to lie, cheat or steal.