Offering platforms for both parents with students K-8, and a student driven platform that keeps parents and teachers informed and gives high schoolers a way to keep themselves accountable and on track. Then, later, the parent can put all that into whatever documentation is used this kind of thing to keep a journal for about 3 months and then © 2020 UnschoolHighSchool • Unschool Inc. Log In; Sign Up; Member Community. Trackbacks . because, y'know, everything they do does actually involve learning." A quick hug and kiss and he is gone for the day. 7(almost 8)yr. old daughter had to show me how to screen-record and post to YouTube!). I received a lot of emails with questions about Put the at familyRUNning in a Pennsylvania folder, or maybe in its own topic, but please preface it with the fact that VERY very few people need to use it. Wishing everyone who has to deal with government-compliance, fun and easy Our writers share their personal journeys as well as research data and compile online resources to help you along the way. learning didn't have to look like a result of school-style teaching. Unschool Inc. also offers homeschool merchandise and is a great homeschool resource for homeschooling and unschooling families. Unschooling Portfolio Notes. —Sandra Show off what you can do. For me, it seemed like the natural progression from parenting philosophies such as Attachment Parenting, first popularized by. Unschool High School is for all homeschoolers, not just “Unschoolers”. the categories and satisfy the authorities. Keeping an Unschooling Portfolio with Evernote and EasyBib. If you click on the subjects under "Bibliography" on the right-hand side of the blog, it will take you to my EasyBib notebooks and you'll be able to see what our log looks like. If your purpose is to keep the family informed by offering exciting photos and discoveries, and maybe links to things the kids are learning from, a blog might suit you better as you can jazz up the presentation. you can record and use (later) for documentation. some particular subject and try to push that on the kids (oh so subtle Unschooling Portfolio Photo Sheet. Connect with a community of home school students from around the country. Unschool Inc. also offers homeschool merchandise and is a great homeschool resource for homeschooling and unschooling families. I think that it may be helpful to members of our unschooling group in the Upstate area. Unschool Portfolio. If an unschooling family focuses on documentation unnecessarily, it can compromise the learning and the relationships that can grow without being measured and recorded every day. Year Student ©2020 Hoeden LLC - Reproducible for personal use only. Unfortunately, though, if what is happening in New Jersey becomes of consequence, it seems like more regulations, at least in the States, may be on the horizon :(, Evernote and EasyBib as (FREE) Tools for Keeping an Unschooling Portfolio/Log. What can be gained, I thought, from forcing kids to do jobs they hate and which often lead to unnecessary conflict? 0. Welcome to Wishing everyone fun and easy documenting! We created Unschool Portfolio because we wanted a better way to keep track of our own K-8 homeschooling activities. I head into the kitchen for the fresh coffee he made and then settle myself in from to the computer for an hour of checking emails, Facebook and Twitter. are doing and help the parent let go of biases in favor of certain ways really come to embrace the reality that kids are always learning; 3) Here's a link to the tutorials, as well as links to see We will plan his learning together, based on his interests, so I can't state in advance which specific topical areas we will cover, however we expect to cover the following subjects. It is a great as a multi-text journal for photos, thoughts, links. I Tools for Keeping an Unschooling Portfolio/Log, by Brie Jontry . It is, but I want to caution folks who don't need to document for the ). Unschool High School gives students the tools needed to take their education into their own hands while keeping parents involved and informed. how to set up Evernote: and Easybib:, and husband who perused it and said I could "make anything sound So, I'm leaving the following for you to decide to post or not....or, if you think it is helpful info for a majority of folks, let me know and I can just repost. Online Portfolio for Members. We’re glad it’s useful! We shared it with you because we really think our tools will make your homeschooling experience better! documentation aren't edged into thinking in terms of school subjects; 2) parents don't revert to or hang on to the idea of school subjects but The advantages are many: 1) kids who become aware of the You can even print out all of those important "official" records of your homeschooling experience. HomeschoolingSC says May 10, 2017 at 7:29 pm. Unschool Portfolio helps you track homeschooling activities, build a portfolio, track attendance and more. needed. to looking info up, thoughts, observations, connections, etc., under the "add annotation" link I discuss, which is where I add the date the material was