After Tapsee Pannu in Baby and Naam Shabana, Jeremiah is the only girl who could pull off the character of a warrior woman convincingly. Dialogues are the best... loved it..... Even in terms of narrative and character development, there isn't much left to do in this universe. Click to get started. All the actors have done their job pretty well. He asking lot of question & thoughts. Camera: Shiv Kumar MauryaVideo Editor: Prashant ChauhanVideo Producer: Abhishek Ranjan. Vishwaroopam 2 Review, Vishwaroopam 2 Telugu Movie Review, Ratings - Vishwaroopam is a whole one-man show by Kamal Haasan. However, he should've kept himself in proper shape. Didn't expect this coming from such a great actor Kamal Hassan.

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Kamal Haasan is the star of the show with his great acting and direction skills.

Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! But the one question you keep asking yourself throughout the 144-minute run-time is – “What was the need to make a sequel?”. P.s. I got upset when I saw the ratings given by Indian express.

But in the morning I felt to go and watch it. The contents of this movie should have been added to the first part to the balance out all the short coming(which are many) in this movie. Don't have an account? The familiar tropes of an espionage thriller can be spotted, with deception and surprise attacks all present in the film. But to what avail? The star gets to do action, comedy and sentiment in equal doses and he impresses, as usual in all of them. While most sequels fail to impress, this one is significant enough. Yet, she should've been given more time to play around her character. Overall a great movie experience.
Its a perfect sequel & prequel to a perfect ending.

Subscribe to The Quint's newsletter and get selected stories delivered to your inbox every day. He truly portrayed how ignorant our politicians and bureaucrats are about our soldiers and operatives, who sacrifice everything for the country. This multi-lingual film has been shot in both Hindi and Tamil. So I felt to quit watching it. One understands that considering the current political climate, these things sadly have to be spelt out loud and clear, but just good intentions don’t make compelling cinema! A smarter screenplay would have done the trick. Kamal Haasan was at his best as usual.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Waheeda Rahman's character could be relatable well by those who have elderlies at home suffering from neurological or brain disorders. My rating: 9/10, Don't believe what other say about this movie.... Ofcourse I am not a film maker,just an enthusiast.I don't know all the troubles Kamal Hassan had to go through,but I did expect a better movie for his Viswaroopam sequel. Vishwaroopam 2 starts off from where Vishwaroopam left us stunned 5 years ago. Our spy Wasim Ahmed (Kamal Haasan) is slightly bruised but rearing to go after his old enemy Omar Qureishi (Rahul Bose) to decimate the tentacles of terrorism his dreaded organisation nourished. Everything was perfectly ultimate.

Not so great VFX & CGI.

No one in the crew seemed interested in making a great movie.

3* is too much on expectations.

Even Waheeda Rehman in the role of his Alzheimer-stricken mother is wasted. Kudos to her! Story conveys a good message too at the end. They hardly have an agency of their own. All rights reserved. This movie is totally crap, personally a fan of Kamaal sir but this time he failed miserably. The second part lacks the 'WOW' moments and intrigue factor of the first...Had the story been released as a single film with a runtime of around three hours, the impact would've been solid. Vishwaroopam had a tumultuous release in 2013 with a generous serving of controversy, which almost always helps a film. Special mention to Rahul Bose and his assistant. Liked this story? In one word, it's a must to watch film.. But when I saw the movie I really fell for every inch of his script and acting and story. BGM and songs stood out throughout the movie especially the song 'Gnyabagam Varigiradha'. Her underwater stint was pointless. Film is not worth at all.. story is not engaging & convincing at any point.. Not even half baked plot it's just rotten plot.. Give a try if you want to waste time and money..

It's Andrea Jeremiah who really impressed us. Vishwaroopam 2 Review: Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah. Special mention to Rahul Bose and his assistant. Copyright © Fandango. Vishwaroopam 2 cannot stand up in front of its fantastic first iteration. Due to delay on release this film is looks like low vfx and a dumped second part movie otherwise it is better than other movies which release with this film.. You must watch it for the stunts , fights and the cinematography.
A mini Hollywood approach is what I felt. i am not a kamal fan.

