The BR710 allows operations from hot and/or high airports, and its fuel efficiency supports long mission durations or long-distance high altitude flights. The BR710 engine had its first run in 1995 and entered service 1997. by TheBurnsStuff 4 years ago 19 minutes 2,554 views 2:00 Begin taxi 9:05 Power up/Take-off 15:55 Gear Down 18:15 Landing Delta EASA.E.018 Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG BR700-710 engines. This version of the engine powers for example the Gulfstream V, Gulfstream 550 and Bombardier Global Express. Delta Connections Boeing 717-200 Rolls-Royce BR700 (Awesome Sound!!) We manage your engine and line replaceable units overhaul and repair. Rolls-Royce will coordinate shipping logistics, provide optimal workscopes and manage turnaround-time performance. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul. The BR710 uses the highly efficient BR700 engine family core, and all components of the engine are optimised to keep noise and emissions to a minimum. Read Book Br710 Engine Manual the clutch is built into the starter. Engine Repair Management. Delta Connections Boeing 717-200 Rolls-Royce BR700 (Awesome Sound!!) The BR710 is the first member of the successful BR700 family with more than 3,600 BR700 engines in service with customers worldwide By the end of 2016 the BR710 had accumulated about 9.9m Engine Flying Hours since EIS with about 3,000 engines in service Issue 05 Dec 2019. The BR715 engine had its first run in 1997 and entered service 1999.