Green Left is a vital social-change project and aims to make all content available online, without paywalls. SIMILARLY, civil rights activist and former Senator representing Kaduna Central Zone, Shehu Sani, expressed support for the protest. Also, a group called Coalition for Northern Group, Kebbi State chapter, has called on the Federal Government to end security challenges in the country, especially the northern part of the country. The warnings came as governors of northern states rejected disbandment of SARS, arguing that the unit had been useful in the fight against insecurity in the region. Now, actually what they were looking for, I think, was whether a child had been sexually abused. EVEN participants in Kano in the #EndInsecurityNow protest that commenced yesterday in the north were not spared. Whichever party governs, it will have to rely on the support of at least three and probably four independents, with Andrew Wilkie's chance of taking Denison from Labor firming. Ibrahim expressed dismay over the high rate of killing, kidnapping, banditry, rituals and other criminal acts and appealed to the Kebbi State Government to support the security agents in the state for them to discharged their duties and reduce the crime in the state. Insisting that Nigerians have a right to peaceful protests, Lawan, however, expressed concern on the spate of violence in the protests. Coordinator, Defence Media Operations Defence Headquarters, Major General, John Emeche, said the unfolding event against ‘peace loving’ Nigerians would not be condoned. • Thugs attack activists in Lagos • Army pledges loyalty to Buhari, vows to defend democracy, protect peaceful protests • EU endorses protests, warns against rights violation • NGF rejects SWAT • Defiant activists barricade NASS, boo NEC also directed special victim fund in all states to compensate victims of brutality. I am not one of the skeptics”, he told parliament on October 28, 2009. But the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), an umbrella body for all state executives in the country yesterday defied the National Economic Council (NEC) and asked IGP Adamu to disband the newly created Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), which the police had announced in place of SARS. Katter left the Nationals and ran as an independent in 2001, “due to his disenchantment with economic rationality that he felt the National Party was adopting”. MEANWHILE, the Senate has urged #ENDSARS protesters across the country to stop the protests to give the Federal Government the chance to implement their demands. An investigation by Australia's peak crime-fighting agency has found no evidence of organised pedophilia in Northern Territory ... Howard government to support its controversial NT intervention. I mean, there was a young Aboriginal businesswoman in Tennant Creek whose business went bust because she couldn't hire out videos. He even carried a placard and marched with the youths after assuring them that he felt their pains and that it was legitimate for them to protest. The protesters continued their agitations in defiance of official actions and warnings meant to deter them. I spoke to Pat Turner a little earlier.Pat Turner, can I start by asking you this: Ten years on, what's the best thing you have to say about the Northern Territory Intervention?PAT TURNER: (Laughs) Nothing, really, I'm afraid. ALSO yesterday, the Minister of Federal Capital Territory [FCT], Muhammad Bello, moved to stop the protest by announcing ban on street protests in Abuja, citing COVID-19 concerns. Unruffled, the leader of #EndInsecurityNow protest, who insisted youths would restrategise on the next line of action, expressed worry over insecurity and criminality in the northern part of the country. In the suit number, FHC/L/CS/1451/2020 filed Thursday morning, SERAP is also asking the court for an order compelling and directing the Federal Government and Nigeria police to disclose the total number of protesters in the #EndSARS/#SARSMustEnd protests arrested across the country, their places of detention and details of allegations against them. NICK GRIMM: Well, in your view, can we say that anything has changed for the better in those remote communities?PAT TURNER: No.Look, the other thing that happened at the time, Nick, was there was a reform in local government. How a death can mould a health reform crusader. Windsor, independent MP for New England, has also stated his opposition to the intervention. The uprising and subsequent civil war in Syria have divided the political left the world over. NEC had asked the 36 governors to take charge of SWAT, just as Federal Government said it had set up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate police brutality in all states and FCT. PAT TURNER: You're most welcome. For the avoidance of doubts, the Covid-19 guidelines regulating public gatherings recommended physical distancing, temperature checks, the use of facial coverings, amongst others. The protesters insisted that leadership of National Assembly must address them before they leave the scene. Our side is — and always will be — that of the 99%. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced . IN Kaduna, youths stormed the House of Assembly, demanding that the government put an end to insecurity, banditary and terrorism in Northern Nigeria. It was titled ‘Nigerian Army Remains Resolute to the Peace and Stability of the Nation.’, He warned “subversive elements and troublemakers to desist from any action that would affect the country.”, It stated: “As a responsible and law-abiding organisation, the NA reaffirms its unalloyed loyalty and commitment to the President, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, and the Constitution of the country.”. To mark ten years, there a several events planned for this week, with media opportunities. “For emphasis, the Armed Forces of Nigeria remains subordinated to the civil authorities of the country with unflinching loyalty to the President/Commander in Chief.”. While I see that, you know, there may be, you know, some opportunity for women to buy more food, it's fine if you have access to fresh produce at a reasonable price that you could expect to pay in a major regional centre like Alice Springs. “I believe that there is human induced climate change. A noted climate sceptic, Katter also opposes legislation to protect the environment and grant Indigenous people native title. On a wide range of issues, from climate change, to Indigenous rights, to economic policy, they are objectively to the left of both major parties. BUT protesters, yesterday, resorted to self-help to guarantee their safety. It was a complete violation of the human rights of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.It came out of the blue, following the Commonwealth Government's reading and response to The Little Children Are Sacred report. With no corporate sponsors or advertising, we rely on support and donations from readers like you. The… So the legacy is that Aboriginal people were completely disempowered. And what's more, fine, go ahead, do a full medical check, but what are you going to do when you find the otitis media, when you find the trachoma, when you find the upper respiratory diseases, when you find rheumatic heart disease? Attempts, yesterday, to stop protests against Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) failed as activists refused to be cowed and took their actions to wider dimensions. The youths, who were armed with placards, also carried fresh leaves chanting anti-government slogans. The governors stated this at the end of their 19th teleconference meeting headed by the NGF chairman, Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State. You know, both sides of politics were responsible. Eyewitnesses said the thugs gathered at the venue as early as 7a.m waiting for protesters to arrive and when the protesters got to the scene, they took advantage of the small number to attack them. Also, a group called Coalition for Northern Group, Kebbi State chapter, has called on the Federal Government to end security challenges in the country, especially the northern part of the country. Windsor also opposed the sale of Telstra in 2002 and the bill to sell the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electricity scheme in 2006. Freecall now on 1800 634 206 or follow the support link below to make a secure supporter payment or donation online. Nevertheless, he has spoken publicly against the Northern Territory intervention. Nick Grimm reported this story on Monday, June 19, 2017 12:35:00. They argued that the unit, under the auspices of the Nigeria Police, had been doing a job in the fight against insecurity in the region. Katter opposed the sale of Telstra in 2003 and again in 2005. “The nationwide protests is a message to those in power and authority that a revolution is impending in an atmosphere of social, economic and political inequities and infamy.”, Insisting that a revolution over the maladministration of the government would engender sanity on the nation’s economy and polity, Sani argued, “even though the trigger of the protest was police brutality, police reforms are not enough to address the underlining and provocative factors that compelled the mass of the youths to the streets.”. You don't have those in place. The declaration was contained in a statement signed by Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sagir Musa. It puts in place an economic structure which will achieve not much more than people stopping cleaning their shoes, in terms of saving emissions”, he said. Our goal is not only to expose the lies, hypocrisy and bias of the billionaire class and their media: we seek to help the organising efforts of all those actively resisting the increasingly authoritarian rule of the corporate rich, here and overseas. “Such wild allegations were obviously concocted by enemies of peace and orderliness to whip up sentiments against the government, which has been doing everything possible to resolve the crisis by identifying with our youths in their efforts towards police reforms.”He added that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had been preaching peace. The governor said what was needed was reformation of the unit to enable it carry out its functions optimally. Peaceful protests are part of a thriving democracy. The thugs were seen with knives and other weapons and inflicted injuries on protesters. I believe it is something that we should do something about. Video: People power versus the coup in Bolivia, Spanish state's frame-ups of Catalan movement demolished.