used. educational." constructing, listening, watching); and 5) when the parents do put the Reply. The Magic(and Science) of Learning Through Stories. Brie talked about the Evernote system a while back and that sounds really cool. If you are looking for homeschool resources, ideas and support during your home education journey, take a peek through our blog. I loved the feeling of dressing up …, A Better Way to Track Your Child’s Education. always go into multiple categories and you can choose so as to fill all I'm moving the blog post here, too, just for backup. Our tracking service caters to students that use interest-based and nontraditional learning approaches. Unschooling is legal in all fifty states, and each state has its own set of home education requirements. Would it be okay to share this on our closed FB page? 6am– My toddler, Jade, wakes up and wants to snuggle. We created Unschool Portfolio because we wanted a better way to keep track of our own K-8 homeschooling activities. Facilitators will create their class of students and then have access to monitor their activity to ensure their student stay on track with their education. Our Unschool High School site offers a system that helps schools track activities, subjects, assignments, goals and experiences for the entire class. what our Evernote and EasyBib notebooks look like: Unschool High School offers a way for homeschooled high schoolers to track their education and have a complete portfolio and transcript when it comes time to graduate. government, that breaking things up as I have by "subject" could very Unschooling Portfolio. documenting, Brie Evernote will probably be enough for most states/countries, but some also Copyright © 2019 Unschool Inc. All rights reserved. Unschool Portfolio … One mom was discussing the conundrum of how to get her kids to do chores, while still being true to her belief that children flourish when given free choice to decide what is most important. Year Student ©2020 Hoeden LLC - Reproducible for personal use only. "ticklers" to help you recognize that the kid IS doing something that find that any one activity can go into multiple categories. Keeping an Unschooling Portfolio with Evernote and EasyBib. When I first learned about the concept of unschooling, I read a forum thread about unschooling and chores. When I first learned about the concept of unschooling, I read a forum thread about unschooling and chores. Unschooling Portfolio Notes. Thanks for such a great article. Following are two tutorials I made that explain how to set up Evernote as a portfolio, and copy/paste information and how to use EasyBib as a dated reading/media log. EasyBib is wonderful for this Unschool Portfolio. Reply. July 17, 2019 Drea Rightsell. As an unschooler in Florida, there are two specific things you must do to meet the state's legal requirements to start any home education program: Submit a written notice of intent; Maintain a portfolio for your child Tutorial Videos; FAQ; Contact; Our Blog; Unschooling and Chores . Yes…please share anything on this blog. He Click here to see what one of our Evernote notebooks look like. unschooling for those who have the urge to keep records of some kind. Unschooling: Harvest Festivals from Around the World, Unschooling: The Skill of Preserving Food, Tip for Traveling With Tweens (It Can Actually Be Fun! converted it to slightly more educationeze language and showed it to my While unschooling is theoretically an educational approach, in reality, it is often an expression of a wider set of beliefs about how to best instill the qualities we hope for in our kids. parents don't start getting worried that a kid isn't doing enough in (It just occurred to me that folks who need to keep a dated log could add a few notes: question that led When I was a kid, Halloween was definitely my favorite holiday, hands down. Your membership gives you access to our online tracking system complete with an online portfolio, transcripts, attendance documents and more. I was going to post a link [on the Always Learning list], but thought I'd clear it with you first as I know that thinking about documentation when one doesn't have to (as in "have to" to comply with local laws) can be really harmful to unschooling. material into documentation that is "by subject," things can almost Having been newly introduced to the concept of “intrinsic motivation”, the idea that humans are innately motivated to be a part of their social group, and thus will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in society, I sympathized with the mother’s concerns. 5am– My husband wakes me up just before he leaves for work. as it may be); 4) it can actually help a parent really see what the kids We shared it with you because we really think our tools will make your homeschooling experience better! Unschooling: A Sample Day. state-required documentation. After I sang the praises of Evernote as a tool for documenting the learning that goes on around here on a few home/unschool lists recently, I received quite a few emails asking how we use the application, and how to set it up as a portfolio for un/homeschooling.