But Harimoto trains for 8 years, and go to the top level. It’s no doubt that his talent, his father, and his training methods. Current World Ranking: 4 (Since July 2013) July 2013 World Rankings found here Career Update: Reigning Olympic Champion Zhang Jike has recently won the 2013 World Table Tennis Championships. Well, this trend is not very new. The new ball bounces higher, and slower. Due to the current suspension of ITTF events in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest ITTF Rankings, as released on 16th April 2020, will be frozen until activities resume. His forehand is also good, but not as good as his backhand. Dignics 80.

It’s much easier now. I believe it’s ZJK’s physical issues could be the reason. But can you see the “optimal timing” is different compared to Harimoto? The Duel | Zhang Jike vs Hou Yingchao | 2020 Premier League Challenge, Throwback | Ma Long vs Zhang Jike | Chinese Trials, Throwback | Zhang Jike vs Fan Zhendong | Chinese Trials, Throwback | Zhang Jike vs Xu Xin | Chinese Trials, Throwback | Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao | MS-FINAL | China National Championships, Zhang Jike vs Harmeet Desai | 2018 Korea Open Highlights (Group), Zhang Jike vs Kim Byunghyeon | 2018 Korea Open Highlights (Group), Zhang Jike vs Tomokazu Harimoto | 2018 Japan Open Highlights (Final), Zhang Jike vs Ueda Jin | 2018 Japan Open Highlights (1/4), Zhang Jike vs Liang Jingkun | 2018 Japan Open Highlights (R16), The skill of players in different countries, ITTF Ranking Analytics Demographics Report, The most promising young table tennis players: Men, The most promising young table tennis players: Women, A competition analysis of the single disciplines in table tennis, A competition analysis of the double disciplines in table tennis, 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships, 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships, 2012 World Team Table Tennis Champioships, 2010 World Team Table Tennis Championships, Full history of games at ITTF tournaments, Medalists of World Table Tennis Championships, Medalists of European Table Tennis Championships, Equipment of professional table tennis players: Men, Equipment of professional table tennis players: Women, Popularity of brands among professional table tennis athletes. 30.12.2019. Ranking Pts. Each box contains 3 white balls. If it goes into the net the, Published on 01-24-2012 10:38 PM

So how can he do that?

Have you prepared to change?

These are all perfectly round and hard. One of the best ABS Poly ball in table tennis is. World ranking 464 Highest 3 (2015/6) Main competition results. He first lost to… It has a size of about 40 to 40.6 mm. C'est aussi lors coupe du monde 2014 à Düsseldorf en Allemagne qu'il devient célèbre en battant son compatriote Ma Long au terme d'un match très intense (4-3). His timing is 1/3 second later. Nowadays, everyone has used 40+ poly balls. In 2017, he is already in the top 10 strongest table tennis player in the world. With the spin, it will bounce lower, and faster on the 1st bounce. His father, coach Yu and his mother, Lin are both former professional table tennis players from Sichuan province. The link to the Harimoto’s equipment is wrong Actual: https://pingsunday.com/what-is-hugo-calderanos-equipment/ Expected: https://pingsunday.com/what-is-harimoto-tomokazu-equipment/, © 2017-2020 PingSunday • All rights reserved. Why this changes the trend of table tennis? Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. He first reached his career-high singles ranking of world No.

Il célèbre sa victoire en donnant un violent coup de pied dans la séparation et la casse. Out of all the plastic balls, it has the best quality control and is the most durable one. So now, is the right moment to explain this. The new trend which profits, well adapted to the new ball: Harimoto’s table tennis ranking in the World ranking is impressive. Harder rubber, faster blade? That’s it for today. But today, we won’t focus on Zhang Jike, but we talk about you! The new 40+ poly ball was introduced around 2014-15. If Zhang Jike continues to use the same timing, by hitting the ball here. In 2011, Zhang first played in the singles event at the WTTC and won the Gold Medal by defeating Joo-Sae Hyuk, Wang Liquin, Timo Boll and Wang Hao, making an epic celebration by ripping his shirt after winning the final. In my opinion, his style is not very adapted for this trend. The weekend is coming. Il est aussi champion du monde par équipe en 2010, 2012 et 2014 avec l'équipe de la République populaire de Chine ainsi que quatre fois Vainqueur de la Coupe du monde par équipes (2009, 2010, 2013, 2015). 2 for men's singles by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), as of April 2020. It’s too late, and his shots have less power. Dr. Subhasis, You are right. Harimoto Tomokazu also won Fan Zhendong and Ma Long. Let’s me explain to you “what is exactly the trend in table tennis right now”. But with the new ball, he has many disadvantages. And it’s due to his parents.