“Musalmaan hona gunah nahi hai, but aap jaisa insaan hona haram hai,” says Wasim to a babu-type character that Ananth Mahadevan plays with finesse. The problem with globe-trotting espionage dramas is rooted into its form. It’s all on expected lines and very amateurish in its treatment. Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Review, Rating & Story Analysis: Directed by the legendary actor Kamal Haasan himself, Vishwaroopam 2, a sequel to Vishwaroopam, is a spy thriller with exceptional gravity-defying stunts and visuals but with a weak plot. I was more eager to see the review of this movie yesterday. There are no secrets to be revealed and no intrigue left to be unraveled. Spy thrillers have very little to draw upon, which is why we see so many of the modern versions parodying their own themes rather than building upon real experiences. In the first edition, the veteran star-actor led from the front: here the 'dirty soldier turned bloody espionage agent' is all thundery lines like 'main mazhab nahin mulk ke liye khoon bahaata hoon'.

And despite having some genuinely good moments, the film tries to put forth a little too much, a little too quickly.

Written and directed by Kamal Haasan himself (Atul Tiwari credited for the Hindi dialogues), the events in this latest instalment take place partly before and partly after all that transpired in Vishwaroopam. We'll send you more. There is terrestrial warfare and underwater action, freeze frames employed to give context to the frenzied back-and-forth between timelines. Turns out Vishwaroopam 2 is where all the “offensive” cinematic misdemeanours take place. In that case, people thronged the theatres to see what the controversy was all about – only to find a pretty decent film, with nothing really objectionable. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.

Kamal haasan sir took tamil cinema to hollywood level.... from indian cinema he has the capacity to challenge hollywood films.... the way presented the movie is totally superb..... Vishwaroopam 2 Rockzzzz..... hats off sir..... Good and strong story line, kamal showed his mind about nationalism in film. Shekhar Kapur doesn't fit well as an active field agent.

Despite of its flaws, it's films like these that can gradually put the Indian film industry on par with the likes of the Bourne Series, 13 Hours and Strike Back. Pooja Kumar had nothing innovative to show. If you are a fan of Viswaroopam 1,ignore this film as the identity of the characters are taken for a toss.The high intense fighting coupled with an immersive story line which kept us glued to First part is missing in this movie.Story line gets predictable. His paunch was quite visible. For all its claims to be an adrenaline-inducing action thriller, Vishwaroopam 2 moves forward in … I wish I had something to write about this movie but I am disappointed I don't even have any words to describe how much I wanted to get out of the theatre. Though it may not be as intense as its prequel, yet it could maintain the legacy well. ‘Vishwaroopam 2’ Production House Takes Kamal Haasan to Court, ‘Karwaan’ is the Millennial Edition of ‘Baghban’. Vishwaroopam 2 cannot stand up in front of its fantastic first iteration. It is good script writings and detailing in the scene.Kamal Haasan must Want to do more movies.Only thing which have seen negative that vfx. Half the movie seemed like deleted scenes from vishwaroopam 1. For all its claims to be an adrenaline-inducing action thriller, Vishwaroopam 2 moves forward in a languid fashion. The plot could have been more enthralling. They should work on their tone & speech should they plan to make another sequel. Vishwaroopam 2 tries hard but remains stoically below-average. Sign up here. But even he can't rise above the shockingly inept script, which he rescues only in a few places, when his trademark intelligent, wry self-awareness manages to kick in. Masterpiece which we get to know after few Months. Supporting cast too did their part really well. Only Rahul Bose's hoarse-voiced Omar provides the campiness that could have salvaged the movie from its dire sense of self-importance. The rest can be safely ignored. He's better off doing the desk job from Delhi. We know how sorrowful their conditions are. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Binge Guide: 5 Things to Watch If You Loved. Watch this movie only on theaters. Looking forward to them... Vishwaroop 2 - A true "Circumquel" unknown to the kitchensink mentality. Even in terms of narrative and character development, there isn't much left to do in this universe. Viswaroop can prove to be a good franchise if they can come up with gripping plots and storylines. Loved it simply. Seemed like no one got paid for this movie. Wasim is a dutiful son, a loving husband, a sachha desh bhakt and the other characters exist to simply showcase this.