Purchase the automobile depicted here and there will come a time, like it or not, when your neighbor asks, "Hey, what kind of new car did you buy?" Tap the console selector to the right, and you enter Tiptronic-land. Subtle design changes were made by the introduction of chrome fog light covers and cherry red rear lights. European combined cycle: 16 mpg It features a 48-valve 12-cylinder engine, an air suspension, and Magic … The interior was also updated including a new gear lever, gloss black accents around the gear lever and steering controls and the introduction of a new removable touch screen remote for rear passengers. This car, the Phaeton, stretches to 199.0 inches in length, is powered by a 12-cylinder … [28] 4motion permanent four-wheel drive is the only driveline system available, except for the 2003 and 2004 model years when front wheel drive was available with the 3.2 litre engine. This included new LED running lights, bi-xenon headlights and a new bumper with LED fog lights. Smoothness comes naturally, the balanced weighting of the major controls contributing to the sense that this is a beautifully coordinated car of intrinsic quality. The steering is quick (2.7 turns), and the Servotronic assistance is light at suburban speeds to isolate the driver almost totally from the action, although the weighting increases as the speed rises. To comply with Public Health Services and your and our safety pl... Mileage 198,007 km $9,988. Maybe more. Marketing exercise and brand challenges aside, the Phaeton W12 is as good a premium flagship as exists. This effectively transfers power to the other wheel. Modulation is progressive, but the brakes moan in a powerful high-speed stop. None of which matters when you're lounging on the vast rear sofa, whose seatback angle encourages sleep. It has much in common with the A8 though being heavier, it didn’t perform as well when equipped with the 4.2-litre V8. slipping) the EDL system momentarily brakes it. This may be the perfect car for millionaires worried about a profligate image. We may earn money from the links on this page. In 2008, Volkswagen released the first update to the Phaeton. [citation needed], Sales of the Phaeton fell far short of expectations. Subscribe to receive new listings for this search right in your inbox. As an option, there are Ferrarilike cast aluminum paddles affixed to the steering column. A people's car for people with princely incomes. We asked why the Century was sold nowhere but Japan. LIKE NEW... How much horsepower (hp) does a 2002 Volkswagen Phaeton 6.0 W12 have? The suspension's pneumatic struts and compressors are co-conspirators in this cosseting, with the long wheelbase and astounding mass eliminating any residual ride harshness or crash-through. Is the world ready for a Volkswagen with a base price of nearly $80 grand and an as-tested bottom line just over $90K? Once the engine reaches 6300 rpm, it slips up a ratio. Even in the default Base setting, level two of four selectable positions from Comfort to Sport 2, the suspension feels remote, separating the occupants from the road. At 100 mph, wind noise from the exterior mirrors begins to intrude. In Comfort, the ride is squishy and chassis responses slow, despite the suspension switching to a firmer setting in 0.5 second to control body movements. In Japan, you can buy a Toyota luxury sedan called the Century. THE CAR IS IN MINT CONDITION, A further, minor facelift was introduced in 2014, including exterior alterations to the front fog lights and darkened rear lights. VERY RARE CAR! Volkswagen was developing an electric version, but replaced it with their MEB2 platform for 2020. NO WINTERS AT ALL! When's the last time you saw a VW with a $3000 gas-guzzler tax? You're just wafted to colossal speeds, with 6000-rpm WOT upshifts clicking past as imperceptibly and silently as mile markers. Disclaimer Information: Please confirm with seller accuracy of information. They perform the same Tiptronic function, only more naturally. Fast and serene, the Phaeton W-12 is what might have resulted if Mercedes had its way with a Lexus LS430 and Jaguar did the interior. The Phaeton plays along with the self-imposed German limit of 155 mph (although Porsche doesn't), but the engineers concede dealers can remove the electronic limiter, lifting max speed to 178 mph. Negotiable. 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