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The comic Coluche, who was one of the first to use French curse words for laughs in his routines (Quel enfoiré ! In fact, if you go to southern France, you’ll hear French swear words like they’re going out of style.

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T’es vraiment con, quand même would fit nicely. var dfpSlots = {}; gdpr: { So if it’s not a verb, then how do the French talk about the act of, you know… ? (Here, the speaker isn’t referring to the listener; instead, it’s just a sentence tag. Below are words that French people actually use; I’ve also given the situations in which they use them. window.__tcfapi('removeEventListener', 2, function(success){ };

Two years of living in France, however, changed all that.

» — (Francis Carco, Images cachées, Éditions Albin Michel, Paris, 1928). Failing the best, we will have to be satisfied with what is not, Mais, à défaut du mieux, il faut se contenter de ce qui n'est pas, En ce qui concerne les bourses du millénaire, c'est. (“That guy’s a real asshole!”). All rights reserved. You don’t have to feel bad about relaxing.

Did you just find out that your boyfriend cheated on you? ... (slang) a sad thing.


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