Make sure they do not have access to fruits and vegetables. These issues can cause serious damage and complications to your property. if a person and/or animal unknowingly steps in these areas of excavated soil. One of the most popular baits, believe it or not, is peanut butter. Groundhogs will adapt to the current season so they can survive. We hope you enjoy this website. During the spring and summer seasons, groundhogs will have an abundance of plants to enjoy. Buying houseplants can put you at risk for harboring unwanted pest infestations. This ensures that they can sustain a healthy weight during the hibernation period which lasts from October to February. Furthermore, it may be possible to deter groundhogs by using certain plants. If you suspect that a groundhog is rummaging through your garden, consider contacting a pest control professional to help assess and mitigate the issue as soon as possible. What Do Groundhogs Eat? Schoonmaker reports that groundhogs may hide when they see, smell or hear the observer. Burrows can extend as far as 66 feet wide and 5 feet deep. They’ll eat pretty much anything they can find. Groundhogs can do more than determine the timeline for the arrival of spring. The bites can cause discomfort and, in some cases, transmit pathogens (bacteria, viruses and protozoans) that can cause a variety of diseases. Groundhogs have distinct eating patterns that vary depending on the season. Although groundhogs typically feed on plants, they may also gnaw at electrical wires, irrigation systems, and hoses as they burrow underground. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. With a little luck, the groundhog will not be willing to cross these plants. They also enjoy eating clover, alfalfa, dandelion, and coltsfoot. How to Help Get Rid of Sparrows Around Your Home. Continuous feeding helps the groundhogs keep their incisors properly trimmed. Groundhogs are primarily herbivorous in nature, and feed on a wide range of vegetation – right from grass to agricultural produce. They are known to leave their burrows in search of food in broad daylight. Sparrows are aggressive and social birds that are competitive by nature towards other native birds. They won’t have to worry about scavenging to survive. Voles can also cause lawn damage with their runways. Groundhogs hibernate underground in burrows and stay out of view. Go through this article for a brief overview about polar bear diet. Though it may be hard to tell these pests apart, knowing what each animal looks like and how they cause damage can help you practice the best gopher, mole and vole control methods and protect your home’s yard. The only downside is that the foxglove is dangerous because it is poisonous. While fruits and vegetables form a major chunk of their diet in summer, flowers are considered a delicacy in spring. By the time February comes, these animals will have lost nearly half of their body weight so they’ll be ready to eat again. Gophers and moles are animals that can cause extensive damage to a yard by digging complex networks of tunnels below ground. Trained pest control technicians can help identify suspected groundhog burrows and help provide a solution. Since these foods are readily available during the summer, this is what they’ll eat most often. What do piranhas eat? Well, It's Not What You Thought. First, you’ll want to find out why groundhogs would come to your yard. They include blanket flowers, daffodils, foxgloves, irises, peonies, baby’s breaths, and butterfly weeds. This beautiful, blue flower looks great and it’ll keep groundhogs at bay. In other words, a groundhog’s diet is going to change depending on the season. If you’re going on vacation and intend to visit a state park, you may encounter groundhogs. Though ground-dwelling, they are known to climb trees to feed on fruits at times. This ensures that they’re able to prepare for the upcoming hibernation period. What do Groundhogs Eat? Groundhogs (Marmota monax) belong to the family of large ground squirrels known as ‘marmots’. They dig their burrows close to farms, gardens and orchards, so as to make sure that the food is available in plenty at any given point of time. Getting rid of sparrows is a difficult task and may require a combination of methods to reduce their numbers. How to Naturally Get Rid of Bugs on Plants. Foxes eat a variety of plant and animal-based food sources, the latter including small mammals like groundhogs. Sometimes, their burrows do not protect enough protection and they fall prey to some of these animals. What do they feed on? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. As soon as February arrives, you need to make sure that you’ve taken steps to protect your garden. With their big fluffy tails and perky ears, squirrels might seem like they’re too cute to be rodents. Before these bugs cause damage to your new plant, know how to take care of them using natural remedies. Interestingly, alfalfa, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, melons, cucumbers, and other such home-grown vegetables are their favorite foods. Fruits like berries, cherries and apples 5. The plants mentioned in this section are the ones that groundhogs will be much less likely to consume. Trained technicians can determine how to effectively remove or prevent them and customize a solution to help keep them from returning. Throughout the year, groundhogs are going to build fat reserves so they’ll be able to survive during the winter.