But many fans didn’t agree with me. That’s why you have the feeling that Zhang Jike is always “too slow” in the rally. In the three rounds, both players posted a clean sweep. Because by doing this, Zhang Jike cannot make the same quality ball as before.

Il remporte la médaille d'or en simple aux Jeux olympiques de 2012 à Londres ainsi que 2 coupes du monde (2011, 2014). Nittaku premium 3 star is no doubt one of the best 40+ balls on the market. Welcome back! As he answered in the ITTF Interview, his main weapon is his backhand. Or its something else? Ma Long Rank ITTF: 3 Zhang Jike Rank ITTF: 464. 2018/12/20; Read More; Match … They are more expensive, but it’s worth to pay the extra money because it is more durable. Today, we will talk about the “New Trend in Table Tennis”, part 2. Ex-pro Chinese player, who has a deep understanding of the game. Zhang Jike needs to adapt to this trend. But one year later, he quickly goes up to ranking WR#220. That means it’s much harder to play close the table, with the old ball. His backhand is fast, consistent, and high quality. People were talking about since 2016, I think. 1 1 MA Long CHN 3307 2 2 FAN Zhendong CHN 3255 3 3 XU Xin CHN 3042 4 4 OVTCHAROV Dimitrij GER 2959 5 6 BOLL Timo GER 2805 6 5 ZHANG Jike CHN 2793 7 8 MIZUTANI Jun JPN 2779 8 9 NIWA Koki JPN 2750 9 29 LIN Gaoyuan CHN 2716 10 7 WONG Chun Ting HKG 2682. Tomokazu’s playing style is the “quick counter-attack” style.

1 in January 2013. Le classement mondial ITTF, ou (en) ITTF world ranking, est un classement mondial des pongistes établi par la Fédération internationale de tennis de table (ITTF). That’s why now every player returns the ball “aggressively” with the backhand Chiquita flick. Il s'agit du septième joueur au monde à réaliser le Grand Chelem au tennis de table et n'utilise pas la prise porte plume mais la prise classique de raquette[1]. Play in higher level without weak point.

En juin 2012, il est classé no 1 mondial[5]. He made huge progress every year. You should understand this trending and improve your style. His playing styles fit very well with the new trend. Thanks a lot for all your critical insights. I was wondering whether ZJK couldn’t adapt it really, as he played many good matches with this “NEW TREND”.

Not only good in tactical during matches but good in how to train his son, training methods. Because the ball is bigger and harder. But you know, when you played table tennis for more than 20 years, it’s really hard to change your style, change the timing. Less spin, less speed, less powerful attack. Zhang Jike has changed for this, but it’s very hard for him now at his age. He can not finish the point, with the new ball.

Zhang Jike (né le 16 février 1988) est un pongiste chinois. The new 40+ ball is thicker, and harder also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L5FHqqgBog, Zhang Jike vs Tomokazu Harimoto | 2018 Japan Open Highlights (Final) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L5FHqqgBog), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGxAvayVVkI, New Trend In Table Tennis: Harimoto Tomokazu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGxAvayVVkI), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtndD1yutYA, Zhang Jike backhand topspin tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtndD1yutYA), Top 10 Best Backhand Rubber for Modern Table Tennis, 07 Simple Table Tennis Exercises for Beginners. Lors de la saison 2009-2010 il était pressenti pour jouer en France en Pro-A dans le club de Levallois[3]. He is no doubt, one of the fastest improving players in the table tennis history. 1st, the ball will bounce higher, so the player does not care much about the spin of the ball. In every official tournament, players play with 40+ poly ball. Zhang Jike fut, de 2011 à 2014, la star du tennis de table en remportant la majorité des titres mondiaux de cette époque. Il est classé 4e mondial au classement ITTF de mai 2013.