"That was with NBC, and they cancelled us after the fifth show was on the air, so that was a bit of a frustration. All summer - filming "The Bear" Jean Jacques Amiel in Alps Creature Shop project, Tough Pigs Anthology: The Jim Henson Hour, https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/The_Jim_Henson_Hour?oldid=1321275, Footage from earlier Muppet productions is shown on the television monitors at the Muppet Central control room throughout the series, as well as footage shot specifically for the series.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. English The Jim Henson Hour was an hour-long prime-time anthology series produced by Jim Henson as a showcase for a variety of Jim Henson Productions ' television work. The Jim Henson Hour #2a: Oceans I've been thinking about this for days now, trying to frame this post correctly.

Jim Henson talks about the second half hour, Lighthouse Island .

NOTE: In 'The Jim Henson Show' edit, the Thought Lion gives Jim a note reading "get on with it" instead of the original Jim talking about Lighthouse Island.
Kermit  tries to put it back, but falls off, busting a hole in the roof.

In most shows, the hour was divided into two parts. ""[11], The MuppeTelevision segments have been rerun, by themselves, on CTS in Canada (part of the package that also includes The Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight). A young man must assist an eccentric older woman in retrieving a powerful jewel, in order to get a pair of shoes for his fiancee. Ted Danson guest stars in an episode themed around the world's oceans and conservation.

[2] However, NBC insisted on some format changes to Henson's original proposal; the executives did not like Henson's proposal of a weekly rotation of episode types. "I don't think so," Henson responded. This was shot at the same time as the alternate half-hour intro to, A promotional photo of Henson with the show's main cast shows an unknown pink reporter bird character, who appears on the monitors with, A promotional booklet for what was then called "The Jim Henson Show" shows, An NBC TV advertisement for the first episode shows two shots from "Living With Dinosaurs", which is not from the episode (it featured. Footage from, An outtake was staged featuring the Thought Lion nearly attacking Henson. Jim Henson with the Thought Lion hosts an hour of television. Lindbergh tries to fix the roof, but only makes things worse. Critics were not kind to the show, calling it "flawed"[7] and "dull.

Since the show is now only half an hour long, Henson's introductions are entirely different, with new exclusive footage of Henson only talking about the MuppeTelevision half of the